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gabriel reyes’s new christmas skin is literally him as a ghost and he has a new voiceline where he makes a goddamn pun about it (”where’s your holiday spirit”) and yet people are still swearing up and down that he was a completely serious, no-nonsense edgelord with zero sense of humor 

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TRAILER #5 of DC Episode ONE Special!!!

This awesome trailer reveals that the special will tie in the flashback events from Movie 4, as well as showing us Yukiko’s diguise as “Conan’s mom”, Takagi and Chiba in the roller-coaster case, Chianti on stealth mode, and Sherry searching the Kudo House!

the HYPE isn’t dying down at all!

10 Biggest Mistakes I See in Early Drafts
Writing fan-fiction like...
  • Me: Aww yeah, gonna write some pure filthy smut, no need for plot or character development or any of that nonsense, just straight to the point PWP goodness.
  • Me: *writes 3,000 words of setup, character interaction, and dialogue before the characters even kiss*
Why you should all watch

  • one of the mains is voiced by Suwabe Junichi, so you get to hear him threaten and flirt and it’s pure sex
  • the other main is deaf from birth, so there’s a lot of actual sign language which is a joy to see in animation
  • the character setup is the best and most diverse I have ever seen in an anime (or anywhere else, frankly), including well written women, POC, and disabled people, all of various ages and sexualities
  • mafia, murder, mystery. it’s all very intriguing without being too confusing about what’s going on
  • lesbian mafia boss
  • cute, tiny, girly mafia boss whose men follow her without a question because she is fierce
  • bromance up the wazoo while still offering manifold and believable friendships between women
  • everyone is badass but in their own way
  • guns, swords, axes, explosives, knives and other fancy weapons to satisfy your kinks
  • genuinely interesting world building
  • new exciting spin on the genetically engineered super humans trope
  • tragic backstories like wow
  • instant OT3
  • insightful handling of difficult topics such as sex work, drug addiction, and class conflicts
  • great action sequences
  • the use of music is beautiful and poignant, great OST, great opening and ending
  • in some larger shots the animation could be better, but overall it’s quite gorgeous
  • it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s furious. why aren’t you watching it yet?
a few things on W episode 16

ok so apparently it’s confusing the hell out of some people trying to grasp why Oh Sung Moo disappeared in the final episode, despite the fact that it’s been foreshadowed for the past few eps and explained in episode 15 and 16 by both Chul and Sung Moo himself. most of this confusion seems to revolve around the concept of W’s “setup” and what this means. well, I’m here to explain instead of going to bed like I should, because I’m just responsible like that.

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Spring 2016 Anime First Impressions !!!

OMG OK. So I’ve never done this but but but this season is just sOOO AMAZING I have to do this. I binge watched a ton of first episodes this season and so let’S DO THIS. 

1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

IMAGINE SHINGEKI MEETS STEAMPUNK MEETS SAMURAI. Everything. Everything is just so amazing like the art the animation the characters the setup the pacing like it just screams QUALITY. WIT Studio x Sawano Hiroyuki is finally back on track (lets not talk about owasera) and omg ok if you liked SNK you have to watch this. It also just has that pretty and retro (???) gundam art style to it that I really enjoyed.

2. Joker Game

Just. Look. At. The. Seiyuu list. (Okay I’m so biased as seiyuu trash I would watch this even if the anime is crap but) It’s actually good ??? Like the first episode build up and all that nOT TO MENTION THE CLIFF HANGER also I’m just a suck for spy-themed stuff that involves plot twists and mind tricks just praying for actually good logic here 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Music is on point !!!! While its true that it might be hard to tell the faces apart I kinda do like the more realistic touch to it (also spies are supposed to be invisible so that’s kinda cool ??)

ok spoilers I watched the second episode it was more meh cuz the pace slowed down a bit let’s hope it picks it up again

3. Boku no Hero Academia

FINALLY !!!! Ok not gonna lie my friend recommended this to me like a week ago and I just binge read the entire manga in one day. If they follow the manga, it’s going to be good. If you like the typical hero-themed (?) stuff you’ll like this. The seiyuus fit really well and they really bring the original manga to life !!

but tbh I’m just waiting for todoroki to appear mY SON

4. Bungou Stray Dogs

I knew nothing about this before watching it (except that it has a ton of ikemens and MIYANO MAMORU) so I thought this was going to be pretty serious but it had quite a bit of comedy in it w I would describe the style as similar to Hamatora, but amped up fight scenes. THE ART IS SO PRETTY AND THE ANIMATION IS SO PRETTY (imo style is more detailed than manga actually) and just a lot of shippable ikemens so yes. I read a bit ahead into the manga and while it’s not exactly my taste it definitely has decent quality/plot/characters. I guess I’ll wait and see how the anime interprets the manga.

5. Sakamoto desu ga

Of course. Of course. I have more complicated feelings about this because I LOVE the manga (and have been following it since it first came out) and it’s literally the most hilarious thing I’ve read. But precisely since it’s so funny in the manga adapting it into an anime is going to be challenging. I think they do a decent job given what they had to work with, but I definitely still find the manga funnier. 

6. Kiznaiver

tHE ART IS REALLY PRETTY and the setting is really cool, again alluding to the seven sins. i mean the protag is a moe moe shota so um. It setup/colors/characters/idk kind of reminds me of Gatchaman Crowds, and hopefully it’ll be able to deliver the same quality/depth. But also – and this is just personal taste – I’ve been avoiding a lot of anime with male-directed fanservice because it just bothers me (not !! saying that you should do the same literally do what you want) so depending on how much it continues to have this I might drop it. 

7. Mayoiga

?????? ok I mean I will literally watch anything with a bunch of crazy people in it. This feels ~okay~ and the characters seem one-dimensional… and are probably going to be hard to develop because there are so many of them (unless they start killing them off really fast haha) so I’m more skeptical. That being said I’m probably gonna watch the whole thing because the genre w

8. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Probably actually just watching this because Ono Kensho (I MEAN. 20 MINS OF LAZY ONO KENSHO. I CAN LISTEN TO IT FOREVER.) but I can see why people would like it. It’s very relaxing, extremely slow paced, and just something small and fun to watch when you’re bored.


Um. Ok. Um. Oh god it’s been so long since I’ve read the original manga I don’t even remember what happens. Anyways enjoy your dose of bl and I hope they animate all the suggestive scenes i mean what

The Steven Universe and Madoka pararells masterlist.

Aaand now for something completely different!! After seeing the last episodes of SU I realized that this awesome little show and the famous deconstruction of the magical girl genre have a lot in common! Let us count the ways…

*Warning endgame spoilers for both madoka AND steven. You have been warned*

For those who don’t know, the franchise of Puella Magi Madoka Magica started as an anime series aired in 2011, and written by the prestigious Gen Urobuchi. It quickly gained a reputation of luring you in with its sugary characters and setup and then crushing your hopes mercilessly with a dose of hard, nihilistic reality. Much like Digimon Tamers did to the pocket monsters genre.

From left to right: Kyoko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe. The holy quintet and our main characters. (except for one vile little furball of which I’ll talk about later) (Also enjoy that photo of them five together because it’s one huge cruel lie)

The protagonists are beings that can cure all their bodily wounds when fighting and are basically invincible and presumably inmortal. They can only die if a gem (which location changes from one to the other) that they have on their bodies and is the source of their combat prowess (as it is linked with the weapon that each one has which is characteristic of their fighting style) shatters in which case they die. (It’s also interesting that they have no way of repairing it themselves, unless it comes from an exterior and very pink source)

They fight corrupted versions of themselves whose gems have been tainted, and their whole presence in the Earth is due to an alien invasion by a force who viewed humans as nothing more than cattle and instead wanted to exploit the earth (and it’s inhabitants) for their own ends.

Aaand now comes the fun part. Those last two paragraphs could be applied to any of the two series without changing a single word and they would be accurate. That’s how close the two of them are.

B-but surely this cannot be true!.. you inquire. This must all be a coincidence!  I mean it’s not like there they both shared an entity who transcended the psysical plane… right??? And who are pink and white??? And are mostly simbolized by pink roses???? And who are the big good of their respective universes??

Oh! B-but surely  Madoka can’t truly purify gems??? 


At least there wasn’t a danger so important it forced a whole town to evacuate and leave the heroes alone for their battle while our main hero/ine initially also goes away but returns to help after convincing their father figure of letting them go.


And how about the way the aliens are completely ok with ruthlessly experimenting with these gems to monstrous extremes?


D-did they ever face off against a monster made of food??

…..Ruby and Shapphire lesbians?????


I’ll see you next time ;)

Her path had taken her to the south, then to the west. She was nearing Keplan now, a place where talk of the petrifying sickness seemed to be on the lips of everyone. She had been sent to pick up a package, nothing more. Just find the address on the small slip of paper she had been given and then pay for the box and leave.

A simple concept, but as always, life was not one to be trifled with.

She found the place, but it was deserted. It seemed that who ever had lived in the small apartment had left and in a hurry. Bookshelves were in disarray. The small coffee table flipped over, a small shattered figurine near it.

The package she was sent for was nothing more than medicines for the witch to help the local children around her hut. Who would do this to an apothecary’s home?

As she pondered, she heard steps on the stairs leading up to the entrance of the apartment.

“They’re gone. Vanished. We been through this place so many times, we’ll be lucky if we find more than a ratshit of difference.” one voice said.

Milahni’s eyes narrowed. She looked for the closest window and moved quickly. Years of travel, her life before, and her natural elven grace made her near silent as she climbed out the window and onto the ledge outside. Her fingers pressed against the stonework of the building and she prayed to the winds to hold her steady.

Both men burst into the room, one sighing while the other remained silent. Milahni stayed still. If anyone had chosen to look up from the street below her, they would have seen her predicament. Thankfully no one had spotted her…yet.

This little JB quote just has be feeling frustrated and unsure why i’m continuing here with this show. Season 1 was good, and I and many others got emotionally invested. Season 2 was… not good. Season 2 showed that, given the opportunity to focus on their main character and her growth, they would instead  find a way to make her arc be about a side male character or the other male main character. Or use the main character as a kind of plot stretching device with the same antagonism tricks from early on, that by that point felt cheap from overused and disingenuous in the context of the relationship arc in all but a few key instances – to keep the story from progressing too quickly.

This new spoiler quote hints that JB is planning to serve up more of the same. Sounds like given a fantastic jumping off point to really explore his main character and let her grow, he’s still more interested in the side male characters and their feelings about her, instead of actually her.

Tom is an interesting bad guy, and yeah, I do actually think S1 Tom was a fascinating and important character and arc. But he was set up as an emotionally abusive gaslighter who in one scene coerced Liz into having sex with him that she explicitly didn’t want to have as per an earlier scene in the episode. He was shown to be a ruthless killer, an expert liar, someone with very little compassion at all. He was a complex, scary guy and yeah, he was a good foil for Red and Liz – because he was clever and scary. Because he showed no remorse. Because he LOOKED nice and played a good game but was actually cruel, he was Red’s opposite in every way.

In the second season, though, JB started talking Tom up. he decided we should forget about all this stuff in the past, he had this hard life, right? He and Liz have this unhealthy romance, right? like a breakup that went wrong. And we were just in shock that a horrible situation of legitimate feelings and trust on one side and a job and a purposeful, systematic exploitation of that trust and those feelings on the other was being talked up as a ‘rocky romance’ by the guy in charge. They did everything they could to make Liz unsympathetic, possibly even at fault, and Tom look cool and damaged and ~unfortunately caught up in the terrible awful drama of Red and Liz. They used up so much time and attention that could have been used to fill out Liz’s characterization and heaped on Tom angst, Tom under-cover with neonazis in germany, Tom coming back and back and back to get Liz’s attention, looking more like a kicked puppy every time.

I kept waiting for the twist, the reveal, for Tom to be playing them or Liz to be playing Tom, for it to have anything to do with the alliance… something to give it a point. But things said in subsequent interviews made it seem that Tom was only there to grab for advertising money and get that 15% bump in female viewers. And hey, if they’d done things with that character that were commensurate with S1, that actually did Liz AND Tom justice – not to mention the viewers, who were shocked at all they were being asked to forget – that could have been great! Complex! Showing continuity! But that’s not what happened.

He IS a great antagonist, but every time he’s in the plot, he seems to suck all the attention away from Liz, and the writers couldn’t seem to realized that after what they had written between Liz and Tom in S1, there was no room for romance, Liz facilitating his rehabilitation, or makeup/breakup sex that ignored the fact that the last physical encounter before that included fear-coerced consent on Liz’s part. And JB doesn’t seem to be able remember that Liz is the main character at the best of times, but with Tom arcs, her arc tends to become even more shoved to the side. And now it looks like he’ll be back in the picture AGAIN, and I just feel fed up. Because i can tell from here that Liz’s incredible potential for storytelling this season is going to get starved of oxygen by Tom, Ressler and, yes, also Red. Again.

It’s just one little quote. But its clear from this and other things that we are not done with Tom, and we are especially not done with the bastardized, reconstructed Tom that had none of the sharpness, and compelling villainy of S1 Tom.

And if you’re saying, if you’re so fed up, why not walk away? I would frankly love to stop watching, i wouldn’t choose to watch it the way it is now without the fandom component. But it’s a lot harder to get un-invested in something. Especially when you have major fic projects and hours of working meta in your brainspace.

Then again i don’t see why you have to like something to participate in fandom. I’ve always thought fandom was about fixing something that’s broken or not how you want it, and that requires a certain dissatisfaction. I only fic for things i’m mad at, because if I actually agree with it or i respect it, I don’t have to energy of the persistence to follow through on the writing.


The producers have said, since the start, the reason they wanted a black Iris (and the casting call was only ever open to black actresses) was representation and to make black women and girls feel included. To them, that type of representation was, and is, important.

 I got rant-y so it’s behind a cut.

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