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About Musashi’s Speaking Style

I’m not sure if people realize this, but in Japanese Musashi actually has a really distinct way of speaking that’s actually really similar to how Mitsuru talks. They both use very relaxed, casual language that gives off an almost sleepy sort of feel, but like Musashi’s is somehow even more relaxed than Mitsuru’s, like it’s incredibly chill and laid back.

And here’s the thing, like, Musashi didn’t really start talking that way until after the tournament when he lost his flames and went back to be being ‘just a normal prisoner.’ Like after he got rid of his powers and learned Kenshirou was gonna go after the man with the scar he just…stopped being so tense, I guess??

And I dunno man, I just really like the way Musashi talks now. He’s gone from being the angry fire dude trying to kill Jyugo to literally the most chill person in all of Nanba, even more chill than Mitsuru of all people, and listen man I just, I think that’s the most beautiful thing to happen to this guy, he deserves this so much. He deserves to be safe and happy and to have all the afternoon naps he could want ‘cause he’s just. So pure??

Listen he’s just a really good character and I’m really happy with how far he’s come okay listen

i have plenty thoughts on lance’s vlog but i’m going to paint my new house today and then the weekend should be hectic with finishing up moving into it. sooo idk when i’ll be able to sit down and type everything up. any posts from me will be from my queue.

I feel like for Keith, there’s a big difference between Shiro’s support and Lance’s support now. Shiro’s is more like “you ARE a good leader” since day 1 (i’m not sure if this is because he didn’t saw Keith freak out at first) and Lance’s is more like “Lmao no, you are not a good leader. But don’t worry, we are a team and we are here to help you….see? You are doing better now”. I feel like keith is self-aware of his mistakes/flaws in his mind even if he has a hard time confronting them, so in a situation like this when you are really insecure about yourself (and the universe depends on you, basically) between someone that trusts you a %100 in everything and someone that you have to prove that you are good enough and is trying to help you to get there, i will choose the second option. Especially if that person doesn’t hold back in calling you out if they think that you are doing a mistake. Shiro (Kuron?) right now it’s being too hard or too soft, so i feel like Keith is confused about him and Lance is more stable in this situation. For now, at least.

I don’t know if this is because Shiro’s clone, that they want to hurt the relationship between Broganes or this is Shiro not knowing how to separate a team of trained adults with experience in a mission and a group of teens/kids that don’t have a full training trying to save the universe. Maybe Shiro is gonna see this and will try to talk with Keith about it? Or Lance, if he notices that something is wrong? In the last video that we have of them, he’s trying to give Keith an advice, so we will see how Keith is gonna take it…(even if he basically said ‘be a leader! fly it without bonding! do not care about the things that i really cared a season ago!’ mhm)

This is not a bashing of any character, i really love them all. I just feel like this is good place for a character development/relationship development.

flowerz-of-darkness  asked:

Hi there, I'm a tad new to this page but your art looks so amazing! You have a really amazing skill to make such beautiful characters and settings! They should give you more credit than this! I love mylio, he is like so so so so cute! I love everyone honestly! Well that's all from me, have a wonderful day and keep being amazing!

oh gosh, this was so sweet!! it put a smile on my face omg, but thanks a ton! im glad you enjoy my characters and stuff, and i hope ya stick around! but you too- keep bein rad!

Rwby Volume 5 episode 8 Recap(spoilers)

Did they air this episode later than 11? Weird-MICKSTERECAP!

We star with RUBY ROSE-

…bird watchin’. Just chillin’….probably wondering if any of them are her bird-uncle’s friends…or former lovers.



The two have a brief adorable sister moment-UNTIL-


The beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest paaaaaaaaaaaaaaart of waking up, is Weiss Schnee in your cup! Wait, that sounded wrong. Point is she made coffee and its nice.

2:20 YOSH-Weiss remembered how Ruby likes her coffee-WHILE-pointing out how cream and sugar are blasphemy! BLASPHEMY I SAY! Coffee don’t need no flavoring, that’s Tea!

Ah, what a nice coffee scene, and I bet Ruby won’t say ANYTHING that will trigger Yan-

Ruby: “I just wish Blake could be her with us.”

DAMMIT RUBY-you brought back the Yangst!


GAH-there is just something…HORRIFYING seeing the red-eyes in just a conversation.

HA-we then cut to-

HA-the source of Yangst at its core, lookin’ sad like a sad cat do.

4:12 Right before leaving for more pointless recruiting that won’t give us any new characters I bet, Blake finds a note from Ilia that is in NO WAY a trap at all, absolutely no way.

5:00 AH-CUT BACK TO-lots and LOTS of Yangst! Weiss get yoself in there, YOUR POSSIBLE GIRLFRIEND NEEDS YOU!

The two then trade sad girl’s backstories in SUCH an emotional way that if you didn’t cry EVEN a little-GUESS WHAT-you got no soul. You are CLEARLY a synthoid created by the reptiloid armada to destroy Christmas. Sorry you had to find out this way.

 The conversation than goes back to Blake leaving where Yang then says the most ship-baiting line of ALL time-

8:11 “What if I needed her here for me?”

DANGIT-now I don’t know who to ship again-OH THE CONFUSION!


Weiss: We’ll be there for her when she comes bac.

Yang: IF she comes back.

Weiss: She will…I mean she IS the “B” in RWBY, so I feel that was obvious.


AHBACKTOMENAGAH-where Blake is having a totally chill conversation with Ili-OH SHIT BAT FAUNUS! Oh well I’m sure she’ll get out of thi-OH SHIT SPIDER-FAUNUS! WITH WEBS! FUCKING CRAZY!

10:32 “Well done sister Trifa”

Okay, be honest Rooster Teeth writers, you put that line because you KNOW we’d obsess about it if you didn’t.

Ilia than gives a RIVETING and relatable villain speech saying fear is better than hope, Blake’s parents have to die, bla bla bla-ENOUGH ABOUT THAT-she brings it to a DAMN head by saying-…she has a crush on Blake! Wow…holy shit! I was sad be-FORE when they were on opposite sides, now I’m double sad.

I mean really, how you stay mad at this blushing little zealot!

12:30 After Ilia leaves-THANKFULLY-its revealed Blake has learned from her mistakes and told Sun to come along to SAVE the day!

13:30 WE THEN CUT TO-the Belladonna household where shit is going DOWN! Thankfully the bunny guard is protecting Kali-OH SHIT BUNNY DUDE’S DOWN! BUNNY DUDE IS DOWN! And then she picks up the gun Princess Leia style, and then we see Ghira beat the shit out of bad guys without weapons, AND THEN Fennec sword shoots a guy, which makes Ghira go fucking BEAST MODE and brings out the CLAWS MOTHER FUCKER! Oh please don’t let this GLORIOUS monster die!

SO YEAH-mostly character development with one HELL of a final act!

The 1-2 star reviews for the book is killing my soul for Trials of Apollo.

Half of them are either homophobic or too stuck in the old series.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the first and second. PJO was a fast paced heart wrenching experience. HoO was even more so except for the ending.

This expands upon so many characters and allows us to see them without them being the main protagonists. It’s getting gay and bisexuality out there as well which is a huge step! Now people are getting onto Rick for “oh you should have a bi girl in it” “I can’t have homosexual characters in my household” “this is base towards children and you have gay characters?!” Etc etc

Give the author some slack.

It’s a long process and it’s either the tags don’t do it justice.

Honestly, in the beginning Apollo sounded like a whinny teen who just had their phone taken away. We have actual character development in this! And it’s not centered around romance, that’s the side characters my friends. Apollo grieves for his lovers in this and that to me is something that the first two series could never do.

Sorry for the rant.


The story of Thorin Oakenshield

In the Battle of Azanulbizar Thorin defeated Azog, the biggest enemy of the dwarves since the Balrog of Morgoth, using a sword, and a branch as his shield. The latter would later earn him the title Thorin ’Oakenshield’. He’s lived with this title for over a hundred years, he was praised and respected no doubt. Thorin the Pale Orc slayer and whatnot. He did good. He saved the Line of Durin, even though the cost was already great, having lost his brother, father and grandfather. The role of the king passed on to him, even though during those years spent in Ered Luin he never felt like one. Nevertheless, this meant that the responsibility for reclaiming Erebor fell on his shoulders harder than ever. It was his duty and his right to do it. So he started the journey back.

Mid-way he was confronted with the same nightmare he thought he’d gotten rid off all those years ago. The one he thought was forever behind him. The one he also used to comfort himself with knowing that he had defeated it. Except he didn’t. Imagine him living for a hundred years thinking his title was worth something, only to later realize it was false. He failed. The one thing he was sure he did right came back to bite him in the ass. He was a fraud. His reputation was slaughtered on the spot. A hundred years worth of guilt and self-accusation for not finishing the job when he had the chance, a hundred years of living on fake glory came crashing on his head. In one big outburst of disbelief and rage he charged against the same enemy again and failed spectacularly. His title literally slipped through his fingers as the eagle carried him away. After that night a new purpose sparked in him. He had to defend his honor.

Then he reclaimed the mountain, his home, and the sickness struck. All of a sudden he wanted to be more. Now he called himself a king. He was powerful, rich, unbeatable. He forgot his recent grievances. He forgot about his failures. “Do not speak to me as if I were some lowly dwarf lord. As if I were still Thorin Oakenshield.” That name and that title were now small and insignificant. Not because he failed, but because now that title couldn’t have compared to that of a true king of Erebor. The treasures he’d now owned couldn’t have been countered with anything else. Not even his honor and reputation. Azog was nameless, unimportant, history.

He would’ve hid himself inside the stone walls and died there had it not been for his friends. Had he not later opened his eyes thanks to them and shed his golden armor, his crown and charged outside. He remembered who he was. For whom he did all of this. And now he risked disappointing them. He won the mountain. Now was the time to take care of one more thing. He went to make sure the snake lost more than a hand this time. For his honor, his people, for Fili and Kili he sacrificed himself and killed the enemy. He was Thorin Oakenshield again. He was the lowly dwarf lord that led his people through exile, who helped them prosper again and who with the help of 12 dwarves, a hobbit and a Wizard took back his home from a dragon. 

He was a King.

How the Haikyuu!! Soundtrack Reflects Tsukishima Kei’s Character Development

Disclaimer! I’m only talking about the anime because that’s what has music and I’m not caught up with the manga anyway. 

Haikyuu!! is really good and you know what else is really good? Its soundtrack, composed by Asami Tachibana and anime soundtrack god Yuki Hayashi (you may know him as the man behind the iconic soundtrack to Boku no Hero Academia as well as Death Parade and Kiznaiver among others).

And you know what else is really good? Its character development, specifically this guy’s:

(Am I biased? Hell yeah I am, do you know how big my crush on him was freshman year? But I digress.)

One thing I love about this series is how it brings characters in as antagonists and makes them super relatable and then, in many cases, sees them become protagonists in their own right, if not protagonists in the eyes of the narrative. Tsukishima is no exception. He’s the second character to do it after Kageyama, and the two of them are by and large some of the most developed characters the series has to offer, along with Hinata, Yamaguchi, and Oikawa.

But we’re talking about Tsukishima, and specifically, we’re talking about how the soundtrack highlights his character development through three specific tracks. (If you want to see me talk about his character development specifically, I wrote a meta on that last year!) And this is going to be a long one, so I’ll put the rest under a read more.

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