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  • Lucy is actually the main character. Instead of her teaming up with Natsu instantly, Lucy spends a lot more time with the other members of the guild on a rotating character roster, giving Lucy a more emotional connection to every member of the guild and them emotional connections to each other. Lucy being welcomed to the guild by Team Shadow Gear, or Cana. Lucy, Cana and Levy making Juvia welcome. Lucy teaming up with Lisanna, or Mira, or Loke. 

  • Natsu goes looking for Igneel. For something that drives Natsu so much, Natsu actually looking for Igneel is something we barely see. For the most part if dragons are mentioned, Igneel is mentioned, but the search is never brought up. Have us travel Fiore alongside Natsu. Have us care about Igneel.

  • The team spends time on jobs. Have jobs be important plot points. Have the team travel the continent and meet new people and see new places. Have missions into dungeons that house terrible creatures, have missions for the team to exterminate deadly monsters and dangerous wizards. Have the team actually struggle. More importantly, have them fail. See them fall down, stand back up, work hard and try again. Have the team work their way up to S class quests, 10 year quests, an 100 year quest. They have goals, and they reach them.

  • Gray, Ultear and Lyon working together. Ultear and Lyon teaming up to try and find Gray in the seven year timeskip. Ultear and Lyon trying to avenge Ur. Ultear and Lyon determined to defeat Zeref, for Ur’s sake, and Gray going with them ‘to make sure they don’t get into any trouble’. Gray supporting them not because he wants revenge, but because he wants to keep them safe.     

  • Jellal dies at the end of the Tower of Heaven arc, and Mystogan gets to shine instead. Whether this means that Mystogan is still from Edolas, or it makes use of the “Jellal’s twin brother” thread instead is details, but it gives us a powerful character that uses item magic (of which we don’t see many) of a fairly unique variety, and a character without magic standing at the top of the hill. We get the Erza-Mira-Laxus-Mystogan-Gildarts all star team, which - be honest with yourself - you wanted to see at least once. 

  • Gray supports Erza at the end of ToH. Mystogan reunites with Wendy. Juvia and Gajeel are close, sticking together in the strange guild they tried to take apart. Loke stays in the guild as often as possible, because they’re his family just as much as the Celestial Spirits. Those connections are important, and stay important. 

  • The Magic Council gets focus as the corrupt, imperfect organisation that it is. The Ten Wizard Saints are terrifying and we can see it, and a milestone for a lot of young wizards. 

  • The next generation of Guild Masters start to phase in. It begins with Sting as Sabertooth’s guildmaster, Erza or Lucy as Fairy Tail’s. Hibiki or Jenny in Blue Pegasus, Lyon and Kagura in Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel. The guild alliance gets closer and more ironclad. There’s a more tangible support network across the country. We spend more time with the other guilds, and we see the characters connect and grow up and make the future a better place.

Sam West a.k.a my purest cinnamon roll

Sam is actually Penny’s (and also my other OC, Lukas’) best friend and by extension also Marshal’s! I actually love Same, he’s such a sweet heart who’s nice to just about everyone

Fun Fact: The scar on his nose is actually from when he met Lukas! He’s also the only one of my main cast OCs that didn’t know each other from elementary school

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Re: Berena. Insulating gay characters from drama on a soap is misconstruing the argument. And I don’t see your seamless integration. The characters barely interact even on a professional level. Poor writing choices are the problem here. Lots of potential and momentum was completely wasted.

You’re using the scale of a regular series and applying it to a show that airs ~52 episodes a year. This is where the fandom is going wrong.

On a US network show you get around 22. Usually nobody but the lead - in shows structured to have leads - is in all the episodes. People are frustrated that the pairing isn’t front and centre, but we’ve all seen the rotation of characters and storylines. Look how long it was between Fletch getting stabbed and Fletch now getting a storyline with the dead gambling guy’s daughter showing up.

Berena happened right before Jemma took a 6 week holiday. At which point Catherine was already in talks to take time off for theatre (as opposed to leaving the show, which might have resulted in… well, killing her character off). So planning wise, I can see why they wouldn’t put a big romance in there - because it would come to a natural halt with Catherine’s time off.

Also, these actors work year round on one job in a way that few do. So it has to be like a repertory company - you work on a tragedy, sit the next storyline out, come back as comic relief in someone else’s big drama, maybe this year it’s your turn to be the big Christmas plot… 

Could the writers have come up with something else? Probably. But if Catherine is looking outside the show, then you have to assume they all felt there was a bit of a rut. The romantic storyline isn’t enough on its own. So they gave her a juicy storyline any actress would have sunk her teeth into, then the time off she wanted.

With Jemma looking like she’s sticking around another year, I think it bodes well for when Catherine returns. 

In the meantime I’m happy with what we did get - Bernie being there for Serena without anyone ever questioning her place as partner. That when Serena first started losing it, it was Bernie who came and talked her down. That those foundations will be there when things can be lighter and happier again.

You’ll get Berena phases, times when they’re five eps in a row, one ep where they’re every second scene. But you’re never going to get the Berena show. That’s what most of the howling I’ve seen is about. That and that anything bad happened to Serena at all. 

And it’s why fans don’t write shows. 

Samus Aran: Zero Suit Character Rotation.
I’ve decided to combine the 5th and 8th character thumbnails from my previous designs. I also made her more of a cyborg. Her arms should be detachable and customizable. Thought it would be fun addition :) 
I apologize for being away for so long. I’ve been rather busy since I returned from Croatia. I actually ended up moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn this past month and I’ve been trying to get everything organized since. There are a few big projects I’ve been trying to take on- but I guess I’ll talk more about those when I have something to show for it. 

Hey everyone! Here’s the gameplan for the rest of the month. I decided to repost a couple of Gameshow playthroughs to the main channel, but only a couple per month (for comparison, the Gameshow channel now has over 100 playthroughs). If you haven’t listened, Dissonant Whispers is a D&D podcast I do with Diana Nock, Michael J. Patrick (the DM), and a rotating third character.

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Happy Saturday! I felt sick and didn’t have much energy to do anything else today.. so I colored this old character rotation for “Dearest”. 

For some of you that messaged me asking to see my film, I’m really sorry! ..It’s still not ready yet. I’m finishing coloring & reworking some shots. That’s also the reason for inactivity lately. I planned to do a film sketch everyday this summer but that didn’t end up happening because of this dragging along. But I’ll hurry up and finish it up so I can also open up commissions! Something I wanted to do for a long time :D Anyway, thank you all for bearing with me!