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My sister and I grew up without extended family nearby, but we had these two bachelor cats who kind of took on that role for us.  We like to say that they were our gay uncles.  I finally drew them as the humans they were to us … 

WIP for some up coming merch~ I wanted to try and make beach towel;; haha;; Sorry my merch is so stupid and self indulgent L O L

I’m trying a new printing vendor…but if it comes out well then I will probably do Shiro too. And Lance if I don’t tire out of rendering abs (it will never happen don’t worry)

QUARTET NIGHT LIVE Evolution 2017 - 2017/02/12 - REPORT Part ①

Do NOT repost
You can post the link but not the content.

As usually, not 100% accurate with the order, especially the talks, so much happened but I’m surprised with how much I remember.


I went to the Live Viewing at Saitama.
They sold goods at each cinema during their open time.

My cinema opened at 8am and I got to the the place just after 7am, there was already about 60-100 people lined up.

There were Shoutan fans!! They wore the PRISM long Tshirt and had the bags, I briefly acknowledged them. I had my PRISM Itta bag with me too (and a tiny Ai-chan itta bag).

We started moving a few minutes before 8am.

I kept thinking how they are selling the goods, do we tick what we want from a sheet? Do we buy at the till and tell the staff what we want?

I was too distracted while walking in, my eyes briefly glanced at the goods on the table to my left. I kept walking on.


I realised you just pick up what you want along the way and quickly snatched the pamphlet!
The next thing, oh the clothes…  It’s pretty dark grey, hmm, just one left…
Picks up to look at, about to put it back
I quickly held it close to me tightly.
THE LAST ONE!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
Most things were gone already! 😭
Only one Live towel left, I think there was 2 bags, I’m sure there was tshirts, but again my mind was somewhere else and never picked them up 😭
The next thing I picked up was Ai-chan’s brooch, there was some left along with Reiji’s, barely any character towels left.
Some light sticks

The charms were all gone too, but I wasn’t going for them.

There was quite a few fans left, Ai-chan’s had the most.
I made a last minute decision to get one to make up for not being able to get the other goods I wanted.

So, I got the pamphlet, cardigan, brooch and fan.
Plus 2 random keychains for spending over a certain amount
*Will upload pics later*

I opened the first random packet, Ranran came out, not too bad, next one was Camus.
Ai-chan~~~~ 😭

I went to the crowd of fans to try and exchange for Ai-chan, and if possible the QN logo

I seen the Shoutan fans again, they obviously would want Ai-chan, skip.
Where’s Ai-chan~~~

Ah!! Ai-chan!!
I asked the girl who she was looking for and she said “Camus-sama” SCORE!
Put Ai-chan’s one away, kinda still want the logo~

I stood for a while holding Ranran’s one
And then a girl came to me asking if they can get Ranran for the logo
Mission complete 💜
And now to roam about for 6 hours or so before the live (omg I was SOOOO bored! 😩)

Came back to the theatre and went to the screen, my seat was 7th row from the front

The girl next to me was wearing the Long T! Yeyy
Fan: are you Mikaze Ai’s fan?
Me: Yes~ Shoutan’s fan? ✨
Fan: Hai sou desu (yes that’s correct)
Me: Yatta! XD
Fan: Yatta ^^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Me: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

I asked her name, she’s Yukina.

The screen was showing the Live logo and then changed to the goods

Not long after it showed the venue!!!!

Ahh!! It was beautiful!! All monochrome
Part of the stage set was decorated with their character colours

We were saying how amazing it looks and she said it’s very QN-like ✨

She was like “yabai yabai!!”
I’m so glad a Shoutan, and a vocal fan is next to me!!
For the past lives I’ve been to, apart from Shoutan’s Osaka live(sat with a friend)
Every stranger I’ve sat next to are SO quiet!
Yeyy! It’s gna be fun! XD

We both freaked out

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I Want To

Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

Summary: (Reader is a single mom) Damian finds out his s/o shops at the dollar tree for everything. Damian feels bad for this, as he sees the reader stress over trying to give her daughter a good birthday party. 

Warnings: Stress over money, Anxiety, Poverty (is this really a warning?)

Author’s Note: So… I kind of signed myself up to write this by asking if you guys wanted it. Only then did I realize once everyone voted that I kind of have no clue how Damian talks… Therefore, this might be a little awful but hey, practice makes perfect… right?  (P.S. Sorry if the ending kind of sucks- I was sick when I ended it, and really tired)

Y/D/N: Your Daughter’s Name

“Thank you for taking me out again Damian, I had a great time” I smile at Damian, clutching the cup of hot chocolate he’d gotten me with both hands to hopefully absorb at least some of the heat coming from it.

It was almost April but for some reason winter seemed to want to stay for good this year. “You’re most welcome Y/N, I enjoyed myself today as well.” Damian replied before taking a sip of his own hot chocolate.

The sun was going down, and the park we were exiting seemed to get darker and darker, making it look very gloomy and ominous as the sky turned to various shades of grey due to all the fluffy clouds that seemed to dust snow over the city.

“Do you think I could see you tomorrow? If you’re not busy, that is…” Damian waits patiently for my answer as I think over what I have to do tomorrow. I slightly frown, knowing that I planned specifically tomorrow to go get Y/D/N’s candy and decorations for her birthday this weekend. 

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Can we Just Take a Moment To look at this Man...

He goes from Funny Shower Towel Man-child..

..To Spikes his hair with shampoo man-child… 


This Is a Towel: Skin Deep

Anonymous asked: Do you have any references to describe poc skin color? (Ones that don’t describe them as food)

Many writers seem to be looking for this, so here’s a list of links to posts on WriteWorld for describing skin tone and POC.

We will add more resources as they are posted. If you would like to suggest a resource, please submit it here. Thank you for your question!


always straight media, and then the moment a character is gay or lesbian the straights r like “please just be bi” like bc its somehow ‘less worse’ than gay or lesbian bc at least they still have some attraction to the other sex

bi/pan ppl will see that character and go “wait dont write them off as g/l yet, they may be b/p!!!” because , in reality , the majority of lgbt characters introduced/revealed are just l and g, no b. so when they see another gay occurrence, they say, “maybe this one is bi!!!!!” 

and then all the angry posts are entirely misdirected! they’re mad at the bi people for what the straight people are actually the ones doing! theyre saying to bi and pan people’s posts : “you need to stop taking lesbians and gays and saying they could be something else! let us have lesbain and gay characters!”

and the bi and pan people are like “LET SOME OF THEM BE BI ONES!!” thats what it is folks. thats what the probelm is right there. wires gettin crossed. misunderstandings.

the bottom line is, if it hasnt been explicitly stated/disproven one way or the other, and u wanna project the possibility of ur own sexuality on a character that hasnt been confirmed somethin else, u can 100% do that.

Ultimate Child Item List


**Another in my “Ultimate Lists” series. This is a list of items that any person in the children communities can refer to for ideas, help, or a shopping guide. The list may continue to be updated as I think of/am told about or reminded of more things to add. Also, keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Not everything on this list is for every person, and that’s okay. ^_^ Please, enjoy!**

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But Pear, where do I even start for NaNoWriMo?

To answer this, you have to know what kind of a writer you are. There are plenty of articles that talk about what it means to be a pantser or a planner, so I’m not going to talk about that unless you want to. I’m going to get a little self-indulgent here, sorry.

Where do you start? With a story of course! 

Know your characters: This is the first half of outlining. Outlining is for getting to know your plot, but your plot will evolve out of your characters. I very nearly always start a story with an image of a character in some sort of situation (or a line of dialogue, but that’s another story). From there, you have to get to know them–who are they, what do they do, what do they want?

Try filling out a character questionnaire. Here are a few to get you started:
Writing a Character: Questionnaire; 50 questions from firstwordsoftheprologue

Pokemon: FYCD; from fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment

This is a Towel: Character Questionnaires; a collection of other questionnaires compiled by writeworld

Outline. I’m not going to go too far into this since there are plenty of posts across Tumblr’s fantastic writers community. One of the top recommended methods for outlining is the Snowflake Method. I’ve never used it, but mostly because the one I was taught in school works amazing for me, so I haven’t experimented with others much. The following method may not be for everyone, but if you’ve tried some others and they haven’t worked out, give this a try.
     The handout I was originally given when I learned this method seven years ago didn’t give it a title, so I just call it the 10-point model.

(1) Point A: Opening - This is the very beginning scene of your novel. Make it good! Start with a bit of action, even if it’s not important to the overall plot arc. Give a sense of your main character and your world using sparse description. Being long-winded in your opening descriptions leaves you no place to go in the future. How can you describe the room later when you’ve already described it down to the specks of dirt in the floorboards in the opening chapter? Just give little tastes–enough for the audience to see the framework while still looking forward to what the location has to offer in details later in the work.

(2, 5, & 6) Event - Something happens! But it doesn’t have to be anything that stymies the characters. These should be developments within your plot or a subplot that are viewed as major. These are steps forward for your character(s).

(3, 4, 7, & 8) Complication - Something else happens! But this is something that sets your character(s) back. Your villain takes a step forward, or something doesn’t go right in your character’s plans, or somebody unexpected steps into the mix, or any number of things.

(4) The Point of No Return - This counts as a complication-type event. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak. It’s the event that defines why the main character is the one who must do the thing, why your main character decides to do the thing, the thing that makes your main character start the journey.

(9) Point X: Climax - Something CRAZY happens! If you’re writing a literary fiction piece, maybe it’s an intense argument. Maybe it’s a fight, or a discovery. Whatever it is, this is the final confrontation (for this book) between your protagonist and your antagonist.

(10) Ending - The great slide down to the last page. This is some sort of event that takes place that wraps up all the loose ends. Maybe it’s a subplot’s resolution or a character’s final acts or a conversation or a peace-making. Wrap up your story with this scene.

Assuming you have the bare bones of an idea, start collecting. Collect everything that reminds you of your story, whether that’s travel photos, or clothing pieces, or character designs, or rocks. I have a tag on this blog for my own story that’s full of just that sort of material. It helps to create a secondary tagging system within that. I have tags for certain characters, tags for countries, tags for clothing, and armor, and animals, and atmosphere, and inspiration, and all kinds of stuff. It works as a kind of virtual cork board for me, though obviously you can print these things off, too, and actually hang them somewhere. People have used Pinterest for this, too, I just happen to use Tumblr. Keeping things like this all in one place can help you when you’re actually writing by giving you things to reference. This way you can get the feel of whatever you’re writing, or keep it consistent if you’re describing something. It’s also great when you’re stuck. Looking at all these things that specifically recall your story can help put you back in the mood or give you inspiration.

Need advice? Looking for further guidance on getting started? Feel free to send me an ask!