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NPC Roleplaying Sheet
This is a non-combat character sheet meant to facilitate the process of creating and keeping track of NPCs.

NPC Roleplaying Sheet (by luckpack)

“This is a non-combat character sheet meant to facilitate the process of creating and keeping track of NPCs.

I prefer giving each NPC it’s unique small sheet of paper instead of keeping them all crammed together in a notebook or something. Having a form with fillable blanks also makes it that much easier to create a large number of characters.

It’s about 10x15 cm, a quarter of the size of a regular A4 paper. Below are Google Drive download links. All PDFs have two pages; the first one is the front and the second one is the back. I used the player character sheet as reference to try to get it to be “official” looking.

[NPC Sheet]

[NPC Sheet, no lines]

[NPC Sheet, printer friendly]

[NPC Sheet, no lines & printer friendly]


  • All races age differently. I recommend finding or creating an “age by race” table for quick reference. I also recommend writing how mature the character is as well in case you forget how that specific race works. So for a halfling, for example, I might write “80, middle aged” instead of just the number alone. 
  • In the “Combat Statistics” field, the idea is to write the name of a creature in the MM or other book. The NPC will utilize these stats. So for example, if I have a Captain of the Guard character and I want him to be stronger than the average Guard (p. 347 MM) I might write down “Scout, p. 349 MM.” Humanoids don’t vary that much in strength, so for the majority of NPCs you could print out a couple of obvious stats (Commoner, Guard, Acolyte, Scout, etc) and refer to them as needed. This is much more practical than printing a combat sheet for every character, considering you have no idea who players might attempt to murder.”
Looking for Contact: Korri


  • Full Name: Korrinth Vareesa Dawnshatter
  • Titles: Fel Scribe, Charred Rose, Temptress
  • age: 120 (Aprox)
  • birth date: July 17th
  • race: Illidari (Sin’dorei)
  • gender: Female
  • romantic orientation: Dislikes attachment
  • sexual orientation: Omnisexual
  • religion: N/A
  • spoken languages: Thalassian, Common, Darnassian, Demonic
  • current living conditions: Homeless, poor
  • occupation: Runic expert, Demon Hunter


  • Parents: Both mother and father deceased. She shared a good relationship with them. They cultivated her love of magic.
  • Siblings: Twin brother, Relivastus: strained & hostile relationship
  • Significant Other: The Demons in her head
  • Children: Wants none, has none

Physical Traits

  • Eye colour: Eternally burning Felfire
  • Hair colour: Auburn/burgundy
  • Height: 5′11
  • Body Build: Toned, curved, petite
  • Tattoos + Piercings: An assortment of studs in her ears and intricate, glowing, runic tattoos sprawled over her upper body down to her thighs.
  • Notable Physical Traits: Fangs, horns, claws


  • Intelligence: As a former mage, smarts is a strong point for her. She’s very book smart and pretty street smart.
  • likes: Magic, runes, ruins, ancient and forbidden knowledge, food, intimacy, books
  • dislikes: Being alone, being judged, insecurity, demons, rash decisions, warlocks
  • fears: Eventually losing to her demons, being imprisoned again, becoming too monstrous, losing her brother 
  • disposition: Sultry, sassy, quick witted
  • extras: That one good looking librarian
A eulogy for Skeleton Framework, a story taken from us before its time

Two years, one month, and two days ago, the noble Snowsheba posted a story in the pokémon fandom called Skeleton Framework. The premise was simple. You were allowed to submit a character to the author, and the author would, in turn, include your character in the story. As a strapping young lad, I took the valiant Snowsheba up on her offer, and offered a character from the depths of my creative soul. It would be impossible to foresee that, as hopeful I was that the story would succeed, that I would be the cause of its downfall.

Months went by, and my character was added to a roster of other characters, some allies, some not. And as the story continued to build momentum, tragedy struck. The magnificent Snowsheba’s computer fried, then the obtuse repairmen she sent the computer to lost it to the darkness. And even then, with nothing but old chapters and a character sheet to keep me company, I continued to hope that, one day, the brilliant Snowsheba would receive another computer and continue the story. It was in this darkest hour that I discovered the splendid Snowsheba’s preferred way of communicating updates: Tumblr. And so, with nothing but a prayer and a dream, I joined Tumblr to be among the first to hear news of the return of Skeleton Framework. This was the first step towards my betrayal, though I knew not of the consequences my actions would have at the time.

As I eagerly awaited the newest chapter of Skeleton Framework, a milestone was achieved. Ninety-nine souls decided to join me as we listened to the dignified Snowsheba’s updates. With the backing of one hundred, the generous Snowsheba offered a token of her appreciation: a select few of us would give the renowned Snowsheba a prompt, and she would mold from our jumbled letters a story of golden splendor. As I patiently waited for the return of Skeleton Framework, I deduced it would be no harm to submit a prompt. “But what prompt would I submit?” I wondered at the time. I thought back to the newest game of the era, Overwatch. And, with the wonderful woman that is Hana Song in the forefront of my mind, I handed the lovely Snowsheba my prompt, setting into effect a chain of events that would destroy the world as I knew it.

The graceful Snowsheba weaved the words I gave her and turned them into a something the world has never seen; a brilliant gemstone, unequaled in perfection and limitless in grandeur. After crafting such a marvelous tale, the illustrious Snowsheba consulted with a friend of hers, and discovered the potential hidden within the being that was Hana Song. Struck with inspiration, the peerless Snowsheba proceeded to tell a tale that captivated the gods: Thanks Dad, Love Hana. The tale is so great that others are inspired by being near. Indeed, the creativity around the story has exceeded what one would normally assume to follow a normal diamond. Even I have felt the power of the tale, being revitalized to continue on my own path of weaving words. And it was here that I realized my mistake.

As the days continued on, the realization dawned upon me. I claimed to be the staunchest supporter of Skeleton Framework, and yet it was I who stood as the catalyst of its destruction. I watched as the just cause I so adored turned to ash, lending itself to the glorious phoenix that is Thanks Dad, Love Hana. As I stood there, holding the knife as I heard the whispered, “E tu, Nemo,” I knew I did not regret my actions. If given a choice, I would follow the same course of action. The world is better for it, no matter the weight I now hold in my heart.

And so, as you revel among the celebration for a story so worthy of your praise, and mourn for the loss of our dear friend Tango, I would request that we also mourn for Skeleton Framework. It left this world far too young, at the hands of him closest to it, to give rise to Thanks Dad, Love Hana, a story worthy of the honorable Snowsheba.

@snowsheba enjoy.

Character Creation - Where The Hell Do I Start?

How do I create characters is one of those questions in the writing world that no matter how many times it’s answered, and no matter how much content is out there we still see it over and over and over, so today I’m going to break down one of the reasons I think this question never feels answered for some writers.

I often see this question answered in two polar opposite ways.

The first way is to say just make up as much as you need to for the character in question, and while that’s true and helpful, it’s only helpful for those that already have a character idea particularly set out.

It doesn’t help someone who’s just trying to create character from scratch.

The other way I see this answered is with long character sheets or questionnaires.

These come in the forms of roleplaying style forms to fill out, or a hundred questions, or a list of traits and favorites.

These are great to flesh out a character that you already have a good solid idea on, but the problem with this answer is if you are just starting to build a character this is overwhelming.

So what we’re going to talk about today is a niche I think is being missed when a lot of writers ask How do I create a character by breaking down just a few specific things every character needs.

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Killed a bear without knowing it had cubs and now she’s stuck with five hairballs that she named after each of her fingers.

Rakonna is on Wyrmrest Accord.  ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง And she will fight you.


The trainer sheets!
 Ruby was “Cute but Deadly”, Weiss was “Cold Grace” Blake was “Stoic Felines” and Yang was “Three Bears!”

I just decided to do two Pokemon each (with the exception of Yang, cause Goldilocks and Three Bears haha) as a throwback to the original “pairs” during the Team Building phase in Season 1. Plus, other trainers rarely seem to have more than 3 (what gives?). So, hope you like! I had a ton of fun making these! 


My film is well underway in it’s development faze! This is the character sheets for the characters featured in the film: the baby bear and his sick mother. The film is loosely inspired by the Haida artstyle in design, so I’m trying to incorporate the distinctive shape and colors in as much as I can to give the film a unique feel. I think I’ve succeeded for the characters, although they might need some reworking here and there. I’m very happy with how they came out, though, and the cub was well received by the class thus far; I’ve yet to show mama bear but here’s hoping she’s just as liked. :3

I’m tentatively calling the film Ursa. O:


More Jin Kim’s style (or kinda) practice!

I had to fight too much with this man’s face. Sweet Jesus I still don’t know if I fully understand how it works. BUT it’s very fun to draw and I’ve learnt a lot of things, such as draw: sternocleidmastoid, oris/oculi orbicularis, angry men, very angry men. Did I mention how proud I am of the necks? 

I’d totally love to work on Eponine and Gavroche expressions but sadly, I have to keep working on the portfolio so they will have to wait *cries a river*

Character sheet for RPGs, LARP, DnD, etc

Build (muscular, skinny, chubby, etc):
Type (Mage, archer, warrior, alchemist, etc):
Alignment (neutral good, chaotic evil, etc):

Senses (heightened, deaf, psychic, etc):

Clothing style:
Overall appearance:

General mood:


Income (if any):
Weaknesses (at least four):
Crime record:

Pet peeves:

Soft spot:
Special abilities:

Song that suits your character: