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laurent, prince of vere ─ “ When laced into his clothing, Laurent’s dangerous grace lent him an almost androgynous quality. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was rare to associate Laurent with a physical body at all: you were always dealing with a  m i n d. ”

My friend @succulentandcatbabies had asked me to draw Mercy with a color palette based off of her top 5 most played characters in Overwatch (it’s a lot harder than it looks jfc)

Some More Notes on Shape

The below examples and graphs are for all artists to remember–this applies to background design, prop design, package design, painting, as well as logo and character design. This is important to remember when thumbnailing a character. Everything should reinforce your message for instant readability, especially shape.


In honor of Homestuck drawing to a close, I thought I might update the graphs I did 3 years ago about what Homestuck fandom looked like over on Archive of Our Own.  The first few graphs (completion, ratings, etc) turned out very similar, so I just did comparison versions for the figures that changed significantly.

Dave Strider remains a fandom favorite and doesn’t stop from getting higher.  The John/Dave pairing made it through on top for the long haul. Meanwhile, over the past few years Dave/Karkat has risen through the ranks from rarepair to fanon fave to canon.  Rosemary remains the unsinkable ship. <3

Awww I’m feeling all nostalgic now.

Some other graphs you might like: (geekery tag)

annnnd I’ve put the clean 2016 versions of the top 10 character and pairings graphs under the cut in case you don’t want to wrestle through the comparison versions.

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Make me choose!

bythical asked Donald or Goofy (KH)


It should be noted that 
A. these shows are nowhere near perfect (read: some transphobia re genitalia, refusal to use the word bisexual, etc.) but they are leagues above a lot of other television; 
B. Only one of the LGBT characters included in these graphs has died. (RIP Tricia Miller - you deserved better.)