character fraps

Yesterday was the last day for unicorn frappuccinos - did you get one before they were gone? I got one the day they came out and thought “this would totally be Star Butterfly’s favourite drink!” So colourful! @daronnefcy @disneyxd

City of Love: Paris & Café Drinks (S1)
  • Vincent: A very bitter, rare coffee blend or a cappuccino, with a dash of sugar at the bottom.
  • Leo: Iced green tea, with a hint of lemon.
  • Louise: Irish coffee, or maybe a Café Calvados; a Café Ristretto when there's a deadline.
  • Raphael: Black coffee/Café Allongé
  • TJ: An iced macchiato of any flavor.
  • Marion: Some kind of iced espresso drink with way too many pumps of flavoring. See also: seasonal drinks.
  • Kat: Black tea, with a hint of smoke in the flavor notes.
  • Tristan: A café mocha
  • Eugene: Unicorn frappacino

Favourite Leon relationships ⇢ Leon/Ashley;

“Just hang in there, Ashley, I’m coming for you.”