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I don't get people who complain that tracer being gay but not showing it in gameplay is cheap?

She’s the COVER of the game.

Having a lesbian be, like, the first character associated with the game is great.

Plus it’s a game where you supposed to shoot and kill the other team.

Where the hell was tracer supposed to be gay?

Like did you want her to hit on female characters in the game?? She’s dating someone, why would she do that?


DISCLAIMER: I was going to make this “how to draw archery”, but that would probably have taken the rest of my life. This is all stuff I’ve learned from practicing archery in the past, and the tips I’ve given should translate to many, if not all styles of archery. If you take issue with any of the information given here please contact me, as I’m aware I’m not an expert!

Okay, I’ve seen too many bad drawings of archery online. Most of the time I can overlook it, but I’ve made this guide to address drawings where a) the character would hurt/maim themselves if they shot like that, or b) if you tried to shoot like that, the arrow would just make a sad trajectory to the ground, the aerodynamic equivalent of a “WAH-WAH” on a trumpet.

With this in mind:


If successful archery is about one thing, it is about consistency - being able to make your body take exactly the same stance over and over and over again. Your body is a key part of the weapon, and just as you wouldn’t want a gun that had components that wobbled and shifted, you don’t want your body to.

With this in mind, characters shooting, particularly at full draw (this is when the arm pulling the string is stretched all the way back), should have the arm that is holding the bow straight. Not locked - I’ll get into that - but straight. A straight arm is easy to replicate - a bent arm could be at a different angle each time. Simple as that.


See this diagram

the dotted line is the path the string will take. The string is extremely tight - it has to be for the bow to work. It will therefore move extremely fast. Do you want any part of your body to be in the way of that.

if you have any part of your body (elbows and breasts/pectoral muscles tend to be the worst offenders) in the line of the string, they will get hit. And this will hurt. A LOT. Google “archery bruise” to see how. Yikes. Furthermore, if your arm or chest gets in the way, it’ll knock the arrow off course, and in addition to having sliced your nipple off you’ll have missed your shot too. So KEEP STUFF OUT OF THE PATH OF THE STRING.

side note: this is where the myth of amazons chopping their boobs off came from. Also, why archers sometimes wear chest-guards - this looks like a one-cupped unisex bra. Stylish. Also why archers often wear protective gear called a bracer. This goes on the tender inside of the arm and wrist that might get clipped by the string, not the outside that is nowhere near it.


Okay I keep seeing this

Having the fingers clasping the arrow like this makes it highly likely that the pressure from them will send the arrow off-course.

Many modern bows have an arrow rest so you needn’t rest the arrow on your hand at all. If that isn’t the case, it works better to rest the arrow on the first knuckle of the index finger (where it meets the hand). If it’s just being used as a platform, the finger shouldn’t be able to exert enough pressure to make the shot go all over the place. Also you won’t end up shredding your fingers with the fletchings.

Talking of that…


remember what I said earlier about how incredibly taut bowstrings are

imagine pulling that back with your soft fleshy fingers

it is basically like cheesewire through…soft fleshy fingers.

Use protection. Illustrated below are the tab and archery glove, or just go to google or something, stop the madness.


A strung bow is taut. The body of the bow is pulled by the (very tight) string, making a D shape. An unstrung bow will be straighter.

The tension in the string means a string should always be a straight line. If the bow is drawn, it’s two straight lines. 

If there is any curve in the string, the arrow will probably fall limply to the floor.

ALSO. When the string is drawn back, it exerts more pressure on the bow, creating that really exaggerated curve. This is where the power comes from. (I think. I am not physics). Basically, if you’re drawing a character at full draw, the string should be straight and the bow should be curved. If the opposite is true something very wrong has happened and you should be sad.

OKAY! I hope this has been helpful, if you have any questions or concerns let me know. And if in doubt, doctor google will help you - look at olympic or professional archers, and see how they’re standing and how their bows behave.


Was I a good Sister?

Characters - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester

Warning - Swearing, angst, character death

“Y/n! SHOOT NOW” I heard my father voice yell at me so I took my aim at the werewolf heart and tried to fire but I then realised that my gun was jammed! “oh no” I whispered

I saw the werewolf advance towards my elder brother and it threw him across , I watched in shock when his body slammed into the tree, the werewolf turned towards me but my gun was still jammed, I tried to shoot him but it wasn’t working just when then I heard a loud bang from behind me and I saw the werewolf fall to the ground, I turned around and saw my other elder brother Sam.

My father suddenly appeared in my view and ran towards Dean, me and Sam followed him, we dropped on our knees around where Dean lay unconscious. I tried to caress his forehead to inspect the damage when my father shoved my hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch him! ”,he snarled.

He then looked at Dean and tried to find if he had any serious injury on him. I looked at Sam but he was too focused on Dean. I then felt my cheek burn severely and loud resounding slap could be heard across the forest. I realised then that my father had hit me and he had me so hard that I was lying on the ground. I definitely had a bruise now.

“Dad, what the hell was that!? ” I heard Sam shout but my dad just glared at him and then at me, he shook his head in anger dropped down so he could swing dean’s arm around his shoulder.

Sam who was staring at his father in shock and anger immediately pushed his feelings aside and grabbed the other arm. They carried Dean this to the impala with me trailing behind him.

“y/n/n, go sit in the backseat and then we will lay him down” I nodded slowly and did as Sam said, the entire time I could feel my dad’s eye on me.

The ride to the isolated cabin was extremely quiet, I kept caressing Dean’s forehead and his hair and I kept on whispering “ I am sorry, I am so sorry ” and the tears trailed down my face.

Sam’s POV

I heard my little sister sniffling in the backseat and comforting my elder brother while saying sorry. It literally broke my heart to see her so upset. All I wanted to do was hug her tightly and tell her everything was going to be okay but if I say something now I know my father will be even more furious, I still cannot believe that he had hit her.

We reach the cabin and take Dean inside, we inspect him and wonder if any serious injury has taken place but he was just knocked out , I look over at my little sister and see that she was standing at door with an expression of fear plastered over her face. I smile at her but she doesn’t smile back.

After tending to Dean my father walks out of the room but not before he take Y/n’s arm in vicious grip, I spare my brother one look and walk out of the door.

Y/n’s POv

“what the hell were you doing?!
“I.. ”
“You could have gotten your brother killed you irresponsible idiot, why can’t you do anything properly?! ”
“Dad just listen to her”
“You stay out of this Sam, it does not concern you, we could have lost Dean because of her, you are the reason that your brother is in there….. Hurt”
“But dad.. ”
“JUST SHUT UP! I can’t even bare to look at you, my son is hurt because of you, you are an ungrateful, irresponsible and disgusting sister and I can’t even call you my daughter ”

That was it. This sentence did it for me, I was in pain ,not the physical kind the other one the one where your heart feels heavy and it hurts, I looked at my father with tears in my eyes but I would not let them drop.

“what the hell is wrong with you dad, why can’t you just listen to her, who says that to their own child?!”

My dad didn’t answer my brother he just walked out the door, Sam then removed his attention from John and then kneeled down so he could be of my height, he kept both his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye.

“hey, listen to me sweetie don’t you dare even for a moment think that you are not a good sister, you are the most amazing, beautiful kind girl in the whole world and me and Dean love you so so so so much! ”

I looked him in the eye but I did not have the strength to reply so I just went back to the room where Dean was sleeping.

Sam’s POV

I watched my little sister walk back in the room, I was so shocked to hear my father say such horrible things to a 13 year old girl.
I went in the room and saw that she was covering Dean up with a blanket she then sat at the edge of the pushed his hair back and kissed him on the forehead.

My heart melted right there, how could my father say such horrible things to someone as sweet as her, I just couldn’t resist so I walked up behind her and put my arms around,she turn around and put her arms around my waist and her face towards me, I hugged her for a while but then I felt her shoulders shake I looked down and saw that she was sobbing her little heart out so I kneeled down again so I could be of her level and then hugged her tightly.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, she said this while hiccuping in between her sobs.

“I can’t lose you or Dean, I love you too much, I am sorry ” I knew I couldn’t say anything to comfort her so I picked her up and carried to my bed, we are used to sharing beds so I lay her down and I lay down beside her I put my arm around her and gently stroke her back soon she is fast asleep.

Y/n’s POV
I wake up the next morning to see that my Sam was sleeping beside me softly snoring , I looked on the other side and saw that Dean was also sleeping, so I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I came back I saw that Dean was starting to wake up.

“Hey Dean, can you wake up? ”, he groaned but slowly opened his eyes
“hey, how are you feeling? ”
“Ummm…. Extremely sore”
“well you were thrown into a tree so that is to be expected I guess”

“Wait, what the hell happened? Are you okay? ”

“Yea bro, Everyone is good, you were the only one who was hurt”

I grabbed his medicine from the side table and then got him a glass of water.

“Here you go”
“Thanks sweetheart, you know you always take such good care of us”

My smile wavered a bit as I remembered last night’s events but I didn’t let the sadness or the immense guilt I was feeling come to my face. I then took both his hands pulled him in a sitting position.

“you can use the shower and have a good long bath”
“Thanks sweetie ” he said looking at me but then his smile turned into a frown and his hand went to touch my cheek.
“Did the werewolf get you or something? ”
“No why? ”
“You have bruise on your face”
I immediately felt extremely tense but then I just brushed it off and then walked to the living room. I saw John sitting over there with a pen and newspaper he looked towards me and said
“We are going on a hunt tonight.”
“What? What about Dean”
“Your will brother will not go obviously ”
“Dean is not going to agree to that ”
“Just be ready, there were not ONE but TWO werewolf but because of you we could not kill it last night so I suggest do as I ask”.

Later that night.
Dean had thrown a bitch fit and was here saying he was fine and will not be left at home. I had persuaded Sam to not tell Dean anything now, but we could do it after the hunt. I had rechecked my guns atleast 10 times to make sure it wasn’t jammed.

We walked through the jungle looking for the wolf, but it had seemed like hours had passes but we still had no clue where it was.

I still don’t know how I saw but I did, the werewolf was standing behind Dean, it had raised its claw to strike at my brother but I pushed my brother put of the way and felt it claws go deep in my stomach.

Dean’s PoV

I saw in astonishment as my little sister pushed me out of the way and the werewolf impaled her in stomach. I raised my gun and shot him straight in the heart, the werewolf fell down with a thud.

I looked down at my little sister who was bleeding from the stomach profusely, I picked her up and put her head in my lap, I then felt Sam and Dad running towards us.

“De it hurts a lot ” she cried
“Shhhh sweetheart, don’t worry everything is going to be okay you are going to live and we are going to talk about cutting Sammy’s hair in sleep and well pranking people and making them annoyed”

My sister shook her head and coughed and I saw the blood trickle out of her mouth so I wiped it away with my thumb
“ I am not going to make it, I know it” she croaked
“No y/n/n don’t you dare say that ”, Sam said in a crying voice “ you our baby sister we need to here, I love you so much”
“You heard Sam sweetheart, you can’t go we need you here:

But she ignored us and then asked in a croaked voice
“Was I a good sister? ”
And then both me and Sam just broke, both of us had tears running down our check so we each grabbed her hand I said

“oh yes sweetie, you are amazing sister and I love you so so so much” I then looked at my dad who was standing with an emotionless expression. Y/n looked at all of us “ I love you. ALL OF you I am going to miss you and I am glad I saved you dean”

Saying this my baby sister took her last breaths and then her head just fell sideways, he beautiful eyes were now not looking at anything.
So I put an arm around Sam and pulled him close and cradled my baby sister in my other arm. Oh god I will never see her smile, never kiss her while she was sleeping, never see her taking care of us, never take care of her she is just gone.

My father then came next to us and said “I am sorry baby girl please come back”

And at that time all we wanted was our little baby sister to come back but I knew she wouldn’t listen because she can’t, thinking about this we cried and screamed at the sky above us.

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  • Head of Royal Guard: Private Kururugi, take this and execute the terrorist.
  • Suzaku: But...he's not a terrorist! He's my boyfriend!
  • -+-
  • -+-
  • Suzaku: *shoots Zero's mask off*
  • Lelouch: [quickly] Remember that I'm your boyfriend, so you can't execute me!
RFA Boys + V & Saeran: Perfect Time Spent With MC

Nobody asked for this, but I’m the gift that gives… every eight months. Lololololol. - 606


Video games.

  • Rumor has it that this man likes playing his games. 
  • In this case scenario, a s/o who can sit and play with him for hours (wink wink) and be able to keep up, or even better, who can outdo him, will be one that excites him.
  • MC and Yoosung will playfully bicker, and *tastefully* talk smack to one another. 
  • “MC, could you keep up? I’m not getting any younger.” “Eat shit, Yoosung.” *MC proceeds to shoot Yoosung’s character, eliminating him from the rest of the match*
  • These two will probably more often than not end up pissing off the other people that they’re playing with, whether it be because they can’t stop flirting over the microphone, or because they end up just completing discarding the game all together because come to find out, they actually can’t keep their hands off of each other for one more second, whoops, sorry they ruined your streak


  • MC and Yoosung are going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen together. Baking pies, cookies, biscuits, you name it. 
  • Of course, there will be plenty of food fights, which for some reason, usually end up back in the bedroom and the two of them wake up the next morning sticky and having left out whatever it was they were cooking, letting it completely go to waste. 
  • And if the chocolate syrup starts following them into bed even when they haven’t been cooking together, well, neither of them mention it.
  • Yoosung will constantly stop dead in the middle of a conversation to stare at his MC because wow, they are so perfect, and things are so cozy and domestic. Yoosung wants things to always be this way. 
  • It’s a rainy afternoon spent in the kitchen making smores on the stove when he decides that he wants to marry MC.
  • Oh yeah and if they’re using flour, Yoosung always leaves the kitchen with two stark white MC sized handprints on his butt


  • Being the wonderful student that he is, (ahem), Yoosung tends to prioritize his extracurricular activities over his schoolwork. His MC will make his studies fun.
  • They will come up with prizes! (“Finish reading the five chapters in your textbook you got assigned, and I’ll take you out to eat to your favorite place!” or, “Revise your notes, and afterwards I’ll revise your body~ if you know what I’m saying~~” *cue eyebrow wiggle*)
  • Yoosung’s MC will know just what they need to do to keep him on track and productive, while also making sure that the two of them are spending good, quality time together.
  • Yoosung is only human, so he can use all the help he can get. He’s pretty sure half of the exams he passed were thanks to his s/o.



  • Saeyoung is a (not so) secret agent. He works. A LOT. Which means, even if he hides it behind a goofy exterior, he is extremely stressed. Having his MC around while he’s working is a blessing. 
  • They spend a lot of time cuddling in silence, which is wonderful for bonding. Although he is portrayed to be super chatty, even Saeyoung needs the quiet sometimes. 
  • MC keeps him from eating too much crap! He eats the right amount of crap when they are around. MC will bring him dinner and make sure he’s drinking WATER (amongst the copious amounts of Dr. Pepper) to keep him hydrated. 
  • MC also becomes quite good at giving massages, seeing as he sits in a chair almost all day with hardly any time to stretch. Boo. (but good for him that he has them) 
  • Saeyoung tries to teach MC how to hack. They last about an hour before they’re bored. Saeyoung giggles and tells them, “Looks like I’ll have to be a superhero all on my own.” 

Dressing up. 

  • The others take it as a joke that Saeyoung likes to dress in costumes. MC knows better. They both dress up, in whatever they want to. 
  • Saeyoung has become extremely comfortable around his MC, and even trusts them enough to confidently wear the clothes he wants to around their house. 
  • They learn how to do makeup together to make him feel better! They’re always watching YouTube tutorials and taking trips to the store to “swatch” things, even if they don’t end up buying anything, it’s a lot of fun. Until Saeyoung gets them both kicked out, of course. 
  • The two of them start to get so good at fashion and beauty that they can just LOOK at a wig for a split second and tell whether it’s worth the money or not. Literally, these two will read wig reviews for hours without moving. Yoosung has found them sitting so still he thought they were DEAD. 


Going out. 

  • Seeing as Jumin spent the majority of his life unintentionally (or intentionally) isolating himself from the rest of the normal world by becoming the worlds most Serious Man To Ever Live, MC has kind of a lot to make up for. No pressure.
  • Jumin likes to show off what is his, because everything he has, he has earned himself. Going out to eat with MC is a big stress reliever for him. 
  • They always go, at least once a week, no matter what country he’s taken them to for business at the time. 
  • Dimly lit, fairy lights strewn about, a quiet piano playing somewhere softly in the distance. People are usually scattered randomly throughout the restaurant, but far enough away that every conversation is just background noise. 
  • Jumin likes to have his space with his MC, so that even though they aren’t alone, all the attention is on each other. Nothing else.
  • They talk about everything. What’s on their minds, what bothers them, how they’ve been doing, what they want to be doing, how their future will be. E V E R Y T H I N G.
  • Seriously. You’d never guess how much this man can talk once you’ve slipped past his defenses. 
  • Jumin and MC are usually the last two to leave the building.


Going to the movies.

  • Zen likes to watch movies. Whether it be his own, or whatever is new, or just… whatever, he likes them. He appreciates the art of acting (obviously) and likes to have serious, intelligent conversations about the film afterwards. Just kidding. 
  • Zen likes to see stupid movies with his MC so that they can make fun of them later. Not that he doesn’t know how hard it is to make your act entertaining (he does) but it makes him feel better to know that what he does is much better than a lot of the things that end up getting released. 
  • He has a strange sense of humor, so the fact that his s/o can laugh along with him means a lot. 
  • Zen and MC look at the lowest reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to determine what they’re going to watch that night. Double points if there is a movie series rated below 45% each separate movie. 


  • Zen and MC love a good bubble bath, and that’s just stone cold, hard facts.
  • Face masks, manicures, deep cleansing face wash. They’re into all of it. They take skincare and beauty very seriously. It’s just how it is. But it’s fun, when they do it together. 
  • Because he loves them, Zen has even let MC paint his nails light, pastel colors, and he kind of loves that, too. But he’d never admit it to anyone else, of course. 
  • MC and Zen could spend hours in a LUSH store, carefully picking out which bath bombs they want to stock up on. It’s seriously serious business.


Spending time outside. 

  • Picnics, hiking, going to the beach. Jihyun is an outside kind of a guy. He and his MC love being in touch with nature.
  • It’s not even that he’s necessarily that interested in it, it’s just that fresh air feels… so… good… soooo good!!!
  • He especially likes being outside with them when there is good sunlight and a slight breeze, because it means he gets to take secret glamor shots of MC when they aren’t looking and he won’t have to worry about them coming out too dark. 
  • MC discovered a quiet lake that looked untouched by other people hidden in the forest on a walk one day, so now they visit it every Saturday and lay out in the mossy grass together, just enjoying each others company. 
  • Everything between MC and V just feels a little bit more magical when they’re outside. 



  • Saeran and MC spend a lot of time in his bed. Cuddling. 
  • Yep. Saeran likes to cuddle. He likes to be held, and likes to hold his MC. The pure, domestic closeness is something he hasn’t ever had before, and now that he’s had a taste of it, he never wants to give it up.
  • He likes to lay with his face pressed into MC’s skin. Whether it be their chest, their neck, their hair, their side, it doesn’t matter. As long as he’s got them as close as humanly possible, he is happy. Content, for once in his life. 
  • He doesn’t talk much, but he likes to listen. MC will tell him stories, made up ones, or ones about their life, or what they think their future with Saeran looks like. They like to paint a pretty picture with their words for him. They even make him smile. 
  • They like to listen to music while they cuddle. Quiet music. Saeran loves loud, he loves hardcore and heavy music, but when he’s with his MC… he likes soft. Mood music. The Beatles, Queen, Sleeping At Last… he’d never admit to it, but the cute songs that remind of MC make him the happiest. 
Writing a bilingual character: tips

(This is from my own personal experience as a Chinese person who’s better at English, my “first” language, than Chinese, my “second” language.)

When your character is going speak unintentionally in their second language instead of their first one:
• When they’re tired, they could slip up and accidentally start a sentence with their second language. Generally, though, they realise and correct themselves before finishing the sentence
• When they were just thinking in their second language/ talking to someone in their second language. The shift from one language to the other is where they could get caught up
• If they were startled, after just speaking/thinking in their second language.

Keep in mind though, that people very experienced in both languages will probably not be tripped up as often. Your character who has been speaking their second language for 10 years is going to trip up a lot less than your character who’s only known their second language for 5 years.

Unrealistic scenarios:
• Slipping into their second language in the middle of a sentence accidentally, unless they forgot a word they needed to use
Unrealistic: “Ok so you’re going to go down the hall and— 他妈的! I forgot my homework on my desk! Gotta run and get it” (The Chinese is a swear)
Realistic: “We’re going to need a… 车? What do you guys call that again?” (The Chinese character is the one for car)

• Suddenly saying something in their second language, when they were just conversing in their first language. There’s a mental switch you need to make when changing from a conversation in one language to a conversation in another which makes those situations pretty unlikely.
Person 1: “Could you send the powerpoint to me?”
Person 2: “Just did that. Did you get the email yet?”
Person 1: “我– oh whoops. Sorry! Yeah, I just got it”
(Chinese character is the character for “I”)

Bilingual things you could include in your writing:
• Thinking in one language when doing one specific thing. For instance, I almost always do Maths in Chinese. The whole structure of the language and how the words for numbers work out means it’s a lot easier in Chinese than English.

• A conversation that’s a mess of two languages all mashed together. Frankenlanguages. As stated before, I’m personally better at English than Chinese. So, when I’m speaking in Chinese, it’s often with English words interspersed throughout when I forget the Chinese word. In that case, there is no mental shift between languages needed. Instead, you pull from both languages at once. Ex: “我今天在学校的时候跟我的 Chemistry 老师 discuss 我的essay on the effects of acid rain on 咯房的 roofs.” (Translation: today, at school, my Chemistry teacher and I discussed my essay on the effects of acid rain on the roofs of buildings.)

• Your character could speak one language at home and another language when at work/school/with friends. For example, I speak Chinese when I’m at home with my Chinese family and I speak English everywhere else because I live in Canada. This makes for interesting situations where, even though I am highly proficient in English, I lack some basic vocabulary. What is a blouse? Not really sure to be honest. I used to get “dress” and “skirt” confused a lot because I only used Chinese to refer to those things and thus never built up my English vocabulary in those areas. I’ve had to awkwardly describe the fruit I was looking for in stores before because I didn’t know the English name for it.

Anyway, if you need help with writing a bilingual character, feel free to shoot me an ask!

Opposites Attract - Tom Holland Oneshot

Request: Anonymous - Hey I just got an idea for u for an imagine. Now if ur to busy to do it that’s cool I don’t want to stress u out with a whole bunch of imagines, but maybe a tom holland one where you’re dating and people don’t understand why because ur like polar opposites. ( btw ur imagines are some of the best I have read keep up the good work 😁😊❤️ ) 

 Warnings: Fluff, feeling uneasy

 Word Count: 1,298

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

 A/N: Hope you guys liked it. More stuff will be posted soon. :)


To most people if they saw you and Tom together, they’d stop and question you because you two are completely different. Nothing alike. See but that’s the thing, being polar opposites is what makes your relationship unique. You and Tom have more ways to expand on it and get different ideas from each other. Sure it bother’s you when a total stranger comments on your love life, but you never let it bother you, neither does Tom.

“Mmmm morning love” Toms morning voice was honestly one of your guilty pleasures. There was something about it that made it seem sexy.

“Morning” You fluttered your eyes open to see the sight of the man you love laying next to you. It was the best part of waking up in your opinion.

“So what’s our plan for today?” He pulled you closer to his chest.

“I thought we could just stay here forever” You cuddled against him.

“And waste a perfectly good day” He laughed.

“Yeah” You nodded.

“As great as that sounds we have to get ready for work love” He kissed your temple. You sighed. “Fine”.

The both of you got up and proceeded with your daily morning routines. Nothing the two of you did was the same. One of you would have tea while the other one would have coffee in the mornings. It almost amazed people how you two ended up being together.

“Good morning everyone” You and Tom greeted everyone once you got to the set. You got a few “hellos” and good mornings" back.

You and Tom were practically beaming with so much energy ready to start another day of work. No one new how, but it was almost as if you two sort of fueled the other one to be able to function properly.

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“The only experience I really had in any personal way with any of Media’s characters was a photo shoot I did with Mark Seliger many eons ago where I was Lucille Ball,” Anderson says, referring to a 1997 magazine spread in which she vamped up as several television icons. (In fact, some Gods fans even mistook the portraits as an official first look at Media back when Anderson’s casting was announced last summer.)

“Funny enough, I actually looked more like Lucille Ball back then than I do now, just in terms of the angularness of my face,” Anderson continues. “So I had that experience of being her for a day, but it was, of course, different from trying to figure out what aspect of her to present in ratio with what aspect of Media, and who is Media, and how does Media come through, and which bit of Media lives in each of these characters?”

You know it’s so funny how people will get pissed at Tony for shooting Sam after he watched his friend go down, but yet none of them want to realize that Tony went there to keep them all from getting killed? Like Tony didn’t even kill Sam after seeing that, he just made sure he was down so that he could bring him in.

And don’t give me that “Sam would’ve went in peacefully” BS, you don’t know that for sure.

Then you all want to say that Tony blamed Sam for it but no you are wrong. At the end of Civil War, Rhodey has to tell Tony that it wasn’t his fault because get this, TONY BLAMED HIMSELF FOR SOMETHING THAT HE HAD NO POWER OVER.