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here’s some crap doodles i did instead of drawing the next page of zt.

the last 2 are potential page/plot ideas that were scrapped. i didn’t think they properly conveyed the tone i wanted to go for, and didn’t explain the characters’ motivations well enough. the pacing was also a little weird, but drafts are usually a little janky like that!

  • my dad: I was reading online that people wanted to give captain america a boyfriend
  • me: yeah
  • my dad: I wonder why?
  • me: well I feel like people want more LGBT representation-
  • my dad: no yeah I understand that but why pick captain america?
  • me:
  • me: well I think-
  • my dad: [gasps] Bucky

sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

A Few Tips All Writers Should Remember:

·Write to your comfort level. Meaning: give yourself a break when you need it and push yourself when you’re feeling motivated.

·Seek out sources of motivation. There are very few times when motivation hits me out of nowhere. Read a good book. Watch a good movie. Write down your goals.

·Find your space. Coffee shop. Library. Your room with the music blasting and the TV playing your favorite show. Find whatever gets you in the right headspace.

·Your first draft is just the first draft. Too many writers stress out about the first draft and they forget it’s just the first step in completing your novel. You can add to it, build from it, or toss it away completely.

·You will be rejected. Even if you write the next big hit, you’ll be rejected. Read the reviews for some of your favorite books—I guarantee someone HATED it. Not everyone will like your work, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

·Write advice isn’t for everyone. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan for writers. Pick and choose advice that works for you, ignore what doesn’t. Not everything will relate directly to you and your style of writing.

·It’s okay to stay in. Want a night to yourself so you can write? Don’t be afraid to cancel your plans and focus on your writing hobby. You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to work on your writing.

·Let ideas settle. It’s tempting to jump right in to a new writing idea, but let things settle for a bit. Brainstorm. See what comes next. An idea needs to have legs and it needs to take your story somewhere. Let it grow.

·Outlines aren’t set in stone. Be flexible with your outlines. Plan if you need to, but allow yourself to explore new ideas. Let your story go in an unexpected direction.

-Kris Noel

me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas and Tauriel

Dateline: Dale (29/40)

A man undergoing character development because of a female love interest can be a beautiful thing! It can be extraordinarily powerful! But there is a difference between “she has given me a new perspective on life and we mutually inspire each other to be better people” and “this woman is dead and now I’m sad” or “this woman is sexy how can I get her to be my prize,” because while the first treats her as a human being with thoughts and feelings that affect the man, the latter treats her as an object to be lost, won or violated. That’s the key.

I've been thinking...

I’ve been seeing a lot of ml/vld crossovers lately and its been reminding me a lot of an AU that I had been developing for a while, but ultimately stopped a few months ago.

It’s a Miraculous Ladybug inspired AU, however it’s a little different than ML. I’ve kinda set it on the backburner even though I surprisingly have a lot of the backstory in it fleshed out

Would anyone he interested in me posting about it?

llurya  asked:

Good reasons to kill someone? I mean, no reason is a good reason when it comes to murder, but one that would seem valid to the criminal in question?

Disclaimer: this is for FICTION WRITING. Murder is wrong. Obviously. This is why some people do it anyway.

So I was watching a rerun of “Castle” (which I am really upset is over) and it just happened to Stephen J. Cannell answered your questions for me. In the episode, Richard Castle—a murder mystery writer who works with the NYPD, for those who don’t know—is discussing a troubling case with his poker buddies which includes Cannell, trying to figure out why someone was murdered. To this, Cannell says, “Look, Rick, as much trouble as we go to with these novels, there’s only three reasons to commit a murder, love, money, and to cover up a crime.”

That’s basically it. obviously you’ve got to dress it up a little more but those are three reason anyone kills anyone else. Even revenge can be classified under love for someone or something. Figure out what motive resonates with your character. Remember that a murder is a pretty intimate and extreme thing to do so the details of the motive should be very specific to the character.