character leak


Doomfist looks like he has his first official teaser! Here’s the news, and speculation on what a Doomfist Animated Short, and 2017 could bring!


“Stuck together” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️


The feels in this episode!
I. Am. Shook!

We got to see Lars and Steven breakdown about the current situation and themselves. Lars clearly feels guilty over hiding instead of helping Sadie and beats himself up about it ,claiming he want to be braver like Steven. Steven then admits his own fear and guilt about Lars being taken. Overall it’s a huge feels fest with tears and all.

But Topaz! Topaz in this episode - she can speak!!! And not only speak her voice is beautiful ( anyone know who voices her?) she tells us about how Topaz needs Topaz and tries to help them escape! I love her so much!

This was an amazing episode - simply amazing!

riverdale theories

i have some theories pertaining to riverdale, ought to post em here so i can brag when they all come true. will update as i think up more

  • hot dog killed jason (obvious)
  • joaquin is jughead’s long lost fraternal twin brother
  • dylan sprouse will show up later as jughead’s other long lost twin brother
  • betty killed polly (yeah sure polly’s “alive” but have you seen her breathing body? makes you think) 
  • related: polly demonically possessed betty or is alive and a gem hybrid and thus has steven’s possession powers
  • alternatively: polly will die from some bullshit soap opera ass Complications™ since the writers want her to romantically die so she can be with her shitty dead boyfriend
Where is Shiro theory

This will be really short. But since that photo of Shiro and Matt(I think) got released/ leaked, I have an idea. I believed in the astral plane theory. But now we have the new photo, that theory is not likely to happen. Edit: I don’t think it is as likely to happen but it’s still possible.

So Where may Shiro be?
I’ve seen many theories saying where he could be. There are the two main theories I like; he could be in the astral plane, or he could’ve been ejected into space.

So how did he get to/ with Matt and the rebel forces?
I have a few ideas.

1. He could’ve been pulled through the astral plane to zarkon/ prince lotor’s ship. Then he could’ve
A. Escaped some how and found the rebel alliances, or been picked up by them.
B. The rebel alliances somehow get on the ship and rescue many of the prisoners (including Shiro of course).


2. He gets ejected into space. He is then
found by the rebels, or he finds them. Either way.

Now what could be going on? Why is he staying with the rebels (that’s if he stays with them the whole season)?

He is of course going to stay a little when he finds Matt and the others(other important rebel figures).

Why will he maybe stay a lot of the season?

1. To help Voltron become stronger without relying on him. (Not that they do really but they do kinda of you know what I mean or am trying to say.)

2. He could be helping the rebels with info, ideas, plans, etc.

3. He could be doing this as a tactic. To out trick the galra. (Because what if the rebels tell him about lotor and he’ll(Shiro) be hiding (as a secret surprise attack), then come save the day. (Maybe sacrifice himself))

Whew I thought that was gonna be short but as I was typing stuff just spewed out. So I know this is probably a mess but like what if any of these come true? Thanks for reading if you do.