character rotations


In my stars I am above thee, but be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em. Thy Fates open their hands. Let thy blood and spirit embrace them.  (William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night.)

When writing Langst...

DON’T; Make all the paladins + Coran and Allura neglect Lance to the point that they’re being downright mean.

DO; Have him attempt to face his anxiety alone and deal with the backlash of that. Have him push others away on his own accord, and not because they’re being mean to him .To write everyone else attacking Lance for little to no reason is to simplify the issue, not to mention how OOC it is for Team Voltron to hurt their friend.

DON’T; Paint lance as the victim/ target in every situation.

DO; Be practical with your plot lines and consider the given strength of your characters. I understand that “Langst” is supposed to be Lance- centric but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is about lance, more that your story focuses in on his reactions to things and his internal struggle. Consider already existing plots of Voltron and how they rotate character focus (Edit: okay I realize that’s a bad example because season 2 was nothing but keith but you get the idea). If you’re going to add Lotor into the mix, make sure he’s not just targeting lance and doing evil stuff in general as well.

DON’T; Have a romantic interest fix all of Lance’s problems (even Lotor if you’re going with the evil dude panders to the desires of sad dude story route)(this mainly applies to healthy relationships though) (its klance I’m talking about klance)

DO; Have the romantic interest help him through panic attacks and/ or to learn to stop pushing people away. Anxiety doesn’t just go away when a person gains genuine confidence, and a significant other should not be the solution to Lance’s problems. The most someone can do for someone with anxiety is be there for them when things are difficult.

The Trickle Chamber

** Thank you to @superwholockmtg for pointing out that tiles 5 and 6 of the top row are switched around in the photo! **

Deep underground, our intrepid adventurers explore a network of caverns carved through bedrock by a long forgotten civilisation.
Upon entering one chamber, they see a large stone grid on the floor, roughly twenty feet by ten in size. There are two doors leading into this room: the one they entered through, and another leading out (sealed by a perfectly smooth stone slab).

Upon one square of the grid is a short stone pillar, one foot high. Affixed to the top of this is a shallow, carved stone basin, filled with an ethereal and intangible liquid which glows faintly in the darkness of the cavern. The basin has a hole in one side, and the liquid is trickling out, vanishing as it falls. The source is not depleted.
An adjacent square bears a similar (but empty) basin at ground level, with an inlet on one side which points in the opposite direction to the outlet of the raised basin. Neither basin can be lifted or rotated.

The other thirty squares of the grid are covered with stone tiles. Each of these has a strangely shaped carving: shallow channels which crisscross each tile.

If a character attempts to catch the mysterious liquid in their hands, it feels incredibly heavy but vanishes almost instantly on contact. It is immune to magical interaction.

Inspection of the tiles reveals that they are mounted on an ingenious gear system carved from marble. Each tile can be rotated through 360 degrees, given that all other tiles are currently aligned. They are quite heavy and require a strength score of 12 to move one. Each character can turn one tile per turn as an action.
As soon as a character rotates any of the tiles, a stone door falls into place, blocking the way back out. It is impenetrable and resistant to magic.

From this moment onwards, a swarm of 1d4 carnivorous bats enters the chamber every 24 seconds (4 turns), through a small hole in the lofty stone ceiling.

Once a circuit of channels linking the raised basin to the lower one is completed, the glowing liquid flows along the path, draining from one bowl to the other. When the second bowl is filled, the weight of the magical liquid activates a hidden mechanism, raising the door which leads deeper into the caverns.

Sam West a.k.a my purest cinnamon roll

Sam is actually Penny’s (and also my other OC, Lukas’) best friend and by extension also Marshal’s! I actually love Same, he’s such a sweet heart who’s nice to just about everyone

Fun Fact: The scar on his nose is actually from when he met Lukas! He’s also the only one of my main cast OCs that didn’t know each other from elementary school

hey if you guys are looking for something to read LET ME RECOMMEND YOU the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab

like this series is freaking amazing.

it has:

  • amazing writing that is beautiful without being overwrought
  • a really hecking good plot with magic and adventure and great worldbuilding
  • all the romances feel organic
  • amazing antiheroes
  • there’s rotating main characters and they include a badass fucking lady who is disabled (one eye) and a bisexual prince
  • AND!! the prince’s bisexuality isn’t a Secret or a Big Plot Point it’s just ‘here he is making out with ladies. now dudes’ but it’s also prominent enough that his romances are featured in the books and not mentioned as an afterthought (looking at you, J.K. Rowling)
  • the series actaully (imo) gets better as it progresses instead of derailing