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I was reading up on the MediEvil series the other day and I found out that in the second game, Daniel had a love interest by the name of Princess Kiya, an Egyptian mummy brought back to life by the same spell that brought Daniel to life. Did you know about this?

I did, and you’ll notice that I don’t reference the 2nd game all that much. Mostly because when it comes to Princess Kiya, I felt that not only did she not have a lot of character in the first place, but her and Daniel didn’t really have any chemistry. I don’t know, maybe this is the result of me not being able to play the game, so I could only go off of what I see from let’s plays, but to me, the relationship between those two was poorly handled. It just kind of felt like Kiya was only meant to be another pretty damsel that Daniel would have to save, and that she would fall in love with him because of that. It’s kind of a shame too, since Kiya’s backstory has potential, but it’s squandered for what they end up going with.

I don’t think Dragon Ball Z will ever get a super saiyan transformation as effectively breath-taking as it was for Gohan. 

Ever since Cell saga ended, Dragon Ball Z as a genre ended up throwing around different forms of super saiyan left and right as if it were nothing. I’ve been starting to notice there hasn’t even been much achievement in turning super saiayn too. It was a struggle for Future Trunks, Gohan, and even Vegeta. 

Turning super saiyan was an achievement that came out of raw emotion. 

When Gohan managed to reach ssj2 you could feel your heart stop as he stood there with tears flowing out of his eyes and the stares he got from everyone, even Cell, who knew this child had reached something higher than just super saiyan. 

What was even better was Gohan was always a sweet kid who showed a lot of power for his age. Not only did we finally see what was hinted since the start in action, we could see it change him. 

It was like he was an entirely different person. 

He was malicious, he wanted to torture Cell and this is Gohan

Watching this kid change and fucking kick ass was exciting. It was like this whole side of him that you know if it comes out the person who messed with him is going to be dead. 

I love the series to death but it’s lost a lot of excitement since it caved in to particular fan desires and struggles to keep itself afloat among that…I don’t think it’ll ever reach that peak it had during the Cell saga. 

But man, the artistic genius that went into the creation of this powerful alter ego was magnificent. I still get goosebumps watching the whole transformation and fight all over again.

On Lars and Character Growth

So I really don’t know what goes on in the majority of the SU fandom since I keep to myself and only venture into the tags that I know won’t be hostile towards my favorite characters and ships, BUT I have seen/heard about how the fandom is still ruthless towards Lars and why he doesn’t deserve Sadie, why he should be left in the dust and I’m….

Like, if the show wasn’t consciously pointing out Lars’ flaws and the parts of himself that he needs to work on, then yeah, I could see where those critiques are coming from. But that is so clearly not the case in the show. Lars is actively developing and progressing towards being a better person. He knows about and is even ashamed of the mistakes he made in the past. He hides away when the memory of he and Ronaldo plays, he makes the time and effort to be around Sadie because he wants her to know that he cares….he is changing.  It isn’t a stark or overt change because that would be, for the kind of person Lars is (someone whose always put his status and self-satisfaction before his friends), unrealistic. The changes he’s making for himself are subtle, and god, is he trying.

Honestly, before Island Adventure, I bet Lars wouldn’t have dared tagged along with Sadie and Steven. Ronaldo is the local outcast - he has interests and an eccentric personality that are outside the boundaries that Lars is comfortable with. Just going with Sadie to the lighthouse, confronting Ronaldo again after all that time - it speaks volumes as to how much he’s grown.

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One of the TWO good things about this ep?

WE GOT KAI IN A SUIT!!! *freaks out*

This show is so badly written I can’t even…

I mean… where did his feelings go? What was the point in all of this? Now he just shifted? Just like that?! SERIOUSLY?!


He and Bonnie had so much potential. There were so many options for Kai and for Bonkai but NO! She just had to pick one STUPIDEST idea EVER!  Character development at its best!

Just one BIG admiration for Chris! HE’S THE KING! 


I hope we’ll at least get to see this handsome face more next ep! 

I’m so done with this show


- Lilly

are we really surprised that Connor came out before Jude though? The Judicorn made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t like labels, and he was fair more comfortable discussing his sexuality than Connor was. I do think it’s because he had the support of his family, but it also might be a personality trait (because we know he hadn’t always have it easy), Jude is strong enough that he doesn’t care about what people think, at the point that he doesn’t like Callie’s little speech about ‘living low key’ in season one. 

Connor, on the other hand, has been raised by a homophobic father had him fearing to even utter the word 'gay’. As a gay person, it must have been a nightmare to be forced to negate his own identity, to be taught how to ‘act straight’ since before he even knew what it meant . When Connor met Jude, he was well aware of the difference between ‘acting gay’ and ‘straight’ and i’m sure that he was very endeared by the boy who could go to school wearing blue nail polish and stand up to the bullies without blinking an eye.

The point is, Connor didn’t have the privilege of discovering his sexuality in a healthy environment, and in a perfect world we would all act like the Judicorn, not using labels, not judging and never caring about what people think. Nevertheless, the world portrayed in the show is very much the real world and Connor has experienced a side of it that we all know too well. Labels are important to him because they are to his father, and as much as i wish this wasn’t the case, that same label that his father made him fear is the only instrument that he has to stand up to him.

I noticed that people tend to misunderstand Connor’s actions with ‘confusion’ and ‘playing’, and so many times Jude has been portrayed like the pining gay boy with a crush on his straight friend. In reality, Connor’s situation has been clear for a long time. Yes, Connor was questioning himself, yes, he probably wasn’t sure of his identity when he first met Jude, but for a boy raised in a homophobic environment, he’s taken pretty big steps and i’m impressed on the beautiful development that the writers have made him go through. I don’t blame Connor for having kept dating Daria, I don’t blame him for having wanted to keep his and Jude’s relationship a secret, and I am certainly not surprised that he came out before Jude. Connor needed to make it clear, to his father and to himself, that no matter what he’s been taught, no matter how much of his identity has been negated before it could fully develop, he can’t hide who he is, and who he is can be defined with a specific label that does matter a lot.

nathan scott is the most precious character on earth don’t fight me on this


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Weekly Anime Ranking:

With Spring season picking up the pace, I thought I’d start doing a sort of weekly ranks for the series I’m following and keep track of which ones improve and which ones sink etc. For the purpose of this list, the week starts on Friday (when the first spring shows premiered) and ends on Thursday (Ninja Slayer) So without further ado:

1. Ore Monogatari takes the cake this week with the perfect way in which it wrapped up its prologue and how greatly it developped its three main characters and their blossoming relationship. Suna for best friend ever anyone?

2. Kekkai Sensen: All that style and beauty and magnificent backgrounds so perfectly applied to tell us the story of this one character and his heart of gold. A perfectly self-contained story that let us get to know the world of Hellsalem’s lot and one of the maor players.

3. Kuroko no Basket 3: So much hurt going on. Beautifully directed episode with the right amount of pull your heart out and crush it. Special call out to the seiyuu who gave us the most heartbreaking performances as these kids entire world starts to crumble. The Teikou arc really puts KuroBas under a new light and shows us that this isn’t just a silly show with magican rainbow bishonens.

4. Assassination Classroom. This show is usually at its best when it’s crazy comedy shenanigans, but this particular episode brought some great character building for Karasuma and Nagisa. It had a lot of style, fantastic tonal shifts and great moments and it’s fascinating to see how the story keeps unfolding just casually. This scene in particular is what landed this episode in such a high rank:

5. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: This series is so much funnier and smarter and overall well-put together than any harem romcom ever had the right to be. Manages to be funny and a little bit fanservicey without being tasteless. Ep 2 featured more of why these characters are awesome and seriously I can’t with how much I enjoy this series.

6. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Great episode that shifted the tone of the series drastically, lots of shiny fantastic animation, even if the fight wasn’t as epically satisfying as I expected it to be. It also made a fantastic job at tying this story with Zero and developping Ilya, which makes the ending a shame, first because it was a little bit too much and second because the character now feels wasted.

7. Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions: UtaPri’s same as always, campy fun and shamelessly sparkly stupidity all around. I’m taking points off because Natsuki and Otoya as a duet sound terrible and please someone fix it OMG

8. Arslan Senki: This was a really stressful episode, with good guys falling like flies and it got me very frustrated because everyone seemed to be doing their best at being stupid and falling into the enemy’s trap. Daryun continues to be the resident cool guy and someone finally slaughtered that stupid king, I honestly can’t understand how that insufferable asshole was so revered and won so many battles when he clearly doesn’t understand jack of. But it seems the story is finally done laying out its plot pieces and hopefully they’ll start moving soon.

9. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders. Basically an episode with lots of fantastic stuff, from Iggy showing who’s boss to Kakyoin FINALLY MAKING A COMEBACK. I’ll admit I’ve been mildly pissed off at this season of Jojo’s because Kakyoin is my favorite Stardust Crusader and he was out of comission for TOO LONG so I’m just glad he’s back. Extra kudos because Pet Shop is the scariest shit ever, dear lord.

10. Owari no Seraph: Giving this a low rank because no ikemen asshole, no brunet Armin and not enough boss Shinoa bitch, just lots of Yu being the protagonist and doing stupid shit and trying to get himself an ax even if it’s obvious his status as nihonjin teenager automatically means he’ll eventually get a katana. Also the “twist” of Mika being a vampire that was completely spelled out to us from day one, which made it lose a lot of oomph.

(look at all that Attack on Titan money)

11. Ninja Slayer. This show makes me confused. It’s funny and it makes me laugh a lot, but it doesn’t really make me want to watch more for some reason. Still can’t shake off the disappointment because I really want Trigger to do something for real again

12. Fairy Tail. I love Fairy Tail to bits but damn the anime is obviously dragging and stretching the Sun Village arc to the limits of life, probably to give the manga time to get further down so they don’t have to make a filler arc so soon… anyway the dragging isn’t working, too many recaps, too many scenes that are just loooong and shit and the muted colors aren’t helping. This’ll hopefully get better when the ice melts

13. Sailor Moon Crystal: I’m not going to talk about the animation because Toei is beyond caring for that (and damn this episode was a mess of a whole new category) but can we stop for a minute to consider just how blatantly horrible Usagi is as a protagonist and friend, getting more worried about her future daughter stealing her man and shit than figuring out how to save her friends? How about this girl-power anime making all the girls helpless and having fucking Tuxed Mask save them all the fucking time. If this is how the original manga was, then I don’t see where all the praise for it was coming. This is terrible. I wish I could rank it even lower, but I’m out of anime.

Saint Seiya Soul of Gold isn’t listed because it didn’t air this week. It’s airing today so it’ll appear in next week’s rank. But seriously fuck Toei and its bi-weekly shitty animation schedule. See you next week!