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me: I’m fine.
what I actually mean: why is Kit Walker so underrated when not only is he one of Evan Peter’s best characters on American Horror Story but is also an incredibly sweet, pure, loving, genuinely a good person AND also goes from hot gas station worker to hot (innocent) convict to cute 60s hippie dad………… why is he slept on when he’s such an angel???

Things I love about Yuri Plisetsky



-gets mad at yuuri for having the same name as him I mean really

-plan to find victor is go to Japan and yell his name a lot

-plan to fly under the radar is undone by need to take selfie with cool new shirt

-Edgy Fashion ™

-has a cat motif I mean seriously A+ fave character material right there

-sad about losing to yuuri PROTECT MY SON

-loves his grandpa

-thinks he’s a tough cool tiger

-Is actually an angry little kitten

-Perpetually Annoyed by Embarrassing Dads

-so unhappy someone hug this boy

-Face ™

the mun's interpretation
  • ♚ Do you agree with fandom interpretation of your character?
  • ♤ Has your muse developed to be different from their canon selves through roleplay?
  • ✘ Any unpopular opinions about your muse?
  • ♧ Any part of their canon portrayal you dislike?
  • ☯ Is your muse liked or disliked by fandom? Does this affect your portrayal?
  • ♢ What's your opinion on different interpretations of your muse?
  • ✦ Has your own interpretation changed from when you first began playing the character?
  • ✍ Has new canon material ever forced you to adjust your headcanons?
  • ✎ What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?
  • ✿ Why did you decide that they [insert headcanon here]?
  • ❀ Share a headcanon you have not shared.

Had a bit of time on my hands after finishing up some other projects, so I decided to jump back into my fantasy character alphabet with “I is for Iorek Byrnison” 

okay. okay i can’t just start this and not talk about my expectations from tv!lyra
i usually try not to have expectations of any kind (see my approach to doctor who) but it’s impossible when it comes to my all time favorite female character
so, @bbc - 

  • give me a lyra who’s wild
  • give me a lyra who’s got torn, worn hand me down clothes and dirty knees and bruises and scratches all over
  • give me a lyra with twigs in her hair and stars in her eyes
  • give me a rude lyra, a lyra who yells, a lyra who doesn’t (and frankly, can’t) hide her emotions
  • give me a leader lyra, give me a decisive and arrogant lyra
  • give me a lyra who lies without hesitation, who lies like she’s been doing it all her life because she has, give me a deceiving and cunning 11 year old child
  • give me a lyra who’s still CHILDISH as hell, who looks up to the adults she admires like they’re magic, who bluntly acts like she can blend into societies she admires with varying degrees of success (mrs. coulter’s lifestyle, the gyptians, bolvanger - depends on how hard she’s trying to lie and whether she’s just trying to have fun or actually lying for her life)
  • give me lyra’s and pan relationship - something deeper than anything else
  • yet give me a lyra who seems so different from her daemon - from responsible, planner, voice of reason pan who always has to look out for her
  • YET give me lyra and pan who are children and play together and laugh together and act as the one whole being that they are
  • give me the lyra who drove jordan scholars mad
  • give me lyra who lad gangs of street urchins into wars
  • give me lyra who earned the respect and admiration of iorek byrnison, lee scoresby and serafina pekkala (two of which are monarchs)
  • give me lyra goddamn silvertongue
Want your own Skam jar/mug?

Some people has expressed interest in the SKAM inspired jars I’ve been making, someone even said they wished they could be mass produced.

It would only be small scale, but if people are genuinely interested in these jars, I would definitely be willing to make/sell something similar to fellow Skam fans.

What I could offer would be the following:

A JAR or MUG for aprox £30 (to cover material/glaze cost) + shipping.

Fully customized for you!

You get to choose 1 image and/or 1 text relief from my previous designs (if you have another idea, hit me up, I’m fairly flexible). Anything more elaborate; a more complicated design, if you want a handle on the mug, or a lid, will cost a bit more due to the extra work it demands.

I would likely not be able to ship them out before new years, because it takes time to mold them, and work on them + I need to fire them twice (and also preferably fill the kiln for when I do).

Also payment would have to be in advanced.

But then again you’d get a fully customized handmade Skam pottery item to use as a coffee/tea cup, or as a jar to keep stuff in. :)

Is this something anyone is interested in??

in movie, enoch o’ connor: vv harsh accent
me: skin clears, grades rise, finds $50 on the ground, overcomes depression, makes new friends, plays sports, gets a fucking medal


“Well?! What do you hear?” Lila Grace demands as she peers down the hall at her cousin Hazel.

“Not much,” the older girl replies in a somber voice. “They’re talking, aaaand… YES! He said he’s letting her go!”

“This was such a bad idea,” Lila frets. “What if he finds out that I lied to him?!”

Hazel shrugs. “You didn’t lie lie. You just… stretched the truth. You told me that Mrs. Kirby told you that your dad would be ‘irate’ if you flunked the reading test at school, and everyone knows that you can’t possibly love someone you’re ‘irate’ at. And besides, it’s not like you failed on purpose, and it was her job to help you get better at reading. She deserves this, Gracie.”

“But I shouldn’t have lied,” Lila shakes her head dejectedly.

“Seriously, don’t worry about it!” Hazel insists, rolling her eyes in frustration. “You’ve been telling Uncle Theo for weeks that you don’t like your nanny. Even my mom tried talking to him about how awful she is, but your dad has his head so far up his own butt that I swear he wouldn’t hear himself fart.”

“What are you two up to?” the clear, melodious voice of Hazel’s mom echoes down the corridor, and with a delighted squeal the young blonde sprints over and leaps into her mother’s waiting arms.

“MOMMY! I missed you!” she screams excitedly.

“Still in your pajamas at this hour?” Arabella laughs as she scoops her daughter in for a hug. “Where is your father, Lila Grace?”

“He just woke up,” she mumbles. “But he and Mrs. Kirby are busy talking right-”

As if on cue, the door to Theodore’s office swings open and Mrs. Kirby storms out. “And you’re going to believe the word of a six-year-old over me?!” she shouts.

Stepping out into the hallway, Theodore sighs. “She is my daughter, Mrs. Kirby. I have no reason to doubt her.”

“Fine! FINE! But I will have you know, Mr. Davenport, that I am good friends with the director of Bridgeport’s premier childcare agency, and I have no doubt that she will believe my word on this matter over that of a spoiled, bratty first grader and her absentee father.” Turning to Arabella, she spits, “So good luck finding another nanny who is willing to work with him!”

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did you know marina diamandis wrote the entirety of electra heart to mirror the relationship between zeus and beryl grace? because i did and i thought i’d let everyone know

4 times barry asked julian for help and the one time he didn’t

Or, Barry has a stupid crush on Julian and doesn’t know how to say it.

i don’t even have an excuse for this


Barry Allen walks in the lab with a face Julian knows too well. His hands are on his head, his hair looks messy as if he touched it too many times and he sighs before closing the door behind him. He’s stressed.

“I need your help,” Barry starts.

He knew it. Julian doesn’t stop working, reading the files because unlike Barry he does his job at investigating what happens with the metahumans, but nods to let Barry know he’s paying attention. Barry sighs.

“Are you even listening to me?”

“I just nodded, Mr. Allen. Wasn’t that enough?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever — listen, would you say a road trip is the best way to bond with family? Like… is it better to do that or go bowling?”

That makes Julian look up to Barry, who looks a hundred percent sincere. Julian’s eyebrows shoot up, and as he carefully closes his folder, he says, “Those are two very different options.”

“Yeah, well, I tried dinner and it didn’t really work out,” Barry says, and he looks very tired. Maybe this family business is tiring him out. Not that he cares.

“I don’t think bowling is a good idea. They could kill each other with the bowling ball.”

“Are you serious?” Barry asks with disbelief, but for a second, it looks like the idea hits him and he nods. “So, a road trip?”

“Depends on where you’re going.”

Barry groans. “But is it a good idea?”

“I don’t know, Allen — do you think this is a good idea?”

“Not sure. That’s why I’m asking you, but it seems that I shouldn’t have.”

Julian sighs.

“Just take them to a calm place so you can all chat. Make sure the road trip it’s not too long or it gets awkward.”

Barry’s smile lights up his entire face. He looks ready to shake his hand, but instead he rubs them together and giggles a bit. He’s a child. “Thank you!”

Julian shrugs, opening his folder again.

Barry is still standing there.

“What are you waiting for? Do you need anything else?” asks Julian, quirking his eyebrow.

“Uh, no, yeah — I’m going.”

He closes the door on his way out and Julian gets back to work. That was weird.


“Hey, Julian—”

It’s not like he’s in a bad mood. He’s not. He’s just in a bad mood for Barry Allen. The sun is shining and it’s awfully hot, his clothes are not really for being outside—they’re always a bit too warm to wear outside. He had just wanted to come out, take his samples and go away back to the lab to resolve the case.

Of course, Barry Allen has to say something.

“What is it?” he asks. Barry frowns.

“Don’t need to act like that, Jesus.”

“Get to the point, Allen.”

“I was just wondering—”

Here we go again.

“—would you keep a secret from someone if it’s for their good?”

Okay, that was unexpected.

Julian turns around to look at Barry, frowning. Was he serious?

“Why are you questioning my morals?”

Barry shrugs, “It’s — it’s just a question, really. Nothing else.”

He’s up to do something, but the thing is, Julian can’t figure out if it’s good or bad. Bloody Barry Allen, so hard to read.

“If it’s to protect them, then yes, I would.” Julian stops for a second, eyeing Barry up and down. He seems uncomfortable.

“W-what are you looking at?”

“Just wondering why the sudden deep question. Didn’t think you had a deep side.”

“I hate you.”

“The feeling is mutual,” Julian is not looking at him anymore, but he can almost see Barry rolling his eyes. He’s so predictable, it’s funny.

A few seconds pass while Barry is quiet, observing the samples they got until he speaks up again. “I know this might sound weird…”

“What is it now, Allen?”

Now he sees Barry rolling his eyes.

“Just wanted to thank you for your help with the family thing the other day.”

“Oh.” Did Barry Allen just thank him? He pretends to not be shocked, but it’s weird to hear him say thank you with such a sincere tone. “You’re welcome.”

That got awkward too quick. Julian gathers his stuff and leaves, Barry following him behind.


“Spit it out,” Julian says the moment Barry walks in rubbing his hands together. He has a pattern so easy to follow, Julian knows he’s about to ask something.

Barry looks surprised, but quickly composes himself. “We were assigned for a case and we need to go to the museum. Undercover mission or something. We’re looking for metahuman activity there.”

Julian waits for the part where he asks something incredibly weird.

“Do you want to be my partner?” Barry asks. Julian doesn’t have a moment to react,  because Barry follows it with, “I know that sounded weird but listen, it’ll be easier if we just go together and come back so we can study—or you can—study any sample if we get metahuman activity—”

“Are you done?”


“Let’s get going then.”


Detective West joins them, alongside Cisco and Caitlin. They’re all dispersed across the building; Julian is stuck with Barry while Joe is making small chat with a tour guide.

“So why the museum?”

“Metahumans are greedy,” Barry replies, “they’re always trying to steal something. Cisco and Caitlin said there might be something going on here so we’re on a watch for them.”

Julian is about to speak again, he’s about to ask if they know who they’re looking for when Barry suddenly lunges forward, grabs him by his arm and links it with his own.

A young woman passes in front of them with a smile. “Is there anything you’re interested in seeing?”

Just when Julian is about to force himself out of Barry’s grip, Barry tightens it, so Julian gives up trying to escape it. He sees as Barry puts up a big smile, so Julian puts up his best fake smile.

Barry is really warm.

“No, my boyfriend and I — we’re just browsing around. He’s from London and this is his first time visiting the museum so I’m showing him my favorite expositions.”

The woman nods. “Have a lovely night, then. Welcome to Central City, sir.”

“Thank you,” Julian says, a bit confused.

The moment she leaves, Barry turns around and says, “Don’t be mad. I promise I was about to ask you if you were willing to put up an act with me but I forgot.”

Julian sighs, too defeated to even fight. “Why the boyfriend act?”

“We can’t tell them we’re from the CCPD. It might cause us some trouble. Are you mad? Not that I care, but it’s easier to work with you when you’re not grumpy.”

“I’m not. Also, I’m from Epsom, not London.”

“Got it.”

Barry finally releases the grip he has on his arm, and Julian wonders if he’s actually missing his warmth.


Barry looks like he wants to ask him something. Julian has been ready for whatever stupid question Barry has because apparently he asking Julian things has become a thing now, but at the last second he backs off.

He’s gathering his stuff at the lab when Barry comes in, even though he had left an hour ago. Julian doesn’t even have a chance to ask him what he’s doing there when Barry blurts out, “Do you want to get a coffee with me?”



“What?” Julian finally asks out loud, dumbfounded.

“Do you want to get a coffee with me? At Jitters? I pay,” Barry looks at him with a tentative smile, which is new, because they don’t smile at each other too often.

“…Are you serious?”

“I am. You can say no—”


“—wait, really?”

“Why not?” Julian shrugs, “You’re paying. I don’t have much to lose.”

The way Barry lights up is, dare he say it, cute. “That’s — that’s great! Uh, we’re going now?”


“Are you actually serious about this?”

“I am, Barry.”

Barry looks shocked that he actually called him by his name and not his last name.

“Okay, okay, cool — let’s get going then.”

There’s still a lot that Julian doesn’t know about Barry. There are still things he doesn’t trust about him.

But coffee with a cute guy didn’t sound that bad.

Sorry for not posting as much as I’d have liked lately, been busy working on my portfolio.

It’s almost ready so I’m excited to share some pieces from it.

I used the book trilogy “His Dark Materials” as frame for some of it, here are the two main protagonists.


Captain Earth (キャプテン・アース) animation character designs by Satoshi Ishino (石野聡), featured in the July 2014 Newtype Magazine extra booklet, Captain Earth First Expand. The pages above include a short interview with Ishino as well.