character isnt mine


i think there’s a flaw in my code,

        these voices won’t leave me alone.

“But but he was married in a few spin off comics tho!” Yeah and they were always cringy ooc messes.

Idk how to tell u this but, straight ppl have hated non-straight folks for centuries, Jenny. Writers forcing Jughead into het relationships to throw off suspicion sometimes happened. But it’s not the 1900s anymore. LGBT peeps saying “hey it’s the 21st century, maybe let non-straight folk not be straight in peace” shouldnt be too much to ask.

So, um, Beekeeper, where are we heading off to?

Beexton. It’s a small little settlement right along the
river. We’ve got about, oh, three-hundred people or so,
and our main exports are honey, metal, and books.

And you just know all that off the top of your head?

Well, a mayor best know most about their town, I

(an aesthetic for Beexton and its inhabitants for anon)


sib·ling, NOUN.  each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.

listen if you’re gonna whitewash a character in your fanart, might as well step it up a notch am i right..,, just make them whiter, in fact, make the entire piece of work whiter. make it so white that the entire canvas is white.., 

thats right, leave the fucking canvas white until you learn not to whitewash characters in your art

So I started reading Game of Thrones and so many characters are introduced so quickly and I’m trying to keep track of them all like

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what if KG like ate loads of dough and his belly became like one of those 'sink-in' mattresses? I'd worry if other anons were to rest/rub his belly their hands would get stuck or they would sink in his belly like quicksand of some sort??

Fortunately, KG already has enough surface tension that you won’t actually sink into him, he’s more like the world’s squishiest beanbag chair unless he actively lets himself become more gooey.

His tum is 100% safe for resting on.