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10 Biggest Mistakes I See in Early Drafts

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Will u be continuing the sav/iris fic? I'm loving it so far, it gives everything a different perceptive which flash writers aren't smart enough to try.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it :)

[Episode Coda 3.20]

It was intended as an episode coda (tail) so I don’t anticipate that I’ll be continuing it. Although depending on how the next few episodes go, I might feel inspired to follow-up with it.

I really do hope they give us a scene or three between Savitar and Iris. There’s so much weight to that relationship now that we’ve seen who is under that mask. I mean, the man she loves becomes a monster bent on killing her. There’s baggage there. 

I think it’s neat for Barry too, but for whatever reason, I bet he’s more able to separate “me” vs. “Savitar” in his head. Sure, Savitar is like a parasite who has his memories, but Barry feels present inside his own mind and body, and Savitar is a separate entity. I mean, identity issues abound and would be super exciting to explore, but he’s got to be doing his best to create a maintain a sense of psychological distance from this ‘person/thing/god/entity/villain’ that is willing to kill Iris. He’s got to be motivated to see Savitar as ‘other’.

To Iris (to everyone else), Barry is already a different person than herself (themselves), so now it’s more like there’s two Barrys, and one of them happens to be distorted into a killer. It’s a different perspective. How do you hate and kill someone who not only has the face of this person you love, but also has their memories, their identity, their everything - just… lost, somehow. How do you not grieve for what’s become (what can and will become) of this person you love? All the pain they’re going to go through to become this?

And yet of course you hate this person! They kill you! They’re trying to destroy you, selfishly, so that they can exist, even though they already exist - whole and happy and in love with you. Why can’t this monster just let you be, and die like you know he should prefer to (over killing you), if he’s still the man who loves you?

Anyway it’s just so interesting to me and I hope I’m not the only one who ends up exploring it with fic in some way :)

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I never knew that The Eggbaby episode was your favorite Batman Beyond! Can I ask why that is?


Part of it is that I got so much crap over the years for liking “Splicers” as much as I do and it kinda soured that episode for me, but the other is that, for me, “The Eggbaby” was kind of a perfect Terry story. All of the first season and a good amount of the second, a lot of the plot falls in line with Bruce’s personal stakes and relationship development between him and Terry, but the formula of the episodes kind of comes in line with an average Batman: The Animated Series episode, right down to Bruce having the ultimate realization and usually Wayne Enterprises being somehow involved in a major plot element. 

“The Eggbaby”, and “Splicers” for that matter, are stories that could only happen in Terry’s world – this semi-dystopian future, but also from the perspective and world of a teenager most of all. And beyond that, one thing Eggbaby has over other BB episodes you could say the same for is that the tone is just so completely different from the rest of the series. It’s a stand out because it’s all Terry – it’s his humor, his values, his struggles. 

What other Batman character – let alone what other Batman – would be failing Family Studies? What other character showing exactly no paternal instincts would struggle with a ridiculous egg-shaped robot on a mission? And what other Batman would literally stick his tongue out at the villains in complete joy for having saved said ridiculous robot egg from falling off a building. Like who would celebrate that?

So when I say “The Eggbaby” is my favorite episode, I’m saying that it’s the Batman Beyond episode that most separates itself from the previous and later DCAU TV shows and relishes in its individual setup and characters. 

And it’s endlessly quotable. Seriously, every line in it is gold. 

Is it just me, or is Russell T. Davies slowly turning into George Lucas?

How to Structure your Novel

If you did a quick Google search for different outline structures you’d get over a million results. With so many different outline structures out there it’s safe to say that it can be a bit overwhelming especially if it’s your first time outlining a novel.

The key to finding the perfect outline structure is finding one that fits with your writing style. Us writers tend to have specific ways in which we prep and plan our ideas. You’ll have to be patient and you’ll probably end up switching outlines but if you don’t experiment you won’t be able to find which structure works best for you.

Today I’m going to guide you through the Six Stage Plot Structure by Michael Hauge. It’s the one I’m currently using to outline my current work in progress, Just Breathe. The six stage story structure is based on a three-act structure but each act is divided into two stages giving it the opportunity to go more in-depth.

The first stage is the Setup. This is where you introduce your main character and give us a reason for us to care about your character. After the setup quickly follows the turning point. This is the opportunity where your main character is presented with something that might peak their interest or something out of the ordinary for them. This will create their initial desire (that could eventually change throughout the novel). 

The second stage is the New Situation. This is where your character is meeting new characters and exploring their new world. The turning point is a change in plans. Your main character is presented with new information that might make their initial desire into a goal. This is where your character would develop a clear vision of what that goal is and what they might have to do to get there.

The third stage is the Progress. This is where your character is starting to get comfortable with their new world and feels like their plan is working. The turning point is the point of no return. Now your character must commit to their goals as the challenges that keep getting thrown at them are getting tougher by the second.

The fourth stage is the Higher Stakes. Your character is now fully committed to their goal. The turning point is the major setback that will throw them into a terrible situation and all hope will be lost. Your main character will have no idea what to do with what’s been thrown at them.

The fifth stage is the Final Push where your main character will give everything that they’ve got in them in the most crucial and intense stage of your novel.The final turning point is where your main character finally reaches their goal and all is resolved.

And to finalize the whole structure the six stage is the Aftermath where you show the aftermath of the resolution. This could be your epilogue or the last paragraphs of your final chapter. 

It doesn’t matter which outline structure you follow as long as it works for you. Take the time to experiment which different outline structures and see what works. If you have any questions or want a link to the six stage plot structure send me an ask! Now go outline!

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Could you pls write about the first time Petyr talked with Sansa in the tournament, show or book, thanks!

With pleasure, anon. Let’s do both.

I love 1st meetings and how they “audition” characters in specific relationship setups. In this case both book & show do an a+ job of establishing what we can expect from the PxS dynamic further down the line. Both run with the same basic theme of unsettling intrusion, but there are, of course, differences, too.

The book gives us a brief, quiet but intense moment where silver is the dominant color. It’s there in the moonlight, in Petyr’s hair, in his mockingbird pin, and in his grey-green gaze which is fixed on Sansa. Petyr is associated with silver. Similarly to the color, his presence, too, pervades this scene as he rapidly engages 4 out of 5 senses:

  • sight (“He was short, with a pointed beard and a silver streak in his hair, almost as old as her father.”)
  • hearing (“You must be one of her daughters,” he said to her.)
  • smell (“His breath smelled of mint.”)
  • touch (“His fingers brushed against her cheek as he stroke one auburn lock.”)
  • (taste will join in soon enough but not just yet)

Both are transfixed by appearances - Sansa by the perfect knight and Petyr by “the Tully look” -, and these “fantasy trances” are colored by chivalric romance (”Your mother was my queen of beauty once.”). It’s the surface they take note of first when they look at each other, too, but Sansa already picks up on the tension between Petyr’s appearance and what’s beneath, signaling that her naiveté doesn’t equal being stupid at all. What exactly Petyr thinks we will never know for sure, but I suspect his thinking process temporarily breaks down when he spots her, which brings me to my next observation, i.e. they both disrupt the other’s “default setting”: Petyr “effortlessly” pulls her out of her foolish daydreaming that instantly puts her “ill at ease”, and she just as easily yanks his “smooth operator” card, rendering him quiet, vulnerable, and abrupt. Both come away from this odd encounter a bit off balance, and this gives us a taste of what’s to develop between them later on: an obsessive, irregular dance characterized by a constant push-and-pull of hazards and dependency.

The show has to condense and filter the source material, so we get more in their first scene but also less.

For one, the atmosphere feels somewhat less intimate than in the book (imo). It’s daytime (I suppose it films better), Petyr doesn’t reach out to stroke her hair, he is much more talkative, and so his core fixation is (for now) downplayed (”I’ve known your mother a long, long time.” vs “She was my queen of beauty once.”). The power of Sansa’s proximity is not as pronounced/explicit yet, “only” hinted via Petyr’s body language (since he can’t seem to detach himself from her).

It is more because the scene runs on much longer, and we can already see him act as her guide, answering her questions, explaining things and divulging a disturbing secret. It is more because they get to watch a young knight bleed to death, and Petyr’s follow-up remark (“Not what you were expecting?”) nicely hints at the role he will soon take on full-time in her story: the initiator and death-bringer who helps “adjust” her grossly romanticized/incomplete worldview. His tone is sympathetic but he also watches her reaction hungrily, enjoying it, which reflects the fundamental behavioral ambiguity he will carry later on as a companion or “fellow traveler” w/ warped, predatory qualities.

Aside from the detracting and adding, the show thankfully keeps his unsettling intruder effect intact both on a verbal and visual level:

  • his first words to her “Lovers’ quarrel?” as Sansa keeps fixating on Joffrey instantly mark him as a shameless intruder, appearing out of nowhere, prying into private business which, similarly to the book scene, results in her focus being (temporarily) yanked off a fantasy image
  • while not reaching out, Petyr still presses himself up to Sansa’s side and leans in close for good measure while whispering sweet nothings (i.e. twisted tales) into her ear, already bestowing an indirect, intimate lesson concerning the paradoxical power of knowledge: it gives you an edge over others but it often serves you best if they think you clueless.

So just like the book, the show also uses their first meeting to give us the broad stokes, establishing Petyr as a dark mentor who has 0 respect for any kind of boundary and Sansa as a seemingly passive student who is, in fact, all ears whenever he opens his mouth.

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i think that CS is the second biggest problem in OUaT, the first would be all those random characters that appear only for 10 episodes and then leave. The show spends so much time on them and then they just disappear. I mean OUaT has some main characters and then guest stars,there is almost nothing in between .Therefore the leads have no friends or basically no one outside of the family. All these hit me when Regina and Snow took Emma out for drinks .Emma's only friend is Regina, Snow's only 1/2

2/2 friend is Regina, Charming’s only friend is well again Regina .So all i wanted to say is that they could use some of the guests in that way. For example Tink could have been Regina’s friend outside of the family, Ruby could still have scenes with Snow , some prince could have been Charming’s buddy. Why the hell are they bringing people that don’t stay? I swear i have never seen this before

True. Captain Swan is just a side-dish, a result of severely lacking writing, simply put. Because some writers are plot-first novelists, others are character-first novelists. And Brothers Dim (and their little team of wannabes) are neither. I mean, they were apparently good at ‘hero essence capturing’ (which is in every writing manual that talks about archetypal characters, and they’ve only been developing S1 for like… a decade?) in a way of showing basic understanding of the inner workings of a solid hero, you know–how to show what is at their main character’s core. And it worked really well in S1 where there was basically a lot of exposition and more of a setup for character development that was supposed to ensue, you know–from S2 onward?

Only it didn’t. So if we’re talking about main characters, they had some start/stops (and first more serious inconsistencies) with Regina, Emma was just more solidified in her basic conflict, while with Rumple they clearly had no idea what to do with (which direction to take him in, but then when he ‘had’ his son back…they completely screwed it up by not going there, at all) and there was literally no development with Snow and David (between each other, only a little bit with their daughter) apart from a shitload of flashbacks which were now not background–but just basic, instant exposition for these new random pointless characters. And that was just season two. After which, it only got worse. Because if that’s how they write main characters (at this point there’s absolutely no consistency, as everything’s plot driven–and all plots are shallow and vapid and deus ex macguffin resolved?) what can we expect for the side-characters? The guests that you mention, that honestly no one gives a rats ass about because we all know that they’re there just for that episode’s plot purpose–and never anything beyond? When they for instance already had so many great characters (Ruby, Archie, Kathryn, Ashley–basically ANY conceived and left completely unused after the very first episode that gave their exposition) that they did absolutely nothing with, really?

So at this point a lot of us are still hung up on foundation of the story, and the… squandered potential, really. Like say, Swan-Mills family (as the three of them always had that link, and developments that are the only ones that still make sense), the way they were despite horrible character digressions and regressions (the focus on the family, rather then Emma’s and Regina’s atrocious ‘romantic’ choices) and… why we either lament the loss (“where’s Emma Swan, she disappeared seasons ago?”) or fanwank and fix it (”fancifiction does it better”). While in reality, we have just too much convoluted stuff (plot wise, I’m not talking about characters being degraded and rendered beyond recognition in OOC-ness like Emma has been, for purposes of romantization of her boyfriend), a lot of running on spot, way too many insipid dialogues and scenes that only serve to engage the audience through action. With very little essence, and development. Now, a screenwriter can write these stereotypes but then it’s up to the director, the casting director and the actors to give depth to otherwise flat characters. So the screen-writer might write a generic fop character and get away with it if the rest of the process adds up, and you get a better result? It is a two-fold process that can help them turn the literary characterization of their leads into explosive material, but…

OUaT has been horribly flat in that department for way too long now, so is it any wonder if we wonder at what point have they given up trying–and why?

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Sometimes I think Sonic fans are too cynical and pessimistic when it comes to upcoming games.

Definitely. It’s cliche to say at this point, but the Sonic fandom really does have a habit of making mountains out of everything.

It’s one thing to be cautious or wary about a new game. I get that the franchise has been through some rough patches, that many fans have been unhappy with recent developments, and that it’s an uncertain time for the franchise and what the future has planned for it. I get all that. I’m not saying that no one is allowed to express reservations or dissatisfaction.

But let’s be real here. While some of the criticisms directed at it are far from justified, this fandom didn’t gain it’s unwelcoming reputation for nothing. Take the recent news about the presence of Green Hill in Forces for example. That’s a totally understandable thing to be disappointed about (though that said, I personally don’t mind it too much since the desert-y elements seem to be hinting at a twist), but already some fans have used this one thing as the reason to swear themselves off the franchise, or the reason to act as though Forces will definitely be the next Sonic ‘06.

And what about that new character? We have only heard a rumor - a rumor - that it might be a Create Your Own Character setup. We have been given absolutely no serious implication let alone confirmation that this is the case, and we’ve even been told that it won’t be until E3 until the character - whoever or whatever they are - makes their full reveal. Yet many fans have already decided that the CYOC route is definitely what’s happening, and are subsequently using it as the latest reason to go off on a tangent about how SEGA never listens. (Guess that’s why the Boost is back? Guess that’s why there seem to be higher stakes this time around?)

And of course, not even the tiniest thing can be revealed about a new Sonic game without ten hundred videos and rants from people who suddenly fancy themselves as the #1 expert on the franchise. Some of whom aren’t even Sonic fans.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m just done with people overreacting about video games. If you have your criticisms, no problem. If you want to leave the franchise behind you, go ahead. But if you keep wasting your life and energy by getting into serious arguments and heated moods over a blue hedgehog, you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and reevaluate your priorities.

anyways i’ve been in london but i’m headed home now, which means it’s time to get my act together and start more threads  —  not keen on random starters these days, so how about a plotting call ?  give this post a like and i’ll chase you down in the inbox / chat / skype at some point in the near future !

Writing fan-fiction like...
  • Me: Aww yeah, gonna write some pure filthy smut, no need for plot or character development or any of that nonsense, just straight to the point PWP goodness.
  • Me: *writes 3,000 words of setup, character interaction, and dialogue before the characters even kiss*
Why you should all watch

  • one of the mains is voiced by Suwabe Junichi, so you get to hear him threaten and flirt and it’s pure sex
  • the other main is deaf from birth, so there’s a lot of actual sign language which is a joy to see in animation
  • the character setup is the best and most diverse I have ever seen in an anime (or anywhere else, frankly), including well written women, POC, and disabled people, all of various ages and sexualities
  • mafia, murder, mystery. it’s all very intriguing without being too confusing about what’s going on
  • lesbian mafia boss
  • cute, tiny, girly mafia boss whose men follow her without a question because she is fierce
  • bromance up the wazoo while still offering manifold and believable friendships between women
  • everyone is badass but in their own way
  • guns, swords, axes, explosives, knives and other fancy weapons to satisfy your kinks
  • genuinely interesting world building
  • new exciting spin on the genetically engineered super humans trope
  • tragic backstories like wow
  • instant OT3
  • insightful handling of difficult topics such as sex work, drug addiction, and class conflicts
  • great action sequences
  • the use of music is beautiful and poignant, great OST, great opening and ending
  • in some larger shots the animation could be better, but overall it’s quite gorgeous
  • it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s furious. why aren’t you watching it yet?

Here’s a bunch of old tweets from Mashima-sensei’s twitter about things that have changed from his initial ideas:

About the first master Mavis’ character setup; she was initially a guy. I didn’t know that Mavis was a female name. When I found it out by chance, I hurriedly made her into a female character. (source)

The necklace that Gray always wears is from RAVE. I had tossed around the idea of making him the 10th or so rave master, but abandoned it. (source)

In Wendy’s initial character setup, her personality changes when she gets angry. She had a split personality. I’m glad I abandoned that idea. (source)

I kept forgetting where her name originated from, but remembered it when a fan from Spain asked me “Does Juvia’s name come from Lluvia (rain)?”. That’s right. (source)

At the time of the (Great Eastern Japan) earthquake 2 years ago, I had drawn the battle between Juvia and Meredy. The initial plot had Juvia winning, but in light of how “water” was responsible for the unimaginable damage caused by the tsunami, I couldn’t bring myself to draw her attacking with water. The plot was thus changed to a battle that was settled by “love”. That’s the message I’d like to send. (source)

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It's Sunday at least but I feel low-key dumb because I just started a new daydream slightly (same characters, different setup) and it's 2:22 am but here I am making an overly realistic map of a different world just so I can figure out my characters travels and languages yet I'm avoiding a ton of stuff I have to do yet do this?? Like I'm so frustrated and it's so unimportant but instead of eating, sleeping or doing work I feel like I NEED to this so that my daydreams male more sense??? blarg


hello yes? indie game publishers? I have right here the newest, hottest, coolest indie game character

you see he has arms and legs that are just straight, disjointed ~1px and ~2px wide(respectively) lines that can be bent and put places and all sorts of cool things. he also bounces a bit because that’s what indie game characters do. anyway his name is Indie Guy McFuckles and he, at a point, gets a gun that’s actually just a gray L but it shoots bullets.

also shown is an example of an endgame character setup with all the best equipments

please consider my offer for a brand new pixel indie game 8 bit retro retron 5 my wife’s son classical survival horror voxelbased survival crafting wave rpg vintage super nintendo game

My Hero Academia - Enji Todoroki (Flame Hero Endeavor)

Season 2 episode 6 recap

Damn what a bitter man, this episode didn’t have any action but there was a lot of back story, future episode setup and character development. We learnt Endeavor and his issues with All might seeing that he can never surpass him and how screwed up he is by passing on his dreams on his son’s shoulders (Give that man a pepsi). We also learnt how messed up Todoroki life has been since he was a child born from a quirk arrange marriage and the fact that his mother hates his father so much that when he used his flame ability his mother poured hot water on him. We also get the setup for the one on one fights and the first match between Midoriya and Shinsou     

Episode 7 is going to be awesome I can not wait. 

Spring 2016 Anime First Impressions !!!

OMG OK. So I’ve never done this but but but this season is just sOOO AMAZING I have to do this. I binge watched a ton of first episodes this season and so let’S DO THIS. 

1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

IMAGINE SHINGEKI MEETS STEAMPUNK MEETS SAMURAI. Everything. Everything is just so amazing like the art the animation the characters the setup the pacing like it just screams QUALITY. WIT Studio x Sawano Hiroyuki is finally back on track (lets not talk about owasera) and omg ok if you liked SNK you have to watch this. It also just has that pretty and retro (???) gundam art style to it that I really enjoyed.

2. Joker Game

Just. Look. At. The. Seiyuu list. (Okay I’m so biased as seiyuu trash I would watch this even if the anime is crap but) It’s actually good ??? Like the first episode build up and all that nOT TO MENTION THE CLIFF HANGER also I’m just a suck for spy-themed stuff that involves plot twists and mind tricks just praying for actually good logic here 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Music is on point !!!! While its true that it might be hard to tell the faces apart I kinda do like the more realistic touch to it (also spies are supposed to be invisible so that’s kinda cool ??)

ok spoilers I watched the second episode it was more meh cuz the pace slowed down a bit let’s hope it picks it up again

3. Boku no Hero Academia

FINALLY !!!! Ok not gonna lie my friend recommended this to me like a week ago and I just binge read the entire manga in one day. If they follow the manga, it’s going to be good. If you like the typical hero-themed (?) stuff you’ll like this. The seiyuus fit really well and they really bring the original manga to life !!

but tbh I’m just waiting for todoroki to appear mY SON

4. Bungou Stray Dogs

I knew nothing about this before watching it (except that it has a ton of ikemens and MIYANO MAMORU) so I thought this was going to be pretty serious but it had quite a bit of comedy in it w I would describe the style as similar to Hamatora, but amped up fight scenes. THE ART IS SO PRETTY AND THE ANIMATION IS SO PRETTY (imo style is more detailed than manga actually) and just a lot of shippable ikemens so yes. I read a bit ahead into the manga and while it’s not exactly my taste it definitely has decent quality/plot/characters. I guess I’ll wait and see how the anime interprets the manga.

5. Sakamoto desu ga

Of course. Of course. I have more complicated feelings about this because I LOVE the manga (and have been following it since it first came out) and it’s literally the most hilarious thing I’ve read. But precisely since it’s so funny in the manga adapting it into an anime is going to be challenging. I think they do a decent job given what they had to work with, but I definitely still find the manga funnier. 

6. Kiznaiver

tHE ART IS REALLY PRETTY and the setting is really cool, again alluding to the seven sins. i mean the protag is a moe moe shota so um. It setup/colors/characters/idk kind of reminds me of Gatchaman Crowds, and hopefully it’ll be able to deliver the same quality/depth. But also – and this is just personal taste – I’ve been avoiding a lot of anime with male-directed fanservice because it just bothers me (not !! saying that you should do the same literally do what you want) so depending on how much it continues to have this I might drop it. 

7. Mayoiga

?????? ok I mean I will literally watch anything with a bunch of crazy people in it. This feels ~okay~ and the characters seem one-dimensional… and are probably going to be hard to develop because there are so many of them (unless they start killing them off really fast haha) so I’m more skeptical. That being said I’m probably gonna watch the whole thing because the genre w

8. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Probably actually just watching this because Ono Kensho (I MEAN. 20 MINS OF LAZY ONO KENSHO. I CAN LISTEN TO IT FOREVER.) but I can see why people would like it. It’s very relaxing, extremely slow paced, and just something small and fun to watch when you’re bored.


Um. Ok. Um. Oh god it’s been so long since I’ve read the original manga I don’t even remember what happens. Anyways enjoy your dose of bl and I hope they animate all the suggestive scenes i mean what

The Steven Universe and Madoka pararells masterlist.

Aaand now for something completely different!! After seeing the last episodes of SU I realized that this awesome little show and the famous deconstruction of the magical girl genre have a lot in common! Let us count the ways…

*Warning endgame spoilers for both madoka AND steven. You have been warned*

For those who don’t know, the franchise of Puella Magi Madoka Magica started as an anime series aired in 2011, and written by the prestigious Gen Urobuchi. It quickly gained a reputation of luring you in with its sugary characters and setup and then crushing your hopes mercilessly with a dose of hard, nihilistic reality. Much like Digimon Tamers did to the pocket monsters genre.

From left to right: Kyoko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe. The holy quintet and our main characters. (except for one vile little furball of which I’ll talk about later) (Also enjoy that photo of them five together because it’s one huge cruel lie)

The protagonists are beings that can cure all their bodily wounds when fighting and are basically invincible and presumably inmortal. They can only die if a gem (which location changes from one to the other) that they have on their bodies and is the source of their combat prowess (as it is linked with the weapon that each one has which is characteristic of their fighting style) shatters in which case they die. (It’s also interesting that they have no way of repairing it themselves, unless it comes from an exterior and very pink source)

They fight corrupted versions of themselves whose gems have been tainted, and their whole presence in the Earth is due to an alien invasion by a force who viewed humans as nothing more than cattle and instead wanted to exploit the earth (and it’s inhabitants) for their own ends.

Aaand now comes the fun part. Those last two paragraphs could be applied to any of the two series without changing a single word and they would be accurate. That’s how close the two of them are.

B-but surely this cannot be true!.. you inquire. This must all be a coincidence!  I mean it’s not like there they both shared an entity who transcended the psysical plane… right??? And who are pink and white??? And are mostly simbolized by pink roses???? And who are the big good of their respective universes??

Oh! B-but surely  Madoka can’t truly purify gems??? 


At least there wasn’t a danger so important it forced a whole town to evacuate and leave the heroes alone for their battle while our main hero/ine initially also goes away but returns to help after convincing their father figure of letting them go.


And how about the way the aliens are completely ok with ruthlessly experimenting with these gems to monstrous extremes?


D-did they ever face off against a monster made of food??

…..Ruby and Shapphire lesbians?????


I’ll see you next time ;)

Mod: Here’s an interesting thing i found out in Fallout 4, if you do add a common last name to your character, the setup being <first name> <space> < last name> then codworth will use that and actually say it, i know cause my other char before i did the restart as Starviewer, i had Scarlet as a last name, and he said “Miss Scarlet” with the character voice ^^

a few things on W episode 16

ok so apparently it’s confusing the hell out of some people trying to grasp why Oh Sung Moo disappeared in the final episode, despite the fact that it’s been foreshadowed for the past few eps and explained in episode 15 and 16 by both Chul and Sung Moo himself. most of this confusion seems to revolve around the concept of W’s “setup” and what this means. well, I’m here to explain instead of going to bed like I should, because I’m just responsible like that.

Keep reading