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RELATIONSHIP CALL. i wanna develop some stuff for my kid, be it friendships, enemies, whatever. if you’re interested in doing some plotting, go ahead and give that heart a little punch!!

My brain for the past few months (and the past few days in particular): 

*constant internal screaming over how much the FBI Family love each other and how every single one of them has a unique and well-developed relationship with every other member of the team and all of those relationships are beautifully and completely 100% platonic and treated as the most important relationships in all of their lives*

Rest easy, space mom.


Press “ X “ to change outfit

Costume life drawings designed to be characters in a fighting game for our lastest project.

Inspired by Kels’ own fight characters as well as some my fave fighting games (the soul calibur series, streetfighter etc). >;D

This was a lot of fun! And ho’ boyy lineless, I can’t believe– I like the turnout!

anonymous asked:

Stiles x Reader- Y/N is a delinquent teen, and an involuntary regular at the police station. Her and Stiles have become unlikely friends over the past while, seeing as they're both there so often, and both seem to be able to handle the others sarcastic remarks. The Sheriff isn't exactly thrilled with the friendship, especially when he overhears Stiles inviting her around for pizza and a movie marathon to celebrate after she gets let out.

A/N: Okay. This sounded oddly like Malia’s first introduction in the show but with a slight twist. And I like twists…. I do not own Star Wars or it’s characters. But my soul says I do.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Stiles x Reader- Y/N is a delinquent teen, and an involuntary regular at the police station. Her and Stiles have become unlikely friends over the past while, seeing as they’re both there so often, and both seem to be able to handle the others sarcastic remarks. The Sheriff isn’t exactly thrilled with the friendship, especially when he overhears Stiles inviting her around for pizza and a movie marathon to celebrate after she gets let out.


“Heeeeey! It’s Y/N!” Stiles said happily from his perch on the front bench, waving once overdramatically as his father led you past the front desk, shaking his head at his son. “What’d you do this time?”

You grinned at him. “I-”

“Stiles. My office. Now.” As if his inflection on the last word wasn’t frightening enough, the point of his finger made Stiles’ face go to stone as he rose slowly, turning without another word and taking two slow steps before frantically dashing into his father’s office.

“He listened to the scanner, you know,” you said sardonically over your shoulder to the Sheriff, chuckling at his huffed mutter of, “I know.”

Setting you down on the bench just outside his office, you turned around to glance in the window separating it from the main processing room, and nearly jumped out of your skin when you saw Stiles’ grinning face just on the other side, right in front of your own. You had to stifle a scream, glaring at him as his grin turned almost maniacal. Muttering curses under your breath, you hunched over with a huff, catching your breath as your heart beat slowed before sliding slowly over to the end of the bench, just outside the office door, and Stiles slid down on the other side, almost comically, a near mirror image of yourself.

“Stilinski, I swear to God, one of these days I’m going to get you back.”

“You have yet to succeed, Y/N,” Stiles said gleefully, his voice a weird mixture of muffled through the glass, yet clear just around the corner of the doorway. “You’ve been in and out of here how many times?”

“Stilinski….” Your voice carried a warning he had learned to heed, but he didn’t always do as he was told, and continued to egg you on.

“I mean,” He had begun to gesture. Oh, great. That meant soon his voice would rise and you would both be in trouble again. You sighed, accepting the fate that was Stiles Stilinski and his exaggerated, somewhat loud, and sometimes just plain weird, views on life. “You’d think by now you would have learned that I am the one who is always one step ahead. Of everything. And I will always, always be right here when you turn around, ready to scare the crap outta you.”

“Stiles Stilinski, out of all the times I have come in and out of here, exactly how many times have I been wearing handcuffs?”

His voice had grown quieter, and you smirked, glancing at him through the glass, noting his wide eyes, narrowing to try and figure out where this was going. “Every time.” He spoke hesitantly.

“And how many times have I walked out of here, a clean record, and no cuffs?”

“Every time.” His eyes were practically slits now.

“Now, how many times has your father, or even a deputy, handcuffed you to a desk, leaving you here while they left for a bit before coming back to unlock them?”

“Touché….” he said, his voice low, almost a croak.

Stiles!” His father’s voice rang out, and Stiles looked up, seeing his father approaching before flailing and trying to sink back into the seat he had been turned around in, only to disappear below the glass with a muffled thump.

“Ow,” you heard a quiet moan, stifling another laugh as the Sheriff stalked in, telling his son to get up.

Suddenly, Stiles appeared in the doorway, leaning against it with his arms crossed across his chest, his ankles hooked together, and the smirkest smirk you’d ever seen on his face as he looked at you. “Hey, Y/N.” He tipped his chin up as if to get your attention.

“Yes, Stiles?” You said, sarcasm coating your tone as you looked up at your friend.

“Whaddya say we get pizza and have a Star Wars marathon at my place to celebrate after you get outta here?” He was trying to sound smooth, and it made you laugh, the sound making him smile the most sincere grin you’d seen on him yet in all these years.

His father groaned inside the office and you looked in to see him rubbing his temples as he stared at his desk. “If it’s okay with your dad, it’s okay with me.”

The Sheriff’s hands froze, his head slowly rising to look up at you in disbelief, and you shrugged. “What? I may be a troublemaker, but I’m not totally evil. I swear. Only, like, fifteen percent. Maybe twenty. Once you get to know me, the other seventy five to eighty percent is pure sunshine. I’m a completely normal, law abiding citizen.”

“It’s true,” Stiles said over his shoulder to his father, throwing a glance his way before looking back at you. “She’s in some of my classes. Believe it or not, she is a straight A student.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” the Sheriff said in a sarcastic voice to his son that sounded eerily like Stiles.

“Scoot over, pops,” Stiles said, turning and walking over behind his dad’s desk, bumping his chair away gently with his hip, only to have his father catch himself on the desk and pull himself back, glaring at his son who mouthed a quiet, “Sorry,” a sheepish look on his face before he glanced up to you briefly, then went back to the computer screen.

“Stiles, is this even legal?” his father asked, his eyes scanning the screen rapidly as Stiles typed like there was no tomorrow.

“I don’t know. You’re the cop. You tell me,” he said, his mouth slightly parted, his voice distant and distracted, smiling gently at your snort of laughter, his eyes never leaving the screen. His mouth snapped shut, his tongue jutting out in concentration, humming various sounds as if he were speaking, narrating what he was doing, before hitting three final keys with a flourish. “There. Grades. Y/N. Straight A’s.” He pointed to the screen, looking at his father who studied the page, his face melting into one of relent. “Ah-ha!” Stiles cried in triumph, pointing at his dad with a smile, and looking to you, his finger following.

The Sheriff nodded, his face one of appreciation. “I stand corrected. Her grades are better than yours. By a lot. I mean, in history, you have a-”

“Ah!” Stiles turned back to his father, finger still held out, his voice one of panic.

“Maybe Y/N could tutor you,” the Sheriff mused quietly. Then after a moment, “I can’t believe I just said that.” He leaned back in his chair, tossing Stiles a key and covering his eyes with his hands before scrubbing them down his face. “Go. Watch Star Wars. Eat pizza. Maybe even study a little.”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever, dad,” Stiles said, unlocking your cuffs and looking at you with an eyeroll and a slight shake of his head. “Study. Yeah right. I’m just gonna watch movies and eat pizza, I don’t know about you.”

“Sounds like a plan, my man,” you said with a grin, rubbing your wrists after they were free from the cuffs.

“See ya, daddy,” Stiles said, shooting his father a wink and cluck of his cheek. “If you’re lucky, we might just save you a slice or two.”

“But we like to live dangerously. Walk on the wild side, right Stiles?” You linked your arm through his, grinning up at him before turning to his father with a smile and small wave.

“This is true. Very true. Maybe we will be so crazy as to watch the movies in chronological order, instead of release date.”

You gasped. “That is just too much, Stiles!”

He snickered as you walked out of the station arm in arm, a quick glance over your shoulder showing his father watching the two of you, a smile on his face contradicting the subtle disbelieving shake of his head, his shoulders shaking in laughter.

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someone to 6 year old me: “so who do you have a crush on?”
me: *points to boy* that one i guess

someone to 6 year old me: “who’s your best friend?”
me: “this is my bff [name], i know her exact birthday, where she lives, im close with her parents, i spend half my life at her house, im three thousand times happier when im around her, and she told me she likes my little pony so i made her a booklet all about it with a story i wrote with our own original mlp characters and i poured my heart and soul into it”

14 y/o me: i may have had a crush on my bff