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this critic pans the spin-off and praises Spader

I have no interest in the spin-off but do enjoy reading how the critics think it’s dead in the water. I especially like it when the critic praises Spader in the same review.

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“With all of this confusing cognitive dissonance, it sort of seems like “The Blacklist: Redemption” is about to fall apart any second — and though it doesn’t make for particularly coherent storytelling…

But the real question for “The Blacklist: Redemption’s” future success is whether or not Janssen and Eggold will be able to carry a title that has been, until now, entirely dependent on Spader’s magnetism. Based on the premiere, it seems unlikely — Tom is not even the second-most interesting character from “The Blacklist,” and Scottie’s mystique makes it hard to feel intimately connected to her character. But the premiere reveals Terry O’Quinn as Howard — Scottie’s presumed-dead husband, and therefore, Tom’s father. This is a less thrilling reveal than one would hope, but “The Blacklist: Redemption” is doubling down on its soap-opera-meets-spy-movie theatrics, where everything is about parentage and terrible buried secrets. Between them, the three actors might have enough brute-force charisma to match just one James Spader. I wouldn’t bet on it, though.

A few things...

because haters really like to ruin any Cas related or not brother related SPN post:

*That ‘heaven or hell crap’ SAVED the show, it was getting tiresome watching monster of the week after monster of the week.

*Cas/Misha made the show and storyline much more interesting with all the complex characters he has played in the show (God, Leviathan!Cas, endverse!cas, Emmanuel, Jimmy, Cas rebooted, Casifer…). And he pulls a big audience AND SPN cons crowd. He makes people feel accepted and loved.

*THe show ISN’t about the 'brothers only’ anymore, and it’s better that way. Other characters add value, interest, and layers to the storyline.


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review on the short RTC bit with Loki and Pietro

Mmm. Interactions with Pietro are not my thing. I never liked Marvel’s Pietro. I considered him a two dimensional boring character, and when Fox showed us their Pietro, that feeling grew. Sorry. I just don’t like him :/

okay good for you????

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Thank you for translating! This is, sadly, that part where people watching a stream for the first time just collectively go ‘nopenopenope he’s bonkers, kill it with fire’. By virtue of having finished the game or having been heavily spoiled, we are able to look back and understand Ouma’s true intentions and goals. There really is no way to deny that he’s intentionally taking up the villain act so he can ultimately become a hero in the end. I wonder, did you go through the game completely blindly? At this point, did you already know what Ouma was planning and why he’d been acting so antagonistically?

I went through the game quickly the first time with roughly no real information other than a handful of spoilers which mostly turned out to be fake (including a few gems like “Amami actually survived and was hiding in the school until the end” and “Yamada timeline VR world,” which I hope never ever dies because that was the most ridiculous stupid beautiful fake spoiler ever)! So pretty much everything about character motivations and plans was in the dark for me.

Still, I think When They Cry just trained me too well for this. I couldn’t bring myself to think of Ouma as an antagonistic figure ever since Chapter 2, when I looked at him long and hard and it was really, really apparent that he was feeding them hints and saving the whole trial singlehandedly. He pretended he was enjoying the chaos, yes, but I figured at that point that that’s exactly the point of making him a “liar character”–after all, if he’d really been enjoying the chaos and suffering, he would’ve just let them stew with no hints about the motive videos.

Both Higurashi and Umineko in When They Cry are full of characters delivering really ominous, hostile-sounding phrases which actually have an entirely different meaning if you pick them apart and ignore how they were delivered. I couldn’t ever really bring myself to think of Ouma as evil, and certainly not as the mastermind (not least of all because why reveal it in Chapter 4?), and it’s  all because I’ve read way too many Ryukishi novels. I could tell what Kodaka was trying to make people think, for sure, I just always suspected there was some twist or hidden meaning to it!

Honestly Mon El had the potential to be a (much needed because of lack of representation) pansexual character with an interesting background but the Supergirl writers decided to make him an entitled White Frat Boy™ who is a Straight™, which we are certainly not lacking in. They literally reduced him and Kara to just their bland, seen too many times, relationship. Kara has more chemistry with Lena.If we’re being honest Mon El has more chemistry with Winn.

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I honestly see very little specific Reagan hate... I see a lot of Reagan/Nick relationship hate and a lot of disappointment with her story and arc but I think the majority agrees she's an interesting character and aren't hating on MF as a person.. they just utilized her time on the show poorly.

Yes, exactly.
- C

I don’t know if some of my long-term followers remember, but I once mentioned that it has been my dream for a long time to draw a One-Shot Manga one day.

For years I’ve been trying to gather ideas, make story concepts, think of interesting characters, etc., and yet nothing really seemed to be the right thing.

But now that I’ve drawn Star**Child and thought of of a story concept for him, I am considering to make that One-shot about him. It would include long-time aesthetics of mine, such as the galaxy, stars, and the night; while also dealing with a personal character trait of myself: Strong Homesickness.

I am currently writing down everything that’s coming to my mind, I am almost overflowing with ideas and the more I write down, the more I want to draw the whole thing.

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Okay so imma give the foxhole court a try!! I think your opinions on books are accurate😊 plus the characters sound interesting and I'm really into seeing Andrew and Neil's relationship. BTW I can't find a paper back copy, are you reading it online? Sorry to bug you!

First of all, sorry I havent gotten to this!! I’ve spent the past four days reading. I got four books read in four days. Second of all, you are never a bother!!

I got my copies from Amazon. I think it would be hard to get the books since they are self published. But, Amazon carries them in paperback and ecopies. 

I will warn you right now, the second book is very, very triggering. Especially if you’ve had a bad past. But the series is fantastic!!! I finished all three books and I love it so so much

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Send help. I've watched all of Miraculous on Netflix and the Christmas special and now I'm out of miraculous to watch and I need more help.

Welcome to the haitus from hell ;)

Honestly, what I’m really grateful for Miraculous is that the fanworks are aplenty and they expand the universe and characters in a way that the show doesn’t. So my advice to you: fanfiction and fanart.

I have an entire tag for Miraculous Ladybug (that’s the tag name as well) that you could search my blog for. (I also have separate tags for each ship in the love square and the main characters) If you’re interested in fanfiction, some well written and cute ones to ease into are by @thelastpilot which I’ll link you to herehere, and here (cute adrinette and marichat that I first read when I wanted more Miraculous content. I also have a favorites page for my personal favorites here)

Honestly, there’s so much out there just on tumblr and Ao3 alone anywhere from cute, simple romances between the love square to completely original and creative aus that honestly could be there own stories if Adrien and Marinette turned into original characters.

I’m so FREAKING excited for you because this really is a great show and while the show itself is nice, it’s basic compared to what’s come out of the fandom. So good luck and have fun and honestly come to me any time you want to vent or rave or talk about this series because it’s MY FREAKING LIFE NOW. Seriously, I’m always up for Miraculous conversation.

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Tbh I thought about Hotoke the most during my hiatus. I’m not entirely sure why! I have such a fondness for him that I can’t place. I don’t think he’s particularly remarkable, and by far not the most interesting character I’ve ever written. I think he could easily pass for an annoying character, or a frustrating one. But for whatever reason, I really adore him

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this whole ness thing is so annoying i wish i could just see a jess / reagan endgame. the hating on an awesome female character because of a man and a hetero ship is just way beyond boring

It would certainly be an interesting twist ;D

Reagan is a cool and interesting character (no hate here at all!). I just don’t think her and Nick have the same chemistry Jess and Nick have (and sorry, but for me Ness has always been endgame.) Reagan’s character definitely deserved more and better though. Especially this season.

- C

And then we ran, Katy Cannon

Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Blurb

A road-trip story about following your dreams and embracing the unexpected.
Megan knows what she wants out of life and she intends to get it, whatever her parents say.

Elliott has given up on all his plans for the future – but then Megan bursts into his life with a proposal that could change it forever.

Together they embark on a road trip to escape their hometown and chase their dreams. But life is a journey and not even Megan can control where theirs will lead…

My Thoughts

If you’re in need of a cute, heart-warming, sweet and fascinating book, just go straight to this one. From the get-go, you know this is going to be a good story: great characters, great voices, interesting plot… the whole package works!

The story is told from both Megan and Elliott’s point of view. I loved both their voices and how relatable and realistic they sounded. What I liked the most about them, though, was how raw they felt. They both long for freedom, they want to find their place and be themselves, they’re young and wild and so full of hope it made my heart puff up in my chest with excitement for their story together.

Elliott and Megan are not the only characters, though, and I really enjoyed the fact that both Becca and Sean (respectively Megan’s best friend and Elliott’s brother) got their own plot and arc as well, and in their way they were main characters too, as well as great friends.

The chapters were short and efficient, and it was very easy to read. I liked the inclusion of photos, text messages and conversations. That was a nice touch.

Still, the best thing remains the message: what matters is being yourself and doing what you love. The whole story was carefully crafted, clever and a little crazy but always very cute. And I loved every page of it.