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Congratulations, Supernatural fans! :)

Just found out that Castiel told Dean, “I LOVE YOU.”

And I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t watched the show in more than four years, but I know how long fans have waited to get this moment, and now it’s here, and I hope those who are still part of the fandom are relishing in the afterglow of such an important moment.

I’m old enough to remember when a previous scripted “I LOVE YOU” between the characters was scrapped at the last minute due to male fragility and insecurity back in season 7. Now, in an episode that mirrored the aforementioned changed script, you finally get a declaration of love that makes the final cut.

This was long overdue, and very well-deserved for fans of the characters and the ship. It’s canon! Yay!


Now, I know people will rush to debate what kind of love was being expressed - romantic or platonic - but the point to remember here is that whatever love it is, it’s a SPECIAL kind that had to be acknowledged FIRST and SEPARATE to the love felt for others. That is undeniably, and canonically special.

From what I can recall, neither character has ever said “I LOVE YOU” in such a direct way to another character in the series, save for maybe a statement to a parent. So, enjoy it!

It’s special and you should be free to celebrate it.


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Well it’s 6 AM and I got three out of like, 60 Gijinka requests done, thank you everyone who sent me suggestions I may very well do more the next time I have a sleepless night because it was a blast. <3 uvu

stupendousobservationjellyfish  asked:

When I rewatch s3 I noticed that Lauren Cohen's name was with J2 and not in the guest star category. Does it mean that they might have wanted to make her one of the main cast? I mean Misha and and Mark's name didn't start to be with J2 until s10.

True story, her name does in fact appear just after Jared and Jensen and before the “Guest Starring” label in her episodes.

She was upgraded to Series Regular status at the request of the then CW President who wanted a second female lead along with Ruby for the season. Apparently they liked the idea of her as an antagonist to the boys, but botched the pacing on integrating her into the Winchesters’ story. Ultimately the writers decided to scrap the character after feeling they’d made her too antagonistic to be realistic to the journey. So she was gonna be main cast, and then…wasn’t.

(Misha was first upgraded to Series Regular in Seasons 5 & 6 and then again in Season 9 onwards, and Mark in Season 10.)

So, remember a few months back to Sonia Version 1? Resembled Soldier:76, pretty much had an ability that was similar to Zarya’s?

Yeah, well I decided to scrap that character design and basically just sat down and actually worked on a design, a story and concept for something that I love.

So here we have the new Sonia Paladino!! New abilities, new weapon concept, just new everything. There were a couple things that I kept the same, but about 97% is all new. I also added in the little silhouette figures that a lot of artists seem to use when displaying size vs action with sheets like this, which was also fun to do as well~ Also making it resemble the Overwatch style was fun as well. I love doing layout designs.

I’m very happy with her redesign. I feel like it still suits the Overwatch ‘style’ while still being unique to her. I also had to take into account actual armour and such since that’s a thing (although i’m not at all good at drawing armour in the first place lul). Sure I’m probably ignoring some blatantly obvious armour rules but i’ll learn the more that I practice.

I’ll post some info about Sonia later after I’m done with the various projects that I have lined up ^^;; and also work. Work has to not be drowning me as well.

listen go watch dirk gently’s holistic detective agency it’s basically a modern steampunk surrealist time-travel detective mystery involving a corgi that everyone wants to have, a missing girl, two white dudes who are both dumbasses and a badass black woman, a crazy scientist from the 1800s, and a kitten that’s actually a weapon, and many more strange confusing things and it’s awesome and actually engaging for once and none of your faves die

i tried very hard to draw future trunks as an art trade for sulphursun and by “tried very hard” i mean stared at dbz anatomy with a befuddled expression on my face for at least two days

but as long as he turned out kinda recognisable then i achieved what i set out to do and all the tears and style rage was absolutely worth it 8′) enjoy.

@stilestate Still waiting for the ‘where are you stiles?’ scene from Malia because it will have more emotion in then freaking strdia saying 'i think I loved him.’ Considering Jeff Davis himself said he hated using the term 'i love you’ and wanted to make 'I’d never leave you behind’ to become Stalia’s more emotional and loving 'I love you.’ Then it feels like the writers are joking around with strdia fans. Remember how protective Malia was over Stiles…..Now this is genuine love and not somebody crying every episode (welcome to how to scrap a character development in one season by Jeff Davis.)

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Perhaps with the remake coming out, they might make a model of his younger self if or when they include Vincent’s backstory option in the game?

Ahahaha “if.”


*shAKeS yOu* They are including Vincent’s backstory in the game.


But you raise the frightening prospect of them staying lazy about Hojo’s younger model, and… well, I just choose to remain hopeful that they won’t skimp. And also, they’d have no reason to not give him a different model who looks younger and has shorter hair because the player will already have followed everything that OG players did. One would assume.