character earrings

but honestly w the podcast it would be so awesome to just hear jack ramble for an hour or so and he could talk about so many things like answering comments, things happening on youtube or irl, sharing life stories, things he has seen in the community recently like fan projects or fan art he liked, videos and movies he enjoyed, stuff hes working on or what hes working towards,  alSO in depth reviews on games and what his thoughts/ theories are on the stuff hes currently playing since he said there are a lot of things he doesnt get to say in the video itself???? im so down for this


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

1000+ Followers Art Raffle :0!

Hey guys! somehow this blog has reached over 1000 followers???? (???????) so to celebrate and show thanks to all of you, I’m having an art raffle.

First Place: 1-3 full body characters, full color+shading, and a background

Second Place: 1 full body character, full color+shading, simple background

Third Place: 1 character bust, full color+shading, no background

Fourth Place: 1 character bust, flat color, no background

Fifth Place: 1 character bust, no color, no background

-To enter all you have to do is reblog and/or like this post and be following me (multiple reblogs do count, but try not to spam your followers!)

-I’m pretty much open to drawing anything except animals bc I’m terrible at that (but if u want a character with like cat ears or something thats fine) 

-The prize does not have to be bts related, you can chose whatever your little heart desires

The Raffle will end this Saturday 6pm EST! and again, thank you guys <33

Hello fair ladies, ZEN here ~ <3

You must be wondering why am I dressed up as this Japanese character with cute dog ears right? This character is called uh.. Inu.. Inuyer.. AH, Inuyasha! Gosh his name is long… He’s some half dog demon person from an old anime it seems. I think I did pretty well, don’t you think? Too bad my hair is a little too thin compared to his thick locks though.

Right, let me rant here:

Admin Devlyn has been emo-ing around the place since yesterday. Seems like she failed to secure tickets to a play called ‘Inuyasha’ that will be happening in April. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! SHE WAS DEPRESSED FOR NOT GETTING SOMEONE ELSE’S PLAY TICKETS?! WHEN THERE IS THIS BEYOND PERFECT ACTOR HERE?! But knowing that getting worked up about it will only damage one’s fair skin, and one should never show anger in front of a lady, I decided to be a BETTER Inuyasha! HAH! BEAT THAT RANDOM OTHER ACTOR! CAN YOU BE A MORE PERFECT INUYASHA THAN YOURS TRULY?! 

Now please excuse me as I read up on this character and practice his moves and speech, just watch me, I’ll become an Inuyasha none of you can stray your eyes away from <3


Admin Devlyn’s mock up on this post an hour later:
Zen… barged into the office dressed as Inuyasha and demanded me to make him ramen… what… and even went face down on the floor when I got annoyed and said ‘sit’.. (and this went on for an hour)

I admit, he was a convincing Inuyasha despite his default personality which kinda gets… tiring… Now if only Jumin would play Sesshomaru… and express their brotherly love for each other.. *nosebleeds*

Anyways! look like there’s a second chance for the ticket purchasing! YAY! I hope I get it this time ><” (Zen was upset I still did not give up on going)

Are any of you an Inuyasha fan too?! I love love love it to death >w<