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*Logs on to tumblr
*Throws an attempt at a Taako design at the internet.
*Shrugs and runs away

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Katherine: You know as much as we do, because they haven’t told us how it’ll happen or anything, but we know, yeah, from the book, that they do ended up together. But maybe it’ll be easy to get to that point? Maybe it’ll be very difficult? I don’t know.

Eddie: These two characters are kind of skirting around each other. There’s combat at the beginning. Just by the end of the film they are just beginning to find each other. I love it. It’s a slow burn.

- Katherine Waterston and Eddie Redmayne on Newt and Tina’s relationship (x)

Qrow: Eventually reveals that he tailed RNJR out of fear of affecting their journey with his semblance

Jaune: Makes a cynical assumption before Qrow can explain himself


P.S. And before anyone starts, no I don’t hate Jaune for blowing up on Qrow. He was angry and lashing out and anyone would too if they were in his position. 


Dash and Nerie, with their current designs… may change in the future :’3
They’ll be in Autumn’s Journey’s sequel ^^

Rand and Chapel in aos please and thank you

i wanna explain why Rand is in pants because this is my post and i care about it. So, the ladies in tos were in mini skirt cos it was a feminist movement. So Uhura and Chapel were in miniskirts cos they were in the future and this is what feminism and equal rights looked like. These days, tho, pants are the thing. School uniforms and essentially every feminine item of clothing is a skirt, so pants are where feminism is. It’s less of a movement than miniskirts were, but it’s still a thing. 

Now, the woman who played Janice Rand, Grace Lee Whitney, was not originally gonna be in a mini skirt. They were putting her in pants and she went and fought to have her character in a skirt because she felt it her right. So, out of memory of her I reckon Rand in aos should be in pants, to reflect modern social movements. 

The feathers bristled a tell-tale warning followed by a dimunitive chirp.

“Yes, Braelle. I sense it too.” she coo’d affectionately, stroking his neck before looking in the direction from which he had flown, "…trouble.”

(don’t tell me to calm down you calm down)

Clothing thingie (op NOT CURRENTLY DOING THIS)

Send me a number and a character and I’ll draw them wearing the outfit!

1. T-Shirt (any design)
2. Oversized Shirt
3. Sweater
4. Hoodie
5. Short-Sleeved Hoodie
6. Leather Jacket
7. Denim Vest
8. Victorian era clothing
9. Prom outfit
10. Tuxedo
11. Casual Dress
12. Fancy Dress
13. School Uniform
14. Corset/Lingerie
15. Pastel clothing
16. Galaxy clothing
17. Little Black Dress
18. Fantasy-themed outfit
19. Swimwear
20. High-Thigh socks
21. Bathrobe
22. Short Shorts
23. Skinny Jeans
24. Headphones
25. Glasses
26. Sunglasses
27. Hipster clothes
28. Crop-Top
29. Sleeveless shirt
30. Window sweater
31. High heels
32. High boots
33. Bridal Dress
34. Half-Naked
35. Cosplay
36. Tights
37. Another Character’s Clothing
38. Skirt
39. Trench coat
40. Free Choice!

Some color researches for Abby, a little Modern Witch, the main character of the 1minute film I’ll work on next year !
She is a potion maker and will appear in the next page ! ✨