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I'd just like to say that as an older fan of the series, in my late-20s, I've never had as much fun watching nor been this emotionally invested in any show than Star Vs. How often do you guys share your life experiences with these characters when making the episodes?

Hey, thank you! I love that this show can transcend “age groups” and entertain anybody of any age. On a board-driven show we are given a lot of opportunities to insert our own life experiences into the boards, but it might be hard to pin down what that is, exactly. It could be the way a character wears their towel. Or the way they lean on a corner. A lot of it is just the way characters act! If you notice that Star acts a little more subdued in one episode and a little more wacky in another, it could be that those were the effect of two different people drawing her and acting with the way they would act in that situation. You kind of get a little glimpse into an artist’s way of life sometimes–but it’s interesting, because almost every panel is a collaboration between multiple artists (board artists, revisionists, and directors, plus more artists and writers in other departments) so it can become this funny mix of a lot of artistic points of view, and somewhere in there is where the magic can happen and the characters begin to be believable and alive as their own, unique person, with their own life experiences. I think that’s where we as audience members become invested, too. Now they feel real, and we want to know what happens to them and if they’ll be okay.

Can we Just Take a Moment To look at this Man...

He goes from Funny Shower Towel Man-child..

..To Spikes his hair with shampoo man-child… 



I’ll make  your dang fries, but I’m gonna be very grumpy about it!

This Is a Towel: Skin Deep

Anonymous asked: Do you have any references to describe poc skin color? (Ones that don’t describe them as food)

Many writers seem to be looking for this, so here’s a list of links to posts on WriteWorld for describing skin tone and POC.

We will add more resources as they are posted. If you would like to suggest a resource, please submit it here. Thank you for your question!



Lucky Dog 1 Ichiban Kuji

I know that it’s unlikely, but an 8th anniversary Lucky Dog 1 ichiban kuji has been announced and I’d love to be able to organize a split for it!

(Prices are estimates and do not include shipping!)
There will be:
1 B3 Tapestry ($12)
3 Mugs ($10)
1 Acrylic stand of each character (except Bernie!) ($8)
2 Straps of each character (Only one of Bernie!) ($6)
2 Can badges of each character ($5)
1 Face towel ($8.50)

Please send me a message if you are interested in anything!