character portrayals

things i love about avatar: the last airbender
  • katara calling sokka out for being sexist, to his face, loudly, no beating around the bush, in the first five minutes of the first episode
  • katara literally fighting the patriarchy, and winning
  • suki telling sokka that she’s both a girl and a warrior, and being one doesn’t cancel out the other
  • sokka’s character development 
  • the sheer diversity and quality of the female characters (of whom there are a lot compared to most cartoons)
  • aang didn’t have to compromise his beliefs by killing ozai, and he wasn’t seen as weak for finding a way around it
  • toph 
  • everything about toph
  • zuko’s character development
  • azula’s portrayal as someone sad, rather than as someone to mock, especially in light of her obvious mental illness (at least, that’s how i saw it, if others saw differently i won’t argue, i haven’t got the ‘bad’ mental illnesses)
  • uncle iroh
  • uncle iroh’s relationship with zuko and it’s development through the show
  • the clear message that power is nothing if you have no compassion
  • the message about it being okay to dislike your family if they’re abusive (zuko, toph to a point), and that found families are just as good, if not better
  • the characters respecting aang’s philosophies about nonviolence and compassion
  • aang keeping his cheerfulness and sense of joy, even through rough situations
  • the message that you can’t do everything alone, and needing help isn’t weakness
  • that time sokka got high on cactus juice 
  • “that’s rough, buddy”
  • “death is an illusion, and so are pants”
  • you know what
  • the entire show
  • the entire show is what i love 
  • the
  • entire
  • goddamn
  • show.

by and large i’m looking at the way check please! portrays eric bittle as an outsider, because i’m a bi girl and our experiences are a little bit different, but one thing i really appreciate is how…like…bitty is allowed to like ‘’stereotypical’’ gay stuff? like figure skating!! and female pop stars!! or whatever. he subverts gender roles, he doesn’t act like a bro, but the comic doesn’t make fun of him for being the way that he is. the comic just says, “hey, these are the things that bitty likes!” rather than joking about how these are the SILLY THINGS that BITTY LIKES because of HOW GAY HE IS, which is what a lot of portrayals of characters like him end up being. and check please! is so good for avoiding that pitfall, because gay people who don’t conform to gender roles get so much shit for being who they are in real life. 

stop assuming how you interpret a canon character is how an rper plays that character 2k16

being a roleplayer means you have the ability to play your favourite characters just how you see them, or sometimes even in an au sense. what’s fanon isn’t necessarily going to be how an rper plays their character! Don’t assume that just because someone’s muse is a canon character you know them, how they think, how they feel, how they act. read the bios of characters, canon or not, read the rules, talk to the muns! everyone has a different view of a character and they will play these characters different to how you see them, different to how other muns of the same muse see them. it is so frustrating when people make these assumptions. my friend wants to stop playing her character because of fanon assumptions that she doesn’t agree with keep getting pushed onto her in threads. please respect everyone’s individual portrayal of characters, if you want a fanon version of a particular character, find a mun that plays it that way.

Petition to get Lucas Gilbertson to dub a few panels from the Mega Man comics

I mean, I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love to hear him speak a few of Zero’s lines from the comics…

Y’know, awesome bits from the likes of mentor Zero:

Or even better, irritated Zero:

Enraged Zero:

And my personal favorite, Zero asking all the right questions:

I genuinely think he would actually do it if brought to his attention.

Zelda and Ganon from my story The Modern History of Zelda, drawn on commission by @dibeediboop.

thank you melissa mccarthy for abby yates.
thank you leslie jones for patty tolan.
thank you kate mckinnon for jillian holtzmann.
thank you kristen wiig for erin gilbert.
thank the four of you for your incredible portrayal of characters that are literally changing our lives. it’s the best addition to the shitty year of 2016 that any of us could have dreamed of.

Marichat isn’t the only problem in the love square

Yeah, seriously. It’s not. 

I consistently fail to understand why marichat specifically is the ship of the love square that always called out as portraying them as being out of character, as if these fanon traits don’t extend to any of the other corners. Frankly, I’m getting annoyed now at the comments I’ll see here and there throwing that ship under the bus, as if there isn’t a problem with Marinette and Adrien’s character portrayal in general all across the board. 

People’s problem with Marichat is usually centered around two things, the first being is that it’s apparently over sexualized. I say ‘apparently’ because, with the exception of a few fics that are specifically meant to be smut, there’s barely anything to be found beyond some kissing action. The ‘sin’ title it has is either a joke or an exaggeration. People complain that they would be the friends dynamic and be teasing towards each other, and that there isn’t enough of that. Guess what? That is practically all there is when it comes to marichat. Those two being dorks and falling in love. Can the romance move fast? Yes, but usually those fics are short, or oneshots where there’s already an established dynamic bordering on romance. The longer fics tend to take time with it. You can take my word for it because guess what else, I actually read marichat fics. I find that a lot of the ones who call marichat out for having a bad fanon dynamic are also the ones who tend to not actually bother reading it.

The other problem people have with Marichat is that a lot people who support this side of the love square think that it’s the truest corner of it, and I agree 100% that this just isn’t accurate. Except, getting to my point made earlier, this problem is not a Marichat problem and we really need to stop pretending that only this ship has this dynamic. 

It’s not even a ship dynamic problem. It comes down to mischaracterization.

Marinette is written as an insecure girl who thinks she’s unworthy of being Ladybug in nearly everything I have ever read. Seriously, the ‘I’m just plain, clumsy Marinette’ line should be a bingo piece because of how often it’s used. The interpretation of her is basically considered canon at this point and is particularly prevalent in reveal scenarios. Marinette will freak out at the reveal, thinking Chat won’t like her because she’s ‘not really Ladybug, just Marinette’. 

Adrien is written as a boy who thinks he’s truly free and truly himself as Chat Noir, while everything else about him is fake, though it’s less common than Marinette’s mischaracterization. Then there’s the added insecurities that comes with Adrien being given an eating disorder he doesn’t actually have, and because it’s a wildly popular fanon theory, the self loathing in Adrien is usually very prevalent. 

Because both characters are often written as wearing this metaphorical mask hiding the real deal, naturally every ship dynamic is going to reflect that. And they do. Ladynoir is not innocent of this, nor Ladrien, nor Adrienette. I’ve read it all, and I can say without a doubt that Marichat is not the only dynamic that likes to delve into these characters having massive insecurities and identity issues. Why fandom acts like it is, I have no idea. Because some big names of the fandom said so?

Also, Marichat is not the only ship to have it’s own particular brand of fanon.

Ladrien? Overly sexualized. Want to talk about OOC, explain to me why Ladybug is suddenly turned into a dominatrix when she and Adrien can barely say a sentence without blushing and getting very shy. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but it’s become a bit of a trope. 

Ladynoir? Ladybug can be written as a real bitch to Chat a lot of the time in these fics. A bitch, or just standoffish and protective of herself. She’s shown none of this resistance in the actual show, but it’s a staple of Ladynoir fics to have Ladybug keep these walls up around herself. Rarely do I see this being called out. 

Can 2017 be the year where we stop pretending Marichat is the only aspect of the love square with a wrong fanon dynamic? There is a ton of stuff in this fandom that has it’s issues, and we really need to start paying more attention to Adrien and Marinette’s character on a broader scale than just one side of the love square if we want to see better canon portrayals all around.

I wonder if this was scripted–this little kiss Mon-el stretches up to give her to end the scene. Like, do they get directed to do things like this quick peck or the kiss on the check previously in the episode, or is it just Chris x Mel having great chemistry and working really well together? The karamel relationship feels so real because of the attention to detail we’ve seen in each of their interactions, and I’m sure that the credit goes to Chris x Mel for that. I often take for granted what it means to have this relationship ship seem so natural and real–that it means Chris x Mel have a strong, natural chemistry as people and as actors, and they really care about their characters’ relationship portrayal. All these small interactions they have really authenticate the relationship. I love these two, and I love them togther.



I rant sometimes

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I’d ship SuperCorp if Lena was anyone other than Katie McGrath… She gives Lena an emotional depth I don’t think that even the writers intended for her to have. I have never felt this much love for a guest starring character, and her portrayal of this very deep character (with the potential to have the most amazing backstory of any other character on the show - bar Kara of course) is just beautiful.

Also the fact that she makes the character seem so very very gay for Kara, and hers and Melissa’s chemistry is off the charts.

Honestly it makes perfect sense that Clone Wars Anakin is different from Episode III Anakin. Matt Lanter’s Anakin is more confident and upbeat. But by the time of ROTS he has lost his padawan and grown to distrust the Jedi Order, which surely had a large impact on him. So Hayden Christensen’s Anakin being depressed, unenergetic, and aloof makes a lot of sense. It’s totally believable to me that it’s the same character, the different portrayals even add more depth to his character.

“I Love You”

I’m sad that all that people saw in that ‘I love you’ scene was just a woman being played by this dashing yet insensible man. All I saw was a man trying to save his friend, battling with his own belief that ‘sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side’, and feeling devastated after realising how much he’s hurt her. 

It’s okay to criticise female characters when their portrayal doesn’t give them justice (and I think Molly’s did), but you’re missing the point here. This scene - this episode - was about Sherlock realising that having emotions, caring, is part of being human. That that’s not weakness. Being unaffected by what’s happening around him and being unattached would just make him like Eurus.

the FINAL problem ;/

After watching this show for a fourth of my entire life, The Final Problem was NOTHING that I expected. But it was still breathtaking and amazing. The character development, back stories, portrayal of real issues, ahhhHhhh!!!!! (WERDFIJSZKIUHDF) A few things killed me, here is a list; 

the violin duet


the ending on the bed with Sherlock and Eurus you know what I mean

when I realized it wasn’t a fucking dog

Mycroft sacrificing himself literally kill me 

Also I got a glimpse of my bby/daddy Moriarty YES.

I know many Johnlock shippers are upset, and understandably so. Just remember the ending was very open and could have many different interpriations. 

The Various Flanderizations of Matsuno Ichimatsu

so I’ve noticed that there are…a couple of issues with the way ichi is portrayed in fan works (and by that I mean he’s flanderized – which means to take one single trait of a character and to exaggerate it until it consumes their entire character – or he’s given an out-of-character portrayal altogether), and this post is here to address those issues as well as cover ways on how to give him a more accurate portrayal reminiscent of the character in the show!

do note that I am in no way trying to boss anyone around on how to portray ichi – you are free to portray him however you wish, and I totally get it if you want to explore all the different ways to do so. on the other hand, if you do want to heed my advice because you find him particularly hard to figure out (and trust me, he is), by all means, go ahead! this is partly for myself, too, as I’m writing an ichi-centric fic and want to have some sort of reference to guide me through.

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Sometimes I can get bogged down in the present and feel like I’m not moving forward, but my favorite remedy for those funks is to compare where I’m at now to where I was before! I’ve really been focusing on my makeup techniques this year and striving to improve with character looks/portrayal, so for Halloween, I recreated a makeup look I did waaaaay back in 2013! Seeing the direct comparison is so hugely motivating; it’s amazing how using better tools and application techniques can improve your makeup game. xD (Back in 2013 I was still using my fingers to apply foundation, haha! Trust me: get ye a beauty blender!!)