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a collection of art requests that i have been slowly acquiring over the past few months!! featuring a lot of grog and keyleth apparently

so this guide is going to be a very very basic overview of what it’s like to WORK AT DISNEY WORLD (pt. 1)! i have a somewhat in depth knowledge of the process and what it’s actually like to be working there because i worked there doing the college program for 5 months. this will be a v v basic overview though and maybe if i feel like it, i’ll do a college program version as well, but here it is!! please like or reblog if you found this helpful!!

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hi! i was wondering if you would please give me a look a like! im thinking of working in the college program in a few years so i figured this would be great! thank you!!

Hello, beautiful! You remind me incredibly much of our spirited Tinkerbell! You both share a strikingly similar face shape (especially your jawline) and your absolutely adorable smile reminds me SO MUCH of hers! Your eye shape is also similar to hers, as well as your blue eyes. Based on your picture, you also look very petite and fairylike. Seriously, everything about you screams Tinkerbell to me! I hope that you get to experience the college program in the future! It sounds like an incredible opportunity and I know that you will have the best time if given the chance to experience it!

Have a magical day, princess!

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So, I finished rewatching Katekyo Hitman Reborn and as it was nearing the end, I kept on crying out “my babies” and “my children are so beautiful”. Also, when Giotto, Vongola Primo, came up in episode 202, I was silently screaming (it was like 1 in the morning) and crying “that’s right, give your child his actual inheritance”.

For some odd reason, every KHR character, minus bad guys but Kikyo can stay, is my child. My children are so beautiful I cry. Like, literally, I watched my children fight and the main mafia child won and just tears.

Highly highly highly recommending this anime still. Like seriously, watch it. I’m still crying over the fact that my babies are safe.

lol i told my friend i don’t like riverdale and they called me an sjw


Hey there!
My name is Jacinta and I’m a massive Disney fan who is planning to audition to be a face character in Paris and was wondering if there are any princesses you think I may look like. Ps I’m 5'6" and love love love your blog!

Hello, Princess Jacinta! Oh my goodness thank you so much for your kind words! It brings me so much joy to hear that you appreciate my blog! You remind me the most of our beautiful Cinderella! Your face shape and complexion are very much like hers, as well as your eyes. You also seem to carry her sweet persona! Your height is perfect for most of the princesses, so that won’t be a concern for you at all. I wish you the absolute best of luck at your audition if it has not already passed! Working at Disneyland Paris sounds like a dream come true! 

Have a magical day, beautiful!

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dont ask leon stupid questions

yea  he get asked alot  of  questions about his life    he would never get   annoyed  by avas when he ask  questions  but when the new recruits asked about his past  instead of doing thier jobs leon  leon would be like “don’t you have assignment  you need to do” nower days in the pasts  lizabirth has to reminded her  soldiers.

yea i kinda  put a a random male kinda  looks like  some rival we see in the original yugioh  who wants to duel   yugi   P.s.s dont worry you can still ask questions  to leon XD its  just  a joke


Hi there! I recently found your blog and became obsessed. I thought it’d be interesting to see what take you have on me? I’d really appreciate your opinion… is that weird to say haha? A little bit about me, my favourite colour is either dark green or black. I love both rock music or classical music. And though I come off as a bit of a cold person, I’m absolutely warm hearted (and a huge Disney fan). Anyway, thank you in advance!

Hey there sweetie, sorry this took a bit longer than usual but I was without wifi! I am definitely thinking that you remind me of Merida. Obviously because of your red hair but also because of your rounder face shape. Your gorgeous eyes are definitely alike to Rapunzel’s big green ones! I can also see you as an older Boo from Monsters Inc with your expression. Personality wise I’d say that you remind me of Tinkerbell. You can both come across as a bit cold but have very warm hearts! You like tradition, e.g. Classical music, but are very willing to spice things up a bit, e.g. Rock music. And of course green is one of your favourite colours!

Hi! I’m 5'8" and even though I know that’s technically too tall for most princesses, I’ve always wanted to be a face character. Once I get to college in SoCal, I’ll definitely audition and would love to know what characters I might have a shot at. Thank you :)

Hello, Princess! You remind me so much of Snow White!! In fact, her name immediately popped into my head when I saw the picture of you and Goofy. You both share a similar complexion and rounder face. Your eyes and the shape of your eyebrows (I know that’s a weird thing to compare lol) are also very similar to hers! Your smile and sweet, innocent demeanor in the top right picture remind me so much of Snow White, as well! I wish you the best of luck at your audition in the future and I would love to hear how it goes! I hope you have a magical rest of your day, Princess!

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So, to celebrate 200 followers, I (together with some help from harrenrps) put together this lookalike hunt! Below the cut you will find 50 pictures that I think could pass as RACHEL BERRY and her portrayer LEA MICHELE IN A WEDDING DRESS. None of these pictures belong to me, though I did edit some, and all of these are completely SFW and largely faceless. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful!

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Spreading misinformation is something I’ve come to expect from posters who harass character and ship tags in this fandom. But since Alone At Sea aired, there’s been a new one floating around that disturbs me as an abuse survivor: claiming that the episode was based on a “bad relationship”/“abusive relationship” Rebecca Sugar had. They cite this interview from the MoCCa Arts Festival this year as “evidence”, in which she talks about Margo In Bed, an unfinished comic of hers from 2010-2011 which featured a “proto-Lapis”.

As expected, the interview wasn’t exactly at all what they were saying it was.

Her actual words were that she was coming through a “bad breakup” at the time that Margo In Bed was being created, which isn’t nearly the same as saying “abusive relationship” or “bad relationship”. No further details were given. I’m not saying that an abusive relationship wasn’t a possibility, but SHE did not want to talk about it in those terms, and for people to twist her words to further their narrative about a cartoon character pisses me off, to say the least. It smacks of the same survivor-outing “does not apply to coping survivors! uwu uwu~” disclaimer that all the dedicated harassment blogs have.

The only link she gave between the character Margo and the character Lapis Lazuli, besides visually, was one we’ve heard before:

“It’s a story about emotional manipulation, which ended up being a huge part of Lapis’ character.”

She further went on to laugh about how “I don’t even remember what the words were going to be” on the unfinished Margo pages. I wasn’t able to find the complete work, if it even exists, only the random pages she’s posted here and there. None of them are given context. Yet I’m seeing claims that the Sonic lookalike character was a proto-Jasper, etc. etc.–more projection being passed along as fact. The creator herself doesn’t remember the dialogue, but somehow these folks know EXACTLY what she REALLY wanted to say!

Hate a character, hate a ship, be that person who tags harassment, whatever. But if you have to misrepresent and flat-out lie to try making your opinion seem more legitimate than others’–well, you’re gonna have to work harder to fool others the way you’ve managed to fool yourselves. And it’s frankly fucking creepy how you try to do just that. :T

i had dream about anders. first i was translating for b cumberbatch and i was perched on this violently oscillating parade wagon with other actors and translators.

then we were finally released from workplace hazard hell and i was with a lot of people at this bioware… conference? they had characters lookalikes interact with the crowd and this anders did a magic trick and distributed sprinkles and i was so in awe. he was so nice i was desperately trying to convey to him that ‘im a lesbian but you are so cute you could be my one exception’
v nice dream