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Criticizing Joss Whedon’s problematic writing choices does not translate to hate.

Also, word of advice, if you want people to stop accusing you of being racist or sexist, then you might want to stay away from the following:

  • Having the lead female protagonist of your show almost raped by her love interest and then have the showrunner praise the rapist as being his favorite character and having the best character development (Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Plan to have a prostitute gang raped to feed into the character development of her male love interest (Inara, Firefly)
  • Have a show that heavily features Asian culture and religions, but then fail to cast any Asian actors (Firefly)
  • Claim that having Asian actors was unnecessary because one of your white actors “kind of looked Asian.” (Summer Glau, Firefly)
  • Fire your lead actress for getting pregnant and then spend the next season shitting all over her character (Charisma Carpenter, Angel)
  • Inviting that lead actress to come back to the show, promising her that she’ll stick around until the final episode, only to turn around and kill her character off at the last moment as revenge (Charisma Carpenter, Angel)
  • Creating the single most racist depiction of a black female character by making her violent, savage, animalistic and so dumb that she isn’t even able to speak, and then reveal that the way she became the first slayer, was by having a group of old men force a demon into her body without her consent (The First Slayer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Have one of the most popular female superheroes referred to as a “cunt” by the main villain (Natasha Romanoff, Avengers)
  • Claim that because a female character was unable to have children, that she was considered a monster (Natasha Romanoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Taking one of the strongest female superheroes in the MCU and turning her into an outlet for her male love interest to pour his man angst all over and then completely dump her in the end without any expression of gratitude for all she did for him (Natasha Romanoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Have one of the most popular superheroes in the MCU joke about raping women (Tony Stark, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Feature two characters who were originally of Jewish-Romani descent and then have them whitewashed by hiring white actors to play them (Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Having two Jewish-Romani characters volunteer for a Nazi organization, despite the fact that Jewish and Romani people were victims of the Holocaust (Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Have the audacity to redefine feminism and re-brand it because he found feminism distasteful.
  • Constantly using the “break the cutie” trope to punish his supposedly “strong female characters.” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Using the threat of sexual violence against his lead female protagonists on multiple occasions (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Avengers)

Check yourself, fandom. These criticisms of Joss Whedon’s work have been long-standing and are completely valid. So, before you get on your high horse and try to accuse his detractors of being bitter fangirls, take a look at all the fucked up shit your problematic fav has said and done, and then we’ll talk.

shows on netflix u should definitely be watching
  • Crazy-Ex Girlfriend - ITS A COMEDY MUSICAL, GUYS, CREATED BY RACHEL BLOOM (who won a golden globe?? YES HER). get to the 3rd episode at least. there’s an OPENLY BISEXUAL CHARACTER (later on in the season) and its such a good representation of love & what it actually is and growing up and letting go?? such a good show
  • BoJack Horseman - just a really, really good & cleverly written show about an anthropomorphic horse. 7000% animal puns. 5000% describes exactly how u feel about life and sadness.
  • Jane the Virgin - CUTE!! mock telenovela that deals with lots of social issues, like immigration, etc (the last episode i watched had the narrator checking every scene for the bechdel test omg) ALSO, arrested development level narration, fam, get on this. gina rodriguez will slay ur ass
  • Bob’s Burgers - such a good lil family show about a burger joint. watch this when you need to laugh or just to lift ur spirits. also, we are all either gene, louise, or tina. don’t lie
  • Lovesick (prev. Scrotal Recall) - adorable show prev. suffering from a truly tragic name. cute & british, about a man who finds out he has chlamydia and has to tell all of his previous sexual partners. you’ll fall in love with these characters by the end of s1, they’re all so dear to me
  • Master of None - aziz ansari’s show. each episode is basically a lil movie. the love story is ridiculously cute and it talks on some subjects rlly well
  • Jessica Jones - !!!!!!! if you haven’t seen this, GET ON IT. esp. if you’re a girl, cause this is SUCH A RELATABLE SHOW FOR WOMEN. grizzled neo-noir female detective? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. also, watch daredevil if u wanna be caught up for Marvel’s Defenders, which is gonna be sofuckinggood
  • Sense8 - HOW HAS NOBODY SEEN THIS ONE? god, it’s so good. it’s got some problems but overall it does well @ showing other cultures and also some kickass sequences and wow main the characters interacting is just A1
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League - this is. so funny. get past the 1st season and its such a good garbage show. the characters are such assholes, dude. they’re horrible. super dark humor, only watch if ur into that/ funny show abt a fantasy football league. both garbage shows and i love them w all my heart
  • Arrested Development - just in case u haven’t seen the best show ever written. basis of basically every comedy show u love. watch.
  • The Office - how have u not binged the office?? binge the office.
  • Comedy Specials - comedy specials are an UNTAPPED GOLDMINE on netflix. some of my fave comedians are John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Donald Glover, Jim Gaffigan, and Aziz Ansari.

BONUS - non-netflix shows u should also be watching

  • You’re The Worst - messed up characters and darkkk dry humor, but the second season does such an EXCELLENT job at portraying depression!! also, a dysfunctional relationship that is not necessarily unhealthy (sometimes, tho, sometimes)
  • Community - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS. Gets emotional so quickly. S1-3 are some of the best moments on television. skip S4. S5-6 are good but S1-3 are amazing. characters will become all of ur faves
  • Westworld - my expectations for this show were sky-high and it has oNLY PROVED THEM RIGHT! half sci-fi, half western fantasy VR, all badass. i have no idea what’s going on and i love it. literally Robots With Anxiety #relatable

pls add to this if you have any great shows, and i’ll update this list whenever i find something else wonderful that i don’t hear people talking about

A sad, but real view of Reiner and Bertolt relationship

I always said I don’t care who you put Bertolt with: ships and friends are always welcome to me as long as Bertolt gets the love he deserves. This helped me realizing what is the real thing between him and Reiner.
I’m really sorry to say so, but Bertolt didn’t get any love from his friend. I agree with the theory that Reiner has strong feelings for him, maybe even romantic (as hinted many times after the herring dialogue with Ymir), but he was never able to show them. You may think he didn’t because he was aware of his feelings to be one-way, since he pointed out more than once that Bertolt has a crush on Annie (and I believe this is true), but it’s sadly not because of that.
It’s because Reiner is a coward, and probably loves himself more than anyone, even Bertolt. Since we could get some development for his character, we started noticing how much this guy does his best to keep himself away from sufference. He even built up another personality for this purpose. Ymir’s words in the forest were clear: he developed mental problems because he was not able to cope with his guilt, not because he was born that way. No sickness involved.
So yeah, he is indeed the weakest of the duo, yet the only one who felt a total failure until the end was Bertolt. And this is not what I call love: it’s what I call being selfish. Reiner let him go thinking he was a coward with no will, as he has always made him feel. He has always been cold with the most precious thing he had (after himself). If he really cared about Bertolt more than about himself and his pride he would have never recommended him to be careful like this:

It’s as clear as the water that he is using cold tones to make sure Bertolt to do his best to survive, but these could be his last words to him (and they will be) so why being an asshole until the very end?
Because Reiner is too scared to ever show his feelings. He is too scared to suffer, so he rather make the ones he loves to suffer instead. He is too afraid to use his love as a weapon to give courage to his friend. He rather uses Annie, once again, who’s not even there and whose they’re not even sure is still alive:

But this was just the last proof of his selfish behaviour. During their time as trainees, Reiner deluded himself multiple times in the soldier play, believing to be a normal recruit like the others. He even had a crush on the girl everybody like, so just like a regular cadet. He has been seeking for normality all the time, forgetting his only friend, who was probably like the Devil to him. Bertolt was the one who used to bring him back to reality, that one reality Reiner was escaping. It was in those moments that Bertolt proved himself to be reliable, something that Reiner was probably too busy to see.

And now… now it’s a little too late to go back:

It’s not the Walls, Reiner: it’s you. Ymir wrote that letter because she knew she wouldn’t have seen Historia again. She accepted the idea to die (and I honestly hope she died in the end, since I have enough of fake final speeches) because she had no regrets or remorses. She told Historia what she wanted to tell her, because she learned and was able to admit to herself that you can’t live for yourself, even if you get a second chance. And you’re not going to have it anyway, Reiner, because Bertolt won’t never come back to hear what you were never had the guts to tell him (I’m not talking in a strictly romantic way, I’m talking about feelings in general).

I honestly hope we are going to see Reiner figuring out how much selfish he was, because if he really cared for Bertolt more than himself he must let his fears go and clearly tell us what his regrets are. He must speak to us, which is not what he did with Bertolt. A quick, single page showing a flashback of him and Bertolt standing on the Walls is not enough: I want to hear his rage towards himself, I want him to prove me wrong, or his character will be totally fucked up.

Miraculous Ladybug and Voltron Roles

So I’ve been addicted to Voltron since this summer and I figured with Miraculous premiering in a few months, and Season 2 of Voltron just airing, I might as well share my thoughts on the Miraculous crew as the Paladins of Voltron.

So, I thought a lot about this, but I think Marinette would fit best in the Black Lion. However, there’s a catch. I think Marinette would be the Black Lion pilot that Keith was meant to be. Sure, she’s impulsive and trusts her instincts, much like the Red Lion’s pilot does, but she is meant to be a leader. Strategic, decisive. She’s got a lot to take on, a lot to grow and develop for, but… She’s exactly where Keith would be at the end of Season 2 in Shiro’s absence. So I think she’d do well with Black.

Chloe is definitely the Red Lion for me. She’s difficult to place, but it’d work out well in the grand scheme of things. We’ve seen in the show that she can be temperamental and passionate, and while I need to see more of her character to finally paint the best picture, for now I think she’d do well in Red.

Alya is Green Lion. She’s got her blog and her phone, very tech savy, she’s perfect. Inquisitive, intellect, and daring. How doesn’t Alya embody that? She always wants the answers, she goes out of her way for the truth… It’s perfect. 

Adrien is Yellow Lion. His character is constantly called the “sunshine child” for good reason, and if Hunk isn’t the embodiment of pure sunshine, there’s an issue. Adrien is constantly raising his friends up, defending them, and supporting them. It’s the very essence of who he is. I think he captures Yellow perfectly.

Nino is Blue Lion. Honestly, this one isn’t debatable. If the Blue is the most adaptable, the heart of Voltron, just open and honest–this is Nino to the key. He accepted Adrien after a short explanation, he’s just a great friend. And that’s one of the key ingredients with Blue.

Tikki is Princess Allura. Plagg is Coran. No arguments.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably do more characters later!

Books vs Show (again because I'm in a mood about CC rn)

Book!Jace: asshole to everyone at all times, in love with girl who he thinks is his sister, tries to bone said girl in a ditch, main character trait is “gold”, brought condom to demon realm while trying to save friends (including his brother’s boyfriend)
Show!Jace: sassy but sweet, would die for anyone including downworlders (because why not), refuses to persue girl he thinks is his sister, understands that Clary is with Simon and doesn’t try to ruin their moment by telling her that they aren’t related, needs a hug and a nap
Book!Clary: hates Izzy because she’s pretty, bitchy all the time, makes out with the boy she thinks is her brother, puts everyone in danger without caring about them so she can wake her mother, gets pissed off at her mother when she wakes up, thirsty 24/7, just generally extremely fucking annoying
Show!Clary: smol, fucks everything up but tried her best, best friends with Izzy and appreciates her, sticks up for everyone, puts self in danger to save Meliorn, becomes sudden badass after like no training???
Book!Simon: fuckboyest fuckboy out of all the fuckboys, can’t date best friend for longer than a book but then is dating two girls at once, tells neither Izzy nor Maia about the other, tries to play the victim after they find out, only really there to be the Unrequited Lover
Show!Simon: my son, “nerd hot”, always nervous, references for days, never done anything wrong, worries more about unconscious Alec than he does about Clary’s weird-ass accusations, adorable
Book!Izzy: over-sexualised, slutshamed, calls Jace sexy, hates Clary because she’s a girl, shit at cooking, good with a whip, likes roleplaying, character “development” is going from being with Meliorn to being with Simon
Show!Izzy: canonically a genius, “best forensic pathologist in New York”, my daughter, deserves better, loves her brothers, not sexualised, “comfortable with her body, uses good looks as an advantage, badass, can do anything in high heels, wants mother compliment her, supports downworlder rights, supportive of Alec since they were children, is one of the main reasons why Malec are together
Book!Luke: werewolf, in love with Jocelyn, owns book shop, shows up like twice a book, like that’s it???
Show!Luke: Dad Friend, dog person, great alpha, protective of his family and their friends, only killed alpha to save Clary and her friends, also my son, 100% done with Shadowhunters, needs a break, father figure for Clary and Simon, always willing to help, vampire pun king
Book!Magnus: party king, sass lord, wears the weirdest clothes ever like what, doesn’t want to make Alec feel uncomfortable, “freewheeling bisexual”, best cat names ever, has fewer scenes than Church (who used to be his own cat), but seriously how can his clothes be considered stylish
Show!Magnus: High Warlock of Brooklyn, biggest badass ever, Dad Friend even to other Dad Friends, helps Shadowhunters without expecting as much as a “thank you”, Hair Goals, Home Goals, best boyfriend ever, always tries to help everyone, chooses his son (Raphael) over Camille, not interested in Shadowhunters’ drama, most iconic lines, extra af, stylish af, casually name-drops Michelangelo, Freud, and Casanova
Book!Alec: doesn’t kill a demon for eighteen years, bitchier than Clary, is in love with Jace but still dates Magnus, slams Clary into a wall and threatens to kill her when she says she knows he’s gay, accuses Simon of threatening him when he brings up him being gay, extremely biphobic, random sassiness in last book, tries to get rid of Magnus’ immortality without him knowing, mistakes Maia for Magnus, whines at everyone about everything
Show!Alec: Gay Stutter, tol, invented sass and eye-rolling, loves his siblings, loves his boyfriend, loves everyone, just wants to be a good shadowhunter, deserves better parents, badass demon killer, gets fed up of hiding a part of himself and kisses his crush in the middle of his wedding, is over Jace when he starts dating Magnus, doesn’t care about Magnus being bi, always getting cockblocked, can’t function when talking near/about Magnus, done with your Hetero Bullshit, needs some days off work, MY SON

Finishing all the shows I am watching since I got home bound. 

Dear White People: I thought it  would be great, but it is so full of lesbian hatred that I will not ever recommend it. Black women’s sexuality is treated like something they own to black males, the main character (an intelligent articulated women) is guilty tripped by a a male friend to the point of having sex rape with him as a way to “help” him get over a racist attack he suffered. There are at least 3 jokes on lesbians, despite the show having ZERO actual lesbians. There is a supposed one, a Professor that betrays her female partner with an underage male student.. yeah, talk about portraying lesbianism as a deviant dirty little lie. 

The Handmaid’s Tale: I enjoyed it, but again, the heterosexual love plot (June and Nick) makes me feel sick. I also do not understand how in this dystopian society racism is not an issue anymore. I also think Moira and  Ofglen (i don’t remember her real name) really deserved more time and more flashbacks. Why the lesbian characters can’t be in the spotlight of the show?

3%: Finally a brazilian show! yeah! The production was very low budget what explains some of the weird plastic made scenarios. I also hate the heterosexual love plot. But I absolutely love the finale where Joana (my favorite character) just delivers some truths and blows everything up. Her soundtrack was superb with Elza Soares music.  

The Expanse: I LOVE space sci-fi, but to be honest I started watching The Expanse because the actress on the promotional covers looks like one of the girls of Warpaint (my favorite band), not a very noble reason, but I ended up loving the series. The story is well developed, lots of strong female characters, and I can’t wait for season two. 

The Tunnel: I saw some reviews and decided to watch it, I saw the two seasons in two days, so yeah, it was good. It is a British-French production starred by the same actress who plays Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter. SHE IS THE BEST. I LOVED HER so freaking much I couldn’t stop watching. And in season 2, as I suspected, she turns out to be a lesbian. The show is about terrorist crimes, and does not fall into muslin hatred, which is good. 

Call the Midwife: IT IS GREAT. It has feminist nuns, lesbians, a lot of female acts of bravery. So we can ignore the whole british blablabla stuff. I highly recommend. Did I say I loved the nuns?  Sister Monica Joan is my spiritual self. 

Let’s just remember for a second that in the beginning of The Song of Achilles, Patroclus is described as being too slow, too small—basically not a warrior, never going to be a warrior. Throughout the book, he’s shown as not really having a love of fighting and chooses to learn medicine from Chiron on Mount Pelion. And then, at the very end, in the most 180 character development I’ve ever seen in my entire life, Patroclus dons the armor of his most beloved, the demigod known as the warrior to end all warriors, the best of the Greeks, and goes into battle. Into fucking battle.

He goes against everything that anyone ever thought of him; what he thought of himself. This man—against the words of his father who never showed him the love he deserved, who was cast out into exile by that same father, this man who would rise to be the pin in the grenade—does what no one expected him to: He leads a charge against the Trojans that spins the war on its head in such a way that gods have to get involved.

Achilles, aristos achaion, refuses to fight because of an argument with Agamemnon over honor, and sweet, gentle, kind Patroclus with his heart full of only love for his people, for his friends, for the man he holds most dear—this man, without grace (I mean he’s dropping spears and accidentally almost knocking his helmet off for hell’s sake) makes what’s described as a ‘fateful decision’ and says, “You know what? Send me. I’ll do it.” 

Even if you read the Iliad, it goes the same way. We remember Achilles, this strong, bronze, divine being as the one who kills Hector. Ask anyone about the Trojan War and I’ll bet you 100:1 that people will always mention Achilles before Patroclus, but you know what? It should be the other way around. The amount of courage it takes to know that you have no special skill, you’re mortal, and there’s an extremely high chance that you’re going to die, and yet you still go to the largest battle before the demigod does—the fact that that exact moment is when the entire war turns and what was once a losing battle is refueled… That to me is more heroic than anything.

Made a new meme referring back to Swifty The Shrew’s ep  in (Season 1 Episode 28 Blue with Envy ) I kinda want sonic to be jealous for a change , he’s gave Amy his fair share of dickishness heh heh , 

The best thing ever would to see Amy fed up with Sonic’s shi* ( The maybies , the freezing he does ha! )and go date someone else just to see how his reaction…would he be jealous ??, not care ??? or would he actually admit if he has feelings for her , like it would give him a push as you know how guys work with feelings ..they just dont wanna know XP lol …. I know its a comedy show but it would bring some nice drama and character development .

The  swifty ep is one of the classics tho for me :

the faithful and the faithless

for @jynappreciationweek day one: faith

how does jyn, cynic extraordinaire, go from being self-serving to the champion of the rebellion, even after galen’s death destroys her? how does cassian go from telling jyn about hope to “her faith carried him with her”? 

(aka: the missing keystone of rogue one ft. chirrut) 

After years of feeling nothing, she now feels too much. Too much, too deeply, too quickly. It fills her being, too much for mere blood and sinew and muscle and bone to contain. And so, she shatters. 

She shatters like the glass under her fist. Into frigid, jagged, burning, bloody pieces. 

It’s all Galen’s fault. For leaving her with Saw. For loving so deeply. For sending that message. For dying in her arms.

It’s all Cassian’s fault. For dragging her back into this mess. For taking that order. For disobeying that order. For caring too deeply. For clashing with her. 

She thought feeling was something she neatly packed away in a box and kicked into the recesses of her brain. 

Apparently, she was wrong.

She burns with anger, she burns with hatred, she burns with despair.

And then she is empty, the only sensation she feels is the stinging of glass shards and the suffocating sogginess of her rain-soaked jacket.

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I got an ask earlier this morning accusing me of being a fake fan for the pure simplicity of me disliking characters and not agreeing with some of their actions. So I’ve decided to make a post with all the things I HATE about this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this show, trying to piece together all the pieces and make sense of all the plot holes, but we have to admit there are some major issues with the show which go past just hating a character for being a shit person. So here all the reasons PLL ANNOYS ME.


- They always demonise poc characters or kill them off. For example, killing off Yvonne to set the pace for Spoby to slowly get back on track.

- This show literally glamourises attractive people not having to take responsibility for their actions in the face of the law. The show is literally called Pretty little liars, no wonder they wouldn’t have charges put against them for anything they do. I mean Aria killed Shana and got away with it, Jessica’s killer is yet to be revealed but so far got away with their crime, Ezra stalked and dated underage girls and didn’t get charges against him??! These people get away with shit just for the fact that they are attractive

- Alison’s character development has been so poor. We have literally been thrown nice Alison in our faces and are expected to forget that this girl bullied multiple characters oh the show, emotionally manipulated her friends and pretty much everyone in her life, faked being kindnapped, faked her death and used Emily on multiple occasions

- Aria forever remains a door mat for Ezra. Ezra could do her so dirty and Aria would be there like his little lap dog. She took him back after he stalked her and lied to her for years and suddenly there’s no trust issues? He then cheated on her on live television with Nicole and Aria much like Veronica, chose to ignore it. And omg, I wanted to go to New York and drag her little ass back to Rosewood when she drove all the way to New York to pay Nicole a little visit like what the fuck Aria? You going to go square up to a woman who doesn’t even know who you are?! All because you’re fuck boy predator cheated on you?! PSA: IT IS EZRA’S FAULT GO BE MAD AT HIM, DO NOT MELT BACK INTO HIS ARMS AND CONFRONT NICOLE. Fuck sake. ALSO ARIA ACTING LIKE JENNA GETTING HER EYE SEIGHT BACK WAS INCONVENIENT?!!!? BITCH YOU WERE A BYSTANDING IN HER BLINDING. YOU CAN STRANGLE YOURSELF.

- Veronica not leaving Peter’s cheating ass is something I’m so against. I understand that she loved him and built a life with him. But she could’ve have taken Spencer and Melissa and built something that wasn’t built on lies. I feel so bad for Veronica because Peter cheated on her with both Jesica and Mary (unknowingly) and now there are children out there who born from affaires.

- PLOT HOLES. Maybe these will make sense as the story goes on but there are so many of them

- Useless red herring characters. We are always and forever being lead to believe that the most irrelevant characters have something to do with A.D. They literally drag it out and have the girls play detective when it ends up being pointless.

- Bad portrayal of mental illness. Can we please just think about the fact that to avoid prison time, every A has willingly revealed themselves and acted crazy to be institutionalised Instead of spending time in jail.


- Hanna; Okay, I agree with @prettylittleliarsxxxx time jump Hanna sucks. They literally brought back the shop lifting Hanna. How shit for character development. She’s saltier than McDonald’s fries at the minute. Getting angry at everyone. She’s irritating me so much. And this is coming from a Haleb shipper, but it pissed me off that Hanna and Caleb just flew back into their relationship without even giving Spencer time. Also, the fuck is up with them putting Spencer and Caleb together? Like that just goes against every girl code. It’s a no zone.

- MONA. Mona is quite frankly the best thing to happen to this show. Yes, she might have tortured the girls as A but she redeemed herself over the seasons, and really does care about Hanna. These girls still alienate and demonise her and they’d e pretty little dead girls if it wasn’t for her. She’s helped and saved their asses so many times. I just want Mona to find happiness. She deserves it.

Jashi and the Antis

Okay, so since this is apparently still a problem within part of the Samurai Jack fandom, I feel the need to speak out about this again. First of all, for the love of God, PLEASE stop arguing over the damn ship! It’s just a small part of a much bigger story that is amazing and all of you need to stop fighting and harassing each other over it!

Lately I’ve been seeing a few posts talking about how anti-Jashi shippers are getting sick of seeing Jashi everywhere, as in like they’re going to have a mental breakdown if they see it again and saying that they’re being tormented by Jashi shippers. And at that all I can do is give a blank look at my screen and go… “Really?” You’re really going to let a fictional pairing that has nothing to do with you at all in real life affect you THAT much? You people do realize that the show is Genndy’s vision and whatever happens in it doesn’t pertain to real life situations? It just completely boggles my mind that some people on this site can’t distinguish reality from fiction. I mean really just block the Jashi tag if you feel that strongly about it, no one’s forcing you to look at the Jashi content (though it feels like some of you are just to spew hate at us).

Also on the “JaSHi SHipPErs aRe bEiNg BULLIES aND TheY NeVEr sHUt uP!!1!” things I’ve been seeing around… Okay first of all, if this is about the Phil Lamarr thing, he even said that he wasn’t confirming anything, just correcting people on the internet (that Ashi wasn’t a minor and that Jack isn’t an old man, FYI, so please, antis, stop using those BS excuses), but shippers are still allowed to get excited about it and share that if they want, you would definitely do the same if it was your OTP. And for the next thing, literally the only time I’ve seen Jashi shippers argue against antis was when the antis insulted them on a post the shippers made, or on their own post insulting the shippers, which in my opinion gives them the right to stand up for themselves.

Just, please, PLEASE enough with the fighting. We all enjoy the show, and I truly believe that most Jashi shippers are okay if it doesn’t become canon, it’s just another bonus for us in a show we all love. If it does become canon, though, that’s Genndy’s decision and he felt it was what was best for both Jack and Ashi (who are both clearly their own, well-developed characters who would do just fine on their own,  but have shown to positively affect each other and benefit their own lives by being around each other, which is how a good relationship should be). So again, please no more fighting. If you don’t like Jashi then fine, but please don’t go around saying that the people who do are terrible human beings just because they happen to like a fictional pairing that you don’t, because they have their own, completely valid reasons for shipping it and you have your own, completely valid reasons for not shipping it, and what they ship isn’t a reflection of them as a person, but how you react to others who disagree with you is. You wouldn’t want someone attacking you for liking a pairing that they don’t, so please, enough with the ship wars, let’s just enjoy the show and ship and let ship like rational human beings. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

And to all of the antis who still insist on bullying others for a ship they try to say is morally wrong, please direct your attention to this.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I have a story I'm writing in first person, and I need to show that the character's friend is in love/is falling in love with her, but the character doesn't realize it. Any tips on how to let the reader know the friend is head over heels?

If the friend is truly in love, there will likely be signs that they care very deeply for your main character, regardless of romantic feelings. The friend might make sacrifices for her, or do nice things without being asked. They might open up to her, hoping that she might reciprocate and let them into her personal bubble. They might notice small things about her, able to tell when she’s frustrated, happy, sad, and while it might seem like prying, maybe they’re not afraid of her being angry with them for being pushy when they’re truly concerned for her wellbeing. 

Don’t focus so much on “romantic” feelings. Focus on showing that the friend cares about her. It’s possible that these feelings will be misinterpreted as platonic feelings by your character, but readers will be able to see that the friend cares, and when romantic feelings are revealed, it won’t be a surprise. 

In addition to all this, you could try to establish some chemistry between them. What kinds of things do they talk about? Do they banter? Do they feel physically at ease with each other? Do they have a history of long friendship together? Have they experienced hardship together? What connects the two of them? What thing will they always have, regardless of whether or not they’re romantically involved? 

But above all, let the character’s actions show your readers how they feel about her. My one caution is to keep it reasonable. If your attempt is to show a well adjusted healthy relationship, don’t let the friend’s actions cross the line into worship or stalking. The way you do this is by developing the character well enough that they have their own personal goals and wants separate from being with her. There has to be limit to what they’ll do for her when it starts to conflict with what their wants are. And they have to be willing to express anger of their own, because they won’t always be happy with her. 

Unconditional love does not mean that you always agree and accept the person’s decisions, and it does not mean that you never speak your mind when you feel they’re in the wrong. And it doesn’t mean that you overlook potentially unforgivable actions. Try your best to think of times when the character feels less than loving towards her and how they come around from it. This will help you develop tension for their relationship, and it’ll be much more interesting to read. 

Bottom line: show the character’s love. Through their actions, through their knowledge of her habits and routines, through their willingness to help her and protect her. The protagonist might not see that it’s romantic love, but a reader will see the genuine feelings of care and concern and a declaration of love won’t be a shock. 

Good luck!


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Same anon from the oth ranking, can you explain why you thought s2 was the best? IMO the only good part was jeyton (which is hard too esp Bc I am Leyton af)

Absolutely! First let me thank you for appreciating the beauty that was Jeyton, even if they aren’t beloved to you. I think your love for Lucas/Peyton and their lack of interaction in S2 may have something to with why you don’t like it?

But! Here are the great things about S2:

-We get Jeyton
-We see Peyton Sawyer happy for the first time in the series, with a boy she doesn’t have to feel guilty for falling in love with.
-Brooke Davis evolution of character. No, we don’t get Clothes Over Bros quite yet, but she stops being a vapid/bitchy/stereotype cheerleader and becomes an independent, sweet, thoughtful, intelligent woman. We see her win SBP, she starts DWNotI, she decides she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she learns how to be friends with guys. She becomes the Brooke we all know and love.
- Brucas development. Brooke and Lucas become their own entity. They establish a real friendship the way Peyton and Lucas do in S1, and that does even more for Brooke’s character, by giving her a presence that isn’t the best friend, the girlfriend or the conflict for Leyton. We also see Lucas fall for Brooke, not because she’s “fun” and he can’t have Peyton, but for everything she really is- which is amazing, obviously. And because this show is mostly Lucas perspective, we learn about her like he does- slowly and much more in depth. To me, this is the season that makes Brucas great- not S3, where they are almost constantly in conflict (Except the Rain Scene TM, which is collectively one of the best scenes ever on the show, for all the couples). 
-Brooke/Peyton friendship. Best scenes between these two in this season. It’s something we don’t get much of in S1 and episode after episode we see both girls mutually being one another’s best confidant, something that was discussed in S1 but not proved, and something we don’t get a lot of in S3 because Peyton is a fucking mess and in S4 she once again falls in love with Lucas (not hating just the truth). 
-The Chris Keller storyline. Up until Haley leaves, there’s a lot of “Haley loving Nathan” but not a ton of “Nathan loving Haley”. The pain and suffering that Nathan goes through while he pines for her is SO WELL WRITTEN, and so realistic, with such incredible continuity, it literally makes your heart ache for him. ACHE.
-Dare Night (enough said).
- The introduction of Andy. Now I love Karen and Keith just as much as anyone, but I am a HUGE Andy fan. He is the first character that comes into the story that seems like an equal opponent to the antagonist (Dan) and he is so good to Karen and everyone in her world.
-THE SWITCH EPISODE. This is one of the best OTH episodes ever written, and another great example of Schwans genius. It’s also an example of where fan service actually works in a series. People wanted to see “what if” Lucas and Nathan switched places, but doing that gets sticky. How much do you recreate? And what would change? And how is your audience going to receive it? One wrong move, and things will blow up. Is Lucas gonna be married to Haley and undermine the Naley relationship? Will Nathan be with Brooke, who he has limited screen time with? Where does Peyton fit in? Etc etc. BUT- by putting Nathan in a coma and making the switch VIA HIS PERSPECTIVE, everything gets put into focus and Schwan was able to keep particular aspects of the show that he knew fans wouldn’t want to lose. So Nathan’s connection with Haley is still there and important parts of their real relationship are left in tact, Karen is still in love with Keith, Brooke is barely in the episode (which is so streamlined, because Nathan interacts with her least). NATHAN still gets into Highflyers, not Lucas, Deb is not a pill popper but at her very best self, Nathan and Peyton’s core friendship (that is actually strong AF) is still around, etc. And  the “replay of the one on one basketball game” is epic. Yea, Nathan wins this time because duh, it’s his comatose dream world, but he still quotes Lucas’  “This is for my mom” line, and the audience realizes that for all his hatred towards Lucas in S1, Nathan secretly respected TF out of him for that. It’s pretty brilliant.
-We get our only gay character/story arc about being gay, and although it’s not nearly enough for the series as a whole, and I’ll forever be disappointed that the only POC woman on the show was purely used for a gay storyline, it’s still fucking fantastic, from Peyton wearing a DYKE shirt, to her then taking that shirt off in front of the principal, to Brooke breaking up with Felix over it and what she says- it’s all pretty beautiful.
-Karen finally starting to come to terms with her feelings for Keith
-Lucas living with Dan and the hilarity that ensues via Karen because of it (taking all of Lucas’ stuff, calling Dan an ass in mediation with an ass of a suit and a stupid frat boy haircut)
-Deb mixing boiling water and syrup to throw on Dan
-Nathan and Deb reuniting
-Nathan realizing he has to let go of Haley (and the return of Dick!Nathan 2.0)   in order be happy, which flips the tables, perfectly setting up S3 Naley arc (You don’t know what you have until you lose it trope)
-Lucas being the best Lucas, on his own and legit a great friend to everyone in his life (and definitely at his best physically/wardrobe wise)
-The scene where Lucas walks in to tell Brooke how he feels and she’s kissing Felix
-Jake showing up right before Peyton buys drugs
-Movie night to help raise money for Nathan
-Drag races

-Did I mention JEYTON????

I’m sure there is more I am forgetting. So S3 may have been more explosive, but S2 was just so meticulously written in a way that developed the characters so well individually and gave each of them a real piece of the OTH world. You may not realize it, but S2 is probably where you really started to get attached to these characters, where you began to really feel connected to them, so that when shit hit the fan in S3 and even 4, you felt it ALOT more deeply.

Things I didn’t like about S2?

-Actor who plays Felix was a disgrace
-Maria Menudos is also a terrible actress
- Keith looking thirsty AF to be with a woman

-This seems particular, but the scene where Nathan says “you know there’s a girl in your heart man, and you gotta tell her how you feel” has always gotten under my skin! It was SO OOC for Nathan, so fucking random, so not something Nathan would say (Lucas would say that), obviously put in to move the plot along. I can’t even think of S2 and not cringe because of that scene!!! WTF was the director thinking?????

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Your Voight post made me think, and I think CPD doesn't get enough appreciation re: how they seem to effortlessly go against a lot of toxic masculinity. Like, there's been any issues with the guys crying or expressing their love for each other, and it's never made into a joke or followed with a no homo reaction or smthn like that and idk I guess I really appreciate the male friendships in CPD. Even the rest of the franchise doesn't do so well as this imo (not counting justice bc it's still new)

You know I started replying to this and then I realised that I’ve never really thought about the male characters in that much depth…I’m the first to sing about how amazing Erin and Burgess are, as well as male characters individually, but when I really thought about how well the men have been created, I ended up with an entire essay so apologies it’s so long but I just love this show and these guys. Also since there’s been a lot of negativity in light of *cough* recent events, I thought it would be nice to show my appreciation, so here goes. Feel free to add examples/contradictions/points/other ideas etc!!

Something I need to say before beginning: I find it really, really difficult to empathise with male characters. It’s just harder for me to really relate to their issues. And I think a huge reason for this is just that being a female character in these shows and these professions is just harder. And therefore there are a certain amount of fundamental difficulties that each female character has to face, and since being a female in general involves a lot of these struggles, it’s much easier for other women to look at these characters and see themselves in them. Look at Erin and Burgess struggling to keep their hard work and intelligence a more valuable feature to their unit than their bodies. Look at April and Maggie trying not to be undermined by their male, more qualified co-workers - and Manning being a single, working mum. Look at Gabby beating the odds and becoming a firefighter even though no one thinks she can do it because she’s small and female.

And I love that this show can do that: take these vital professions and give them amazing, well developed, multifaceted female characters whose constant struggles are so relatable for any female watching because we’ve all been there.

But what PD does that I just don’t see so much in the others (Fire does it to an extent, but I can’t really think of any examples in Med - although it’s my least favourite and so I’m probably not the best person to make analyses based on it, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is do the same with the males. And it’s something that I have never seen on a TV show before. There’s no “no-homo” bullshit, there’s no reservations around being friends. They hug each other when they’re worried about them, they do the friendly shoulder squeezes and arm-punches and fist-bumps. They go out for drinks together. They trust each other and look out for each other and they talk to each other about how they feel. And it’s really, really nice to see.

People go the extra mile when writing female characters (although admittedly, as a teenage girl I’m probably not using the widest sample range of TV shows) because they know that either a) their audience is mostly female, or b) they’re worried about sexist accusations. Women have always been victims of horrible media tropes, so I’m so, so glad that they do go this extra mile - I love seeing female friendships more than anything else in the world - but because people are so aware of the issue surrounding female characters, they’ve taken that into consideration, while assuming that there isn’t actually a problem with their male characters.

What Chicago PD does that I think is incredible from a characterisation point of view is they take these archetypal cop characters - the dirty cop (Voight), the by-the-book cop (Antonio), the shell-shocked veteran cop (Halstead), the old-cop young cop (Ruzek and Ollinsky) and the gentle giant (Attwater). **there are more, such as Attwater arguably being the “token minority” and Ruzek being the “fair cop” but you get the idea. They all seem to represent one of the main tropes that are almost always present in cop shows (at least all the ones I’ve watched).

And the show doesn’t subvert the tropes, not exactly - even though doing so would be so much easier - but they three-dimensialise (idk if that’s a word just roll with me here) all the characters on top of these fundamental archetypes. ie:

  • Voight is a dirty cop. He kills people in the name of justice, he’s used dirty money and lied under oath and done things that probably should have lost him his badge a million times. And yet, he works tirelessly for the protection of his city. He loves his son with everything he has, and his grandson, and his daughter-in-law. He took in a 13(?) year old who’d been hooked on heroin and arrested for solicitation and loves her like she’s his own daughter. He made amends with the guy who put his son in jail. He always, always fights for the underdog and doesn’t let the system take advantage of them. He treats his unit as if they are his “family” - literally his words - and he has formed relationships with every single one of them, bending the rules and putting his neck and badge on the line if they ever do anything wrong or against the rules. (Example: 3x05)
  • Antonio plays by the rules, that’s just who he is. He believes in the system more than Voight does, arguably because he’s always been on the right side of it. But that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to make compromises if those he really cares about are on the line - he is more than willing to turn a blind eye to other people’s ‘interpretations’ of the law, and he will do everything in his power to fight his way using the rules of the system before he breaks them. (1x02, 3x01)
  • Halstead’s military history I think is one of the most interesting aspects of this show because he had the potential to turn into a “cold sniper” as I think is the norm with ex-military characters, and yeah, he was affected in ways that we don’t even know - and may never fully understand - by what he saw and did in his tour(s). But he’s so selfless and sweet and supportive. His PTSD and general commitment issues mean that he can’t open up to everyone but he still lets them open up to him, being Erin’s #1 supporter, and he’s finally started to work on looking after his mental health properly and learning how to ask for help. He’s kind and caring and understands the importance of sacrifice and, like Voight, is willing to bend the rules a little bit - even if he’s always there to question Voight’s methods. (3x17, 4x18 - deleted scene)
  • Ruzek is the token rookie of the show, and the audience is placed in the same boat as him when initially learning the ropes of the unit and how everyone fits. He’s the young and attractive one (I mean….), and he does exhibit those typical rookie traits: he’s rash and reckless and cocky and definitely not as cynical as any of the others, but at the same time he has a huge heart, he’s sweet and caring, and he can be as tough as hell when someone he loves is in danger. He doesn’t have the “tortured romantic” side to him and he has a typical cop family tree, but he’s the person I feel like most people can probably relate to - someone who puts themselves in harm’s way every single day for no reason other than he wants to make a difference. (1x01, 1x11)
  • Ollinsky is the other dirty cop, although he functions more as an assistant to the dirty cop. He has the tough coldness about him that you would probably expect Jay to have instead, if following these tropes by the book, and he comes across as very sinister and quite scary. And yet he is an absolute darling around Lexi and Michelle and when Lexi died and Meredith was kidnapped, he totally lost control. Despite all the coldness and being closed-off he is perhaps the most emotional of them all, grieving and crying and not caring about how tough he is when someone he loves is threatened. (4x16)
  • Attwater is the gentle giant of the show and although this doesn’t need much more explaining, he, alongside Erin, is also the token minority of the unit (even more so now that Antonio’s left and Burgess has joined Erin in Intelligence) and although this trope is constantly seen as a bad thing, using a token character to avoid criticism of being racist in casting choices, in PD Attwater opens the door to addressing cases of police racism, corruption and brutality against ethnic minorities, and the episodes in which they do deal with this, Attwater is quick to express his opinion on the matter and challenge within seconds everything that’s wrong with the institution and their society. But on top of all that, he has relatives in prison, he’s expected to be a big tough “scary black man”, but in actuality he looks after his two younger siblings and does stand-up comedy and probably gives the best bear hugs ever.

And the support system that these six men have together (or five, now that Antonio’s left) is incredible to watch. They understand barriers, they know when to push and when to give each other space, they all work together so well in such a potentially toxic environment without even a hint at this hyper-masculinity that is so huge in other cop shows. They’re all just bros.

What’s also great is that even though there’s a lil bit of that bro-masculine culture especially when Erin goes undercover and dresses up all nice, they’re never anything but perfect gentlemen. There’s no teasing and no sexist remarks about her legs or whatever, they all just seem genuinely impressed by how pretty she looks and how well she does her job. Adam even says things like “there’s about a thousand things I could say right now but won’t” because they all respect Erin and Burgess and support them as much as each they do each other. They don’t care if the women do better jobs than them, or save them, or shoot more accurately than them, and they’d never dream of undermining their femininity while doing so.

Other examples of the bros being bros:

  • Antonio getting Jay into the unit in the first place as a thank you for helping out Gabby (Chicago Fire, season 2 sometime, mentioned later when Antonio leaves)
  • Voight literally crying on Alvin’s shoulder after Justin’s death
  • Every single one of Jay and Mouse’s interactions, especially when they talk about their time in the military and Jay realises how much he cares about his friend when Mouse wants to re-enlist and when Mouse is taken hostage (4x05, 3x03)
  • Antonio and Voight’s entire friendship and the fact that Voight would go to such measures to help Diego even after Antonio was the one to put the cuffs on and send him to jail
  • Attwater and Ruzek being bros until the end and *sniff* the whole best man thing 
  • They all buy Antonio a zimmer frame when he gets shot isn’t that just beautiful
  • Ruzek hugging Al after Lexi’s death and his little “I don’t know what to say” and “can I hug you?” - like he knows Al might just want space but he has to let him know he’s there for him
  • They all get so upset when Jay is taken. Just watch the scene where they see the video of his torture and their faces break me. They can’t handle the idea that someone so close to them - their brother - is in so much pain. (3x01)
  • Seriously tho just look at these bros

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So I was just gonna write a few paragraphs and sorry this is so long but feel free to add more!! I want to know what everyone else thinks!

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How would you describe Aang lacking character development in Book 3 and how was he exactly selfish and demanding especially towards Katara.

Bryke really ruined Aang’s character development. One of his biggest fears was letting the world down. He disappeared for 100 years, and after Ba Sing Se fell, he was devastated that the whole world thought he was dead. The invasion was their best chance to win, they had been planning it for months. After failing, you would think he would show more emotion about that. You would think that he would be totally crushed that he couldn’t defeat Ozai. Especially because they didn’t have a way for him to learn firebending yet and Sozin’s Comet was coming soon. 

But what does he do? He runs away to play. He wants to goof around and act like nothing is wrong. He ignores her when she tries to talk. He doesn’t even want to deal with the problem and leaves her to deal with it on her own. She was always the one that he would confide in when he was upset, but he never really seems to appreciate that or reciprocate it. He shows no consideration that she just had her dad thrown into prison and he never mentions this once or asks her how she’s feeling. She has to act like his mom. He is actually more immature in Book 3 than he was in Book 1…

After everything Katara has done for him and how he supported her when Appa was missing, he acts very condescending and judgmental of her when it came to her mother’s death. He doesn’t show concern for her feelings, but only about whether she is following his morality. Clearly what he said hurt her feelings because she looks very cross with him at the end. Instead of this being an opportunity for Aang to learn something and change his perspective, and realize that he doesn’t understand Katara as well as he thought, he learns nothing. Bryke simply rewrite the episode to make Zuko look like a jerk.

The whole point of letting Katara go was so that he didn’t view her in an entitled and selfish way. Instead of going with that, Aang is even more selfish and demanding of her in Book 3. He never talks to her about her romantic feelings. He simply kissed her and assumed they would be together. He gets mad when she doesn’t respond in the way that he wants and says that he’d go berserk in the Avatar State if he could. Then he kisses her after she says that she is unsure of her feelings. He never develops or deals with his entitlement issues. He acts very selfish and demanding.

The whole deal with his attachment was supposed to tie in to his love for the Air Nomads. This would have given Aang character development. You would see that his possessiveness of Katara is tied into his grief and his fear of being abandoned. Katara was the one who helped him deal with being all alone after losing his people. All of that got dropped, so Aang just looks like an entitled brat. His feelings of loss for the Air Nomads and being the only survivor never properly got explored. He barely shows any emotion about his people in Book 3. He doesn’t change by the end of the story.

Aang was also supposed to confront his beliefs about pacifism. He had an attachment to his own sense of purity and he was supposed to let this go in order to open his final chakra. Even after taking Ozai’s bending, he was supposed to get character development regarding his guilt, developing an inner darkness. But just like with Katara, the plot gives him a way out an he never deals with this, either. He never has to mature or grow by the end. He runs away from his problems again. Katara has to question whether or not he will even show up to face Ozai. He never apologizes or considers how his disappearance affected her. She makes out with him at the end, so it’s all fine.

Katara always took care of Aang. That is why in the comics, Katara is his girlfriend but she dotes on him like a mother. She is always there to baby him, but he never seems to appreciate this or acknowledge it. It is simply taken for granted that her whole existence revolves around him. Their relationship is incredibly unbalanced.

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Could you list all the things and character traits that you love about Clarke Griffin?

That’s kind of a huge question, wow! I don’t know if I can do a big list of everything like that. Another time I’d be happy to write like 3 pages about it. But I can just say that I love that Clarke is such a complex lead character.

She starts out being so brave, and forthright, and clear of conscience. She knows right and wrong, she knows that she should help the people who need help in her world, and that she can’t give up on others. She finds things in her rivals and enemies that she can connect to, and turns them into allies, friends, even lovers (Bellamy, Anya, Lexa, Murphy, Roan). From the moment she looked at Bellamy and said “I saw you in the woods with Atom, I know you’re not a killer!” she was putting herself out there at risk to believe in someone else. To make a case for them to be their best selves and solve the problem that needs to be solved. This is a core character aspect of Clarke that continues into this season, and while it’s brought her incredible guilt and suffering, it has also brought the trust and loyalty and friendship and love of not just the delinquents, but the Sky People and some of the Grounders too. Even if they argue with her plans or reject her, they also still trust Clarke to try to save them. And she keeps trying. Under torture, under trauma, under incredible loss–Clarke ALWAYS keeps trying.

What we’ve seen over the course of 3+ seasons is her outside hardening because her choices have become more impossible and agonizing every episode. She doesn’t believe in her own judgment anymore sometimes. She doesn’t know how to trust herself or others in a world this painful. And yet, when it got so bad that Clarke pulled away from the world, she still eventually came back. She came home, she took the responsibility everyone has been pushing onto her, and she is trying. She knows she can’t do it alone, and she has found the people that she loves who she can trust to give them all the best chance of survival.

There is a steel core in Clarke. The scene where she watched her mother hang—I haven’t seen such an incredible performance for an actress in a long time in this genre. Eliza masterfully conveyed every ounce of what it cost Clarke, and that was the most heroic moment depicted on this series so far. Yet alongside that steel is a softness to Clarke. She loves people–as groups and as individuals–and we saw in season 1 and in flashbacks that her normal disposition is to be cheerful, witty, affectionate, and warm. She hugs people to comfort them. She listens when people talk. She forgives them for their mistakes and she doesn’t stop loving them.

That’s a lot to pack into a character, but it’s been amazing to see develop over time on the show. One of the best things The 100 does is give us characters to care about. It took me most of s1 to bond with Clarke, but once I did…oh, I love her. I want her to get the job done and I want her to have a moment of peace. I want her to be hugged by her friends and held by Bellamy and told by her mom that Abby is proud of her for saving them. I want her to feel enough trust in her own self to love the person that she wants to love, even if she doesn’t feel like she deserves happiness anymore. I want her to find happiness.

And yes, for me, that means happiness with Bellamy. I want them both to have a second where they can just BREATHE and press their foreheads together and know that they aren’t alone. That they are loved. Clarke has suffered enough, and she deserves to love and be loved, by the person who understands what she has been through and will carry the weight when she cannot. By someone who knows the best and worst of her, and loves her for it. By someone she has seen the best and worst of, and still loves to the end of the world. I’m probably not supposed to make this a bellarke post but I can’t help it sometimes, because Clarke’s love is such an integral part of her journey.

Clarke is an incredible female lead character for not just YA or SciFi audiences, but for television in general. She’s as messy and imperfect and damaged as she is powerful and inspiring. She feels very human, very real, and I want to see more of her story. Let it be a great one.

A Character Study: John Bender

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Sun in Aries

Throughout the movie, John Bender is largely a rebellious, confrontational and impulsive character, those being the traits of an undeveloped Aries Sun. An astrological placement that is poorly developed will show its darker side more. Bender is reckless. He has a disdain for the authority figures around him and does what he wants, not minding if he gets himself or his classmates in trouble. Indeed, Bender is a forceful and hard-to-ignore personality, always being the subject of the matter. He is definitely not a follower, but he is yet to be the assertive leader this sun sign is at its best.

Moon in Scorpio

The way in which Bender reads his classmates’ true motivations and makes detailed (and often correct) assumptions of their lives can only come from a person with a good understanding of human nature, and therefore, someone who is sensitive to his surroundings and has a deep perception of reality. He, however, is private about his own feelings and keeps any signs of emotional vulnerability hidden behind a defensive attitude. When Andrew tells him that  if he “disappeared forever it wouldn’t make any difference” Bender seems unbothered, just to throw the words back at him later on, proving that he was hurted. Also, Bender is grudgeful. He resents his parents for his upbringing and the other kids for being more privileged than him. Scorpio Moons are all about inner transformation and unveiling the truth, precisely what the journey of this character is about.

Mercury in Aries

Bender is loud and outspoken while stating his opinions, often coming across as rude to other people. Having the planet of communication placed upon the fiery Aries can make a person prone to be involved in heated arguments, due to the combination of bluntness and competitiveness with one’s speech. Bender shows this quite a lot. He may be thoughtless or simply careless but, whether is just a debate or a big fight, he wants to have the last word and will not hold his tongue back against anybody.

Venus in Gemini

Like every Gemini Venus person, Bender is incredibly witty and funny (if he’s not picking on you), this being his most redeemable quality. Almost everyone find themselves amused by his quirkiness, even when they cannot stand him most of the time. Bender is playful and has shown an interest in Claire, which he seems to display by teasing her. At some point, they’re both talking about his sentimental life (much to his annoyance) and he implies a dislike for the idea of being tied down in a relationship. When she asks Bender if he believes in “just one guy, one girl” because “that’s the way it should be”, he replies “not for me”.

Mars in Gemini

Despite his aggressive appearance, Bender’s best weapon are words more than any sort of physical strength or willingness to harm. Gemini Mars people are energetic and they can channel their power into being great speakers. He talks his way out of trouble and shields himself in sarcasm and dark humor.   In any case, not only these are his way to deal with boredom but also his way to cope with more intimate and personal problems too. 

Movie: “The Breakfast Club” (1985) dir. John Hughes


Tom is a very relatable character, his struggles and problems are very real to alot of people, and it’s nice for people to see a character who is willing to change themselves to help their lives for the better.

Tom is a character that gives those of us struggling with our own emotions and relationships that things can get better, we’ll make mistakes, but that doesn’t make us a bad person.

You want Tom to succeed, because you can tell how much it means to him to rid himself of these negatives emotions (Ones i again, remind you, came from his stinking Dad)

If you see yourself in Tom, knowing he has a friend out there who supports him and takes his feelings into account becomes really heart-warming.

It gives us all a little faith that we’ll find someone out there willing to see the good in us, and who won’t think of us as bad people simply because of how we feel..or things we can’t control.

Which is why it’s upsetting that every time their relationship gets brought up to bigger blogs in the fandom, it’s either painted as abusive, or someone evolves it somehow into Star//co evidence (Sometimes Jant//om)…or puts it in a comparison simply to call Star//co “better” or “More Important”.

Or y’know…gets the typical “You like it’s cause it’s gay” treatment.

 Tomco just…doesn’t get the praise it should be getting for what it’s trying to represent.

Brain isn’t exactly doing too good a job at helping Tom, his methods are questionable, and i don’t think repressing all forms of anger is going to do much for Tom in the long run.

This relationship is something Tom needs.

If this show knows how to do one thing, it’s develop real characters and believable relationships.

I can only hope this blog does help them become a much more positively viewed and more important relationship to the fandom.

Because they’ve gotten the boot too many times from this fandom and it sucks to see them tossed to the side so much.

But anyways, thank you.

I’m so used to my theories and opinions (From the AT fandom), being trashed or being lead to death-threats and it’s nice that i can talk about something i like…and have people enjoy it.

Just hope for the best with Tom and Marco.

I’ll be watching them very closely myself.

Character Analysis: Jackie Burkhart (That 70s Show)

From the beginning of the show, Jackie was always attached to someone; whether by friendship (best friends with Donna, much to her annoyance), Michael Kelso (girlfriend), or Steven Hyde (girlfriend). Though she knew the gang from their childhood days, she was never fully accepted by any of them until later in the show. From the start, Jackie was supposed to be the dumb, popular, pretty girl that was bitchy and mean and made Donna look good. But as the series continued, Jackie was put more and more in the spotlight and became nicer, better, and more mature. By mid-series, Jackie is less bossy, bitchy, and dim. By beginning a relationship with Steven Hyde, Jackie becomes intellectual, caring, and more mature. When her dad is imprisoned and her mom abandons her, Jackie makes it on her own, but physically and emotionally. Although she lives with Donna and is mentored by Kitty and Red, she doesn’t have the full emotional support that she deserves.

First off, Jackie’s characterization is wonderful to watch. She goes from being the popular, dumb, pretty girl of the group to the girl with a backbone, smarts, and caring. She loves stronger than anyone on the show, and proves her loyalty to her friends constantly, despite getting name called and degraded. Her loyalty to first Kelso then Hyde was proof enough that she was capable of forgiveness and growing as a person. 

In contrast to Donna, Jackie was intended to be disliked and not a fan-favorite. It’s obvious from the beginning that the writers wanted her to be temporary or at least very minimal in plot and characterization. Fortunately for Jackie fans, she changes, matures, and grows as a character. She is transformed by the hardship and challenges she faces growing up, but doesn’t let it harden her or make her bitter or angry at the world.

In her relationships, Jackie is very caring, loyal, and protective. When she was paired with Michael Kelso (a horrible match), she was loyal to him - nearly to a fault. He cheated on her constantly and consistently since they began their relationship and constantly degraded her, made fun of her, and broke her heart and trust. Despite this, she remained loyal because she saw something in Michael that was worth loving and fighting for. Some would call her naive or clingy, but I see a girl who wants love and to be loved and is willing to work for it, despite it hurting her time and time again. Eventually she has enough of Kelso’s act and starts dating Hyde, who turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her and the show.

Jackie and Hyde’s relationship was a highlight for the show, a crowning moment in Jackie’s characterization, as well as Hyde’s. The two are the epitome of “opposites attract”, at least on the surface. Physically, they’re completely different: him blue eyed, blond, and pale, while she is tan, brunette, and exotic looking. Moving on to personality, the two have very different outlooks on the world. Steven was raised by poor (both financially and in character) parents and was given the short end of the stick in most situations (his crush chose his best friend over him). Jackie, however, grew up with two loving parents (though it’s questionable how loving her mother was, her father seemed to be very caring) and had money to spend. Despite their different childhoods and outlooks on life, the two just clicked. in the first season Hyde took her to the prom when Kelso dumped her and took the girl he cheated on her with instead. Though Hyde hated prom and anything of that nature, he agreed to do so because Jackie was heartbroken and wanted to be able to keep face. By the end of the show, Hyde and Jackie spent every dance together and as other fans happily note, they’re always happy together and become closer to one another during those episodes. 

Aside from her romantic relationships, Jackie is also treated poorly by the writers with her personality. She’s supposed to be some dimwitted, pretty, popular girl whose shallow and only cares about money and popularity (as exemplified by the constant dialogue she has admitting how much she cares about popularity and money). However, the more screen time she gets, the more her character develops, the more she grows, matures, and learns. She is given a rough hand when her father is jailed and her mother abandons her, yet the writers don’t capitalize on the character-development that could have happened, instead they focus on Donna and Eric’s crappy relationship that is so unhealthy and annoying. When Hyde and Kelso begin to fight over her for her affections, the writers try to make her seem shallow by reveling in the attention and efforts the two make. However, it is clear that she does like Hyde more than Kelso and that her enjoyment of their struggle is an immature way of exhibiting her lack of love and attention she received from her parents. The writers didn’t seem to care about that though and forced her to be shown as shallow and uncaring.

Another aspect that the writers failed to realize when maturing Jackie’s character is that despite everything she went through, she remained a positive, happy girl and didn’t let life’s hardships harden her into a depressed, angry, person. The writers wanted to have someone to offset Donna’s “awesomeness” and girl-next-door vibe. They wanted Jackie to be some ditzy character that wasn’t really part of the group, however, they ended up with a girl who was strong, loyal, and caring.

Jackie is by far from perfect, though. Like Donna, she is bitchy, bossy, and snobby. The writers particularly liked to emphasize her shallowness whenever her character would become too mature or act too kind. The characters on the show constantly point out how shallow and bitchy she is, but fail to realize that despite their insults and degrading comments, Jackie sticks around and works hard to see her friends be happy. Although treated like a half-member or something temporary, Jackie finds her place amongst the gang and solidifies her place when she not only befriends Donna more and proves to be a true friend, but also is a good match for Hyde and is capable of turning a grumpy, dark teen into something less mad and hateful. 

Despite her shallow exterior, it’s more of a coping/defensive mechanism. Some would argue that Jackie is just shallow by nature and her random acts of kindness merely just one-time things that don’t mean much, however I would beg to differ. Jackie’s character - though spoiled and rich - never received real love or attention from her family. Donna and Eric’s parents love them dearly and show time and time again how much they care - though Bob is a goofball and Red is more likely to kick someone’s ass than comfort them, but is loving nonetheless - Jackie, however, never had that. Her father, a rich man, was never really around for her. He emotionally was absent and tried to makeup for it by giving her gifts, though it fell short of actual sentiments. Jackie’s mother is a whole other can of worms. Her mother is shallow (and obviously gave Jackie the notion that money and beauty is everything) and is even worse than her husband. Jackie’s father cared enough to see to his daughter’s financial needs, but her mother just straight up abandoned her daughter for months at a time, often with little to no correspondence. This obviously has an impact on Jackie, though the show does little to develop her.

Jackie’s characterization was beautiful and realistic. She made you want to root for her, to see her do well, to see her character catch a break when everything would be against her or not go her way. Unlike Donna who bitched and whined her way to get what she wanted and made everyone’s lives miserable, Jackie was capable of bettering people’s lives and bringing out the best in others simply by being herself and gaining maturing. The writers did a disservice to her and the entire show during season 8 and the end of season 7. Jackie was the one character (aside from Hyde) who I sympathized with and rooted for despite everything because she represented not a fantasy or ideal that seemed great, but was actually great. She didn’t need to be constantly reminded or told how great she was or that she was such a catch. Of all the characters of the show, Jackie is by far the least credited.