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Attention all writers

Don’t. Delete. Your work. Don’t throw it away, burn your paper notes and scribbles, character doodles and failed verses. Keep a record of everything you do, every trip and every hilariously bad piece of work. Because often its hard to see the quality of your own work up close. In a few years, you’ll be rummaging around trying to find a different paper, and you’ll find some scrumpled draft scene from a book you started writing but gave up on. And you’ll read through it, and there’ll be lines that /sing/. You won’t recognise your work for the first few lines, and you’ll be thrown out of the writers chair and into the audience for the first time, and you’ll be able to have the magical experience of hearing your own words and not knowing how the sentence ends. And yeah, sometimes it’ll be laughably bad, but then you can see how far you’ve come. And when its not bad, its usually really, really good.
Keep your notes. Keep copies of your drafts and keep your old notebooks. You are your own best inspiration.


FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE:  a YA/NA book ➝ the melody of you and me by m. hollis 

Being afraid is part of falling in love too. What makes it a positive or negative experience is how you feel once you are with the person. Does she make you feel comfortable and safe and happy? If yes, then go for it. It’s okay where you really stand with people and then move on if it doesn’t work.


MOODBOARDS. // @thewayfaringhero

>> arrow & spirit.


na razrusha’ya. i am not ruined. e’ya razrushost. i am ruination.


One thing I enjoy about Vimes is that he’s naturally a very noir, as in the genre, person…but Discworld, by contrast, isn’t noir at all. And neither is virtually anyone else around him. So you get stuff like this Detritus quote, aka my favorite description of Vimes:

Mr Vimes is okay but he a bit weird about some stuff, he keepin’ on sayin’ stuff like dis city is a meltin’ pot an’ all der scum floats to der top, and stuff like dat.

I love that. You get this mental image of him skulking around in a trenchcoat saying cynical noir-ish things and everyone around him going ‘well you know he’s kinda weird but he’s got your back so it’s all right I guess’ and generally being fond but bemused.

It’s so great.


Oh my gosh, well… I waited 6 hours, but there was no further message, so I’m just going to answer now.

“I don’t know how to feel about Anne…”

Respectfully, I’m not going to tell you how to feel about Anne Rice. I must regretfully decline.

I know how I feel about her: that she has given us a wonderful gift and that she has committed no actual crime for which she would deserve to be boycotted. We can poke fun at her, at her books, we can critique them, bc she has set herself and her works for public review. We can feel distrustful for her past behavior towards the fandom and distrustful of her handling of her own characters. Those are all within our rights as a critical public.

I always recommend that people read the books and draw their own conclusions about them on their own merits. It’s part of what makes fandom great, that we can agree on some things, disagree on others, and have lively discussions about it all.

What I will tell you is that you don’t have to like Anne Rice to read her stories. To my knowledge, she has not committed ANY REAL LIFE ACTUAL CRIMES. People boycott actual criminals bc we do not want to financially or morally support them. IMO, Anne Rice should NOT be lumped in with REAL LIFE ACTUAL CRIMINALS.

It is not a crime that she waged war on fanfic. It was incredibly painful and it shattered the fandom, and drove us all underground for years ;A; But she was within her legal rights. Keep in mind that fandom was not really socially acceptable or understood like it is today, authors understand now that fanworks are types of fan engagement with canon and each other. She seems to understand that now, or if not, she at least ignores fanfic.

It is not a crime that she waged war on reviewers. Also painful and oppressive at the time, AR used to be very offended by critical or negative reviews of her books, and would sic her People of the Page on reviewers. Again, she now seems to understand that people are within their rights to critique her work and she can ignore them.

What she writes is not an actual crime. She has problematic elements and explores taboo subjects in her writing, refuses any editor’s advice, refuses anyone’s idea of what she should write. That’s her prerogative as a ‘music maker,’ as a ‘dreamer of dreams’ (<– like Willy Wonka!). To argue that any of her writing is a crime is, to me, a form of censorship, and I do not believe in censorship of fiction.

^^^^None of these are Real Life actual crimes. Personally, I may not accept all of her writing as canon, and I may poke fun at it, too, that’s my prerogative as a reader.

The idea that all art should be entirely unproblematic all the time…kills art. Like, I really don’t think we as readers have some all-solemn duty to constantly make sure we’re only having the ~right~ kind of fun.

But that’s just my opinion. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions and decide whether you want to financially/morally support Anne Rice by buying/reading her books, or not.

Character VS Awkwardness.

Person- you got a second, *name*?
Character- There is only one of me.

Person- what’s the word, *nickname*?
Character- a shortened version of my name.

Person- Son of a bitch…
Character- Actually, this man is entirely human, and his mother was in no way a canine- oh okay, I didn’t get it.

Person- sticks and stones may break my bones-
Character- actually sticks when sharper can stab people, not just break their bones, and boulders actually have the capability to crush a person’s whole body, including their internal organs.
*screams in the distance*

Person- go talk to him.
Character- *stares at crush, who is doing something amazing*
Character- maybe I should leave and not take your advice at all.

Person- there has to be a way to stop him, like a cage or-
Character- put him on a leash, since he’s dog-like.
Person- kinky

Character- *picks up a note book*
Character- why did the chicken cross the road?
Character-…Probaly to get hit by a car and become roadkill.
Person- Jesus Christ

(Meeting crush for the first time).
Crush- Heya~
Character- Hello.
Crush- not much of a talker then.
Character- quieter people can take the time to hear the screams of their enemies
(Everyone facepalms while crush stares in shock).
Character- thankfully there’s only a twelve percent chance of that happening.

(Meeting tall person).
tall person- hi.
character- hello.
tall person- you’re really short.
character- well that’s because you’re very tall for your age. Of course, this would mean you have a mutated gene that causes gigantism which slowly leads to bone and back problems. I would assume that you will die by the age of 34.
(Tall is speechless and wants to press the leave option).

Ten fantastic reasons to read Discworld:
  • Granny Weatherwax.
  • Nanny Ogg.
  • Magrat Garlick.
  • Tiffany Aching.
  • Lady Sybil Ramkin.
  • Angua von Überwald.
  • Susan Sto Helit.
  • Cheery Littlebottom.
  • Adora Belle Dearheart.
  • Polly Perks.

Tolkien characters + Hogwarts houses | Part 2 [Part 1]

ყოველი წიგნის დასრულების შემდეგ მგონია რომ მოვკვდი. ბოლო სტრიქონებს წავიკითხავ, წიგნს დავხურავ და იმხელა სიცარიელე და თან ემოციების ზღვა მრჩება რომ მგონია ის ყველაფერი მე გადამხდა. საინტერესოა, რამდენი პერსონაჟის ცხოვრება მიმითვისებია, რამდენი რამ გამომიცდია, რამდენჯერ შემყვარებია და შემძულებია, რამდენჯერ მიტირია ანდაც მიცინია, რამდენი ვინმე დამიკარგავს ან შემიძენია, რამდენჯერ მოვმკვდარვარ ან დავბადებულვარ და ასე დაუსრულებლად… ყოველი წიგნი ახალი სიცოცხლე მგონია, როდესაც შანსი გაქვს ისევ ყველაფერი თავიდან დაიწყო.

     — —       Thirteen was unlike the other Primes. His type was warrior, a physical adept, with leadership and intellectual fortitude of kings. Where Megatronus was riddled with contradiction, Thirteen had no such troubles and was perhaps as a result far lesser in ego than any of the other late Primes. At this time of our making he was quiet and dutiful, obedient to Prime’s commands and dedicated to assisting those who required it. He was like Prime’s second, but unlike the rest he had no special object or weapon associated with him, taking up only those lesser tools crafted by Solus, and his armor, as he was instructed. This would seem odd if we did not all know that his true purpose was a mediator and visionary.

     Thirteen was an inspirational speaker and a deep thinker with a calm soul. His steady, perceptive nature meant he was well liked, and he pulled his own weight. He used to comfort others in times of stress with a friendly hand on their shoulder and the words,

                                                              ❝All are one.❞

There was a contented light in him that made us believe it. Even Megatronus would be calmed this way when he came in from one of his great battle rages, foaming with his puissance and resentment. Thirteen united us. Without his influence we would have fallen into disarray far sooner.

              — Alpha Trion
                The Covenant of Primus, pg 15

                             [ writing by justina robson; art by ken christainsen ]

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that moment when you wake up to a bunch of new notes on your gifset and:

  1. you notice you got one of the lines wrong aka Death
  2. most of the new notes come from a single reblog, and it happens it’s from the blog of the author of the book you’re currently reading