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laurent, prince of vere ─ “ When laced into his clothing, Laurent’s dangerous grace lent him an almost androgynous quality. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was rare to associate Laurent with a physical body at all: you were always dealing with a  m i n d. ”

Character Alignment

I was recently thinking about alignment charts (probably because I was rereading Order of the Stick), and thought that while I like Alignment Charts, it’s hard to classify characters that are on the borderline between two different alignments.

So I thought an alignment graph might be more helpful/descriptive:

I don’t know if this exists already, but here’s a quick template in case you want to use it yourself! You can tag it #alignment graph, maybe?

Here’s an an example I made with characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters:

While it’s pretty subjective, I think it’s helpful for showing more nuance in how you interpret a character, since it shows the range of their actions in canon/your fic/an RP.

For writers, it can help make sure your characters are spread out and more diverse in terms of their viewpoints. It can help show character growth, and could be a useful tool for tracking the development of a character as they grow a conscience or end up on a slippery slope to Evil™.

It’s also a good conversation-starter when discussing a character’s morality/ethics/attitude! You could even plot specific canon actions on the graph if you ever wanted to get SUPER SPECIFIC about where the character would be on the graph.

Anyways, I hope you find this fun and useful!  8)


EXO-K as Sims; Character Traits

Does Supernatural Have a Problem with Representation and Diversity: A Mathematical Study

At the end of season 12, another fan favorite minority character, Eileen, was killed. This has come in a long line of favorite SPN characters who were people of color, women, lgbt+, and/or disabled being killed seemingly before their time. This, like other instances with such characters like Kevin and Charlie, sparked outrage from many fans. Some called the move sexist and ableist. Many said it was not inherently bad that Eileen died, but the way it was done was disgraceful and unworthy of such a beloved character. Other fans fought back against these claims, citing that everyone dies in supernatural and that no one should be immune. Besides, others said, with more representation, shouldn’t that mean more death?

But is there actually more representation? And is the death count equal? Are we being persuaded by biases and personal agendas?

After the season 12 finale, I’ve set out to see if there is a quantifiable difference in representation, huge differences that can be backed up by numbers and not just perception. Much of this is going to cover gender and race, as those are the easiest diversity angles to notice, but I will touch upon other areas. This information was not compiled to confirm any set of biases, but instead answer these questions at the heart of the debate and anger. Some of the information complied is quite obvious, but having set numbers is vital in these debates.

The rest, which is a lot, is under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a female spectrum? Can you please please do one for Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Pansy, and Daphne?

I like to think my female characters are too complex to be measured in any linear way, but I did come up with this handy illustrated guide:

Where the X axis is the level of sanity and the Y axis is the extent of their confidence. As you can see in this expert chart of mathematical and artistic brilliance, Pansy is extremely sane and extremely insecure, while Luna is extremely confident and also completely bananas.


Some More Notes on Shape

The below examples and graphs are for all artists to remember–this applies to background design, prop design, package design, painting, as well as logo and character design. This is important to remember when thumbnailing a character. Everything should reinforce your message for instant readability, especially shape.


You can critic it publicly. It’s just the vowel for this week. Would you mind if I come semi regularly as I practice my writing more?

あ-looks pretty good! don’t have much to say on this one,if anything maybe try and smooth out the second stroke, it shouldn’t curve much at the end (but even that’s only really a problem on the 2nd from both ends). 

い-the first line shouldn’t look so much like a backwards “j”, it’s more of a slightly curved downward stroke that flicks up at the end. 

う-similar to い, the first stroke isn’t so much a line as a flick, and the first stroke shouldn’t be longer horizontally than the second.

え-looks fine but looks squished by the end of the line. the first four on the left look best. When you’re writing Japanese, all characters should take up the same amount of space regardless of how complex the character is. Graph paper can be really helpful for practicing keeping character size uniform. 

お-also really good! If I had to say something, the third stoke seems a bit far from the rest of the character on a few (again it’s just on two or three).  

I also attached a picture of い and う to try and illustrate what I mean–one thing that can be helpful is use a brush pen if you’re able to get one, it can make it easier to understand how the characters “flow”.

If anyone else has any comments or tips for them feel free to chime in! 

And yeah feel free to send stuff in as often as you like! (anyone else is welcome to as well!) 

I hope this is helpful!

this upd8 made me figure something out about quadrants

it’s gonna probably get rambly and complicated and include positive and negative discussion on multiple ships [but honestly i really don’t know any other way to describe my thought process with how i came to this conclusion???] so please bear with me and don’t take it personally, at the end of the day this is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree with everything.

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In honor of Homestuck drawing to a close, I thought I might update the graphs I did 3 years ago about what Homestuck fandom looked like over on Archive of Our Own.  The first few graphs (completion, ratings, etc) turned out very similar, so I just did comparison versions for the figures that changed significantly.

Dave Strider remains a fandom favorite and doesn’t stop from getting higher.  The John/Dave pairing made it through on top for the long haul. Meanwhile, over the past few years Dave/Karkat has risen through the ranks from rarepair to fanon fave to canon.  Rosemary remains the unsinkable ship. <3

Awww I’m feeling all nostalgic now.

Some other graphs you might like: (geekery tag)

annnnd I’ve put the clean 2016 versions of the top 10 character and pairings graphs under the cut in case you don’t want to wrestle through the comparison versions.

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Make me choose!

bythical asked Donald or Goofy (KH)

Able to conquer any fear and step outside any box.

30 days of KBR . day nine . a girl power/feminist moment

  • How various writing/art sites say to create a character: *Various graphs and Q/A forms to flesh out and perfectly craft them and develop them as realistic believable characters.
  • Me: *doodles a shape* ... *gives it a face* ...I'm gonna make you grumpy! Now to craft an entire comic around you and hopefully I'll come up with a name within the year!