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“It’s raining,” Effie announced as if it hadn’t also rained before lunch and earlier in the morning and all of the damn last week. Sully turned back to stare at her. “If by some miracle you don’t get me killed, I’ll end up doing the job myself. The clue is in the name, Evelyn. Rainforest. Our default state of existence this week has just been varying degrees of dampness.”

“The forest is so lovely in the rain,” she continued cheerfully, as if she hadn’t heard him. She was about to remark on the pleasing plink plonk the raindrops made as they hit the broad leafed palms when Sully slammed her back against a tree, his hand clamped hard over her mouth and pressing her body flat with his.

Effie squeaked beneath his hand, panicking. He’d abandoned his flirting and suggestive advances since the day he’d learned of her rather virtuous state, so this took her somewhat by surprise. She cursed not listening to her father when he’d suggested taking a rape whistle - “there could be all sorts loitering in those shadowy library corners, Effie.”

But Sully’s eyes were moving quickly over the trees around them, and his hand relaxed over her mouth when he knew she was going to stay quiet. “I heard something,” he whispered, and Effie strained her ears trying to hear what he heard.

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I still can’t hold a pen very well but I CAN still (sort of) type, so I started a character profile page if anyone wants to take a >>look<< (rest in pieces all my underdeveloped toons)

(also if anyone wants to be friends, enemies, or frienemies with anyone or whatever I’m down to headcanon, I’m just…. shy and awkward lmfao)

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A theme that would make it easy to show off at least 3 characters at the beginning of the page?Like photos you can add to the theme or something

Check out these themes, you can show off who you most need in the sidebar. Most allow at least three characters and you can add more in the code - though don’t go overboard.

To those asking how I take notes and revise for English Literature;

I have a set notebook for English lit that is separated by tabs into 5 sections. The first section I have used for the after school revision sessions my school runs to take notes and to note down any important information the teacher says.

The second, third and fourth tab are separated into Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls and A Christmas Carol. For each of these sections I follow an order;
•summery of the novella/play
•character per page -including themes related to them and character development
•themes - e.g. For An Inspector Calls- class, gender, wealth…
•page on language
•page on structure
•page on form
•*optional* if it’s a play - dramatisation.

Then I have created pockets at the end of each section to store my quote flash cards, organised by the character they relate to or has said it.

I also colour coded each section An Inspector Calls - Green, Romeo and Juliet - Pink, A Christmas Carol - Blue. These are the colours I use to highlight the books in as well. I’m a visual learner so doing this helps me remember and relate colour to book (this doesn’t matter as much if it won’t help you)

The final tab is full of practice questions, and odd notes or essay plans I do when I’m bored. It does help, and by making it look pretty it’s fun too.

Aside from this notebook, I have started to write one response per night after school, so after school finishes at 3:15 I stay until 5 to; •Write a response to a practice question •fill in pages for my notebook. Once it reaches 5pm I take my response to my English teacher to mark then go home and rest.

It’s very important you don’t over do it, I’m in a lucky position where I’m only takin 2 GCSEs this year so I can dedicate the most time to English Literature.

All the information you need is on the BBC Bitesize website, so filling in the notebook is as simple as rewording what you find online in a way that helps you remember.

I hope this helps! Xx

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Can you please recommend some multimuse rp themes? Like they have a page for muses or something similar to that? Thank you!

Well, I’m not sure about main themes, but I do know of quite a few page themes where you can sort your muses, that you can add as a page to just about any theme you choose:

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hey love, can you suggest some good navigation and character list pages?

Is this for a rpg or character / indie account / etc?

For the former:

For the latter: