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Sooty to rant, but I'm a little mad. If Bandai told me that they were going to put Zarbon in Xenoverse 2, then I wouldn't have bought the first game thinking that they were going to have all of Freiza's Henchmen in there... Nobody wants to play as 5 versions of Orlen, Rasberry or Appule, Bandai....

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that :( did you end up buying the second game? sorry if I’m a little confused about the way you said this lol, I keep rereading it and I don’t know if I’m understanding the issue. do you mean they didn’t have him in the first one? (I’ve only played the first one a little bit and I haven’t heard much about the second game, I’m so sorry I’m not keeping up on the news lol). but you can always rant lol, I don’t mind!! thanks for sending this in, hopefully it will help someone else!

I was just thinking about this time when we had a Q&A with one of our screenwriting professors who had worked as a screenwriter on a number of films in LA back in his day. A student asked the professor how he goes about writing such believable and complex women characters. The professor replied by saying he researches; he talks to women and asks them for opinions on the work. This was a perfectly fine answer. But as I thought back on all the stories we’ve workshopped with only one or no woman characters at all or all the times I was the only woman in the screenwriting classroom, I just had to say something. 

So I raised my hand and said, “I think it’s a great idea to research a topic or group of people before one writes about them if they’re unsure of how to approach it. But as a woman who has written her fair share of male leads, no one has ever approached me, or I’m sure any woman for that matter, and asked how to go about writing such believable and complex male characters.” 

If the gender of a character is hindering you from fleshing them out into a well rounded individual, I’m sorry, but you’re just not a very good writer. 

matching length does not bother me one bit. but matched enthusiasm and commitment is desired. if you have no muse for the thread then please drop it rather then give me a reply with no love or feeling or thought.