character development hell yeah

The 1-2 star reviews for the book is killing my soul for Trials of Apollo.

Half of them are either homophobic or too stuck in the old series.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the first and second. PJO was a fast paced heart wrenching experience. HoO was even more so except for the ending.

This expands upon so many characters and allows us to see them without them being the main protagonists. It’s getting gay and bisexuality out there as well which is a huge step! Now people are getting onto Rick for “oh you should have a bi girl in it” “I can’t have homosexual characters in my household” “this is base towards children and you have gay characters?!” Etc etc

Give the author some slack.

It’s a long process and it’s either the tags don’t do it justice.

Honestly, in the beginning Apollo sounded like a whinny teen who just had their phone taken away. We have actual character development in this! And it’s not centered around romance, that’s the side characters my friends. Apollo grieves for his lovers in this and that to me is something that the first two series could never do.

Sorry for the rant.