character sketch


Practicing some character design.

Here’s my depiction of snow white.
I was reading the tales from the brothers Grimm and as I read snow white I realized that they said that she was only seven when she became more beautiful than the queen. Every depiction I’ve seen of snow white has made her older than seven and I wanted to try to make her more accurate to their telling of the story. I also had to study some 15th and 16th century German fashion for this!
A fun little task~

the Evil Queen


Sorry I have been neglecting you all!

I’ve been hard at work on a big project! Speaking of, maybe I should actually communicate once in a while and tell you about it:

It’s been a longtime goal of mine to make an actual comic. Calvin and Hobbes has been one of my biggest inspirations for getting me into this whole comedic art thing, and I’ve finally decided to start focusing my energy [for a while] on something with a story and structure. 

So long post short, I’m going to be making a weekly comic about a Cactus, a crazy Penguin, a cynical Ladybug, and an asshole Flower.

Things to be expected: Kicking Cones style humor, puns, profound ideas, and complete and utter confusion.

Anyways, Behold! Some character sketches of the cactus.

Ps. Thanks for sticking around all this time :) I hope you all enjoy this!