character development this show does it best

Let’s just remember for a second that in the beginning of The Song of Achilles, Patroclus is described as being too slow, too small—basically not a warrior, never going to be a warrior. Throughout the book, he’s shown as not really having a love of fighting and chooses to learn medicine from Chiron on Mount Pelion. And then, at the very end, in the most 180 character development I’ve ever seen in my entire life, Patroclus dons the armor of his most beloved, the demigod known as the warrior to end all warriors, the best of the Greeks, and goes into battle. Into fucking battle.

He goes against everything that anyone ever thought of him; what he thought of himself. This man—against the words of his father who never showed him the love he deserved, who was cast out into exile by that same father, this man who would rise to be the pin in the grenade—does what no one expected him to: He leads a charge against the Trojans that spins the war on its head in such a way that gods have to get involved.

Achilles, aristos achaion, refuses to fight because of an argument with Agamemnon over honor, and sweet, gentle, kind Patroclus with his heart full of only love for his people, for his friends, for the man he holds most dear—this man, without grace (I mean he’s dropping spears and accidentally almost knocking his helmet off for hell’s sake) makes what’s described as a ‘fateful decision’ and says, “You know what? Send me. I’ll do it.” 

Even if you read the Iliad, it goes the same way. We remember Achilles, this strong, bronze, divine being as the one who kills Hector. Ask anyone about the Trojan War and I’ll bet you 100:1 that people will always mention Achilles before Patroclus, but you know what? It should be the other way around. The amount of courage it takes to know that you have no special skill, you’re mortal, and there’s an extremely high chance that you’re going to die, and yet you still go to the largest battle before the demigod does—the fact that that exact moment is when the entire war turns and what was once a losing battle is refueled… That to me is more heroic than anything.

one of the absolute best things about this show are Percy and Keyleth’s discussions of leadership. Legacy and responsibility, the people as an entity with history to be preserved vs. the people as individuals who need help right now. When and how far to deal and compromise. It’s so good for the development of the characters, it ties into Vox Machina’s general issue with their own rising influence in the world, and it’s really excellent philosophical argument? I love it.

News Flash

Criticizing Joss Whedon’s problematic writing choices does not translate to hate.

Also, word of advice, if you want people to stop accusing you of being racist or sexist, then you might want to stay away from the following:

  • Having the lead female protagonist of your show almost raped by her love interest and then have the showrunner praise the rapist as being his favorite character and having the best character development (Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Plan to have a prostitute gang raped to feed into the character development of her male love interest (Inara, Firefly)
  • Have a show that heavily features Asian culture and religions, but then fail to cast any Asian actors (Firefly)
  • Claim that having Asian actors was unnecessary because one of your white actors “kind of looked Asian.” (Summer Glau, Firefly)
  • Fire your lead actress for getting pregnant and then spend the next season shitting all over her character (Charisma Carpenter, Angel)
  • Inviting that lead actress to come back to the show, promising her that she’ll stick around until the final episode, only to turn around and kill her character off at the last moment as revenge (Charisma Carpenter, Angel)
  • Creating the single most racist depiction of a black female character by making her violent, savage, animalistic and so dumb that she isn’t even able to speak, and then reveal that the way she became the first slayer, was by having a group of old men force a demon into her body without her consent (The First Slayer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Have one of the most popular female superheroes referred to as a “cunt” by the main villain (Natasha Romanoff, Avengers)
  • Claim that because a female character was unable to have children, that she was considered a monster (Natasha Romanoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Taking one of the strongest female superheroes in the MCU and turning her into an outlet for her male love interest to pour his man angst all over and then completely dump her in the end without any expression of gratitude for all she did for him (Natasha Romanoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Have one of the most popular superheroes in the MCU joke about raping women (Tony Stark, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Feature two characters who were originally of Jewish-Romani descent and then have them whitewashed by hiring white actors to play them (Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Having two Jewish-Romani characters volunteer for a Nazi organization, despite the fact that Jewish and Romani people were victims of the Holocaust (Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Have the audacity to redefine feminism and re-brand it because he found feminism distasteful.
  • Constantly using the “break the cutie” trope to punish his supposedly “strong female characters.” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Using the threat of sexual violence against his lead female protagonists on multiple occasions (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Avengers)

Check yourself, fandom. These criticisms of Joss Whedon’s work have been long-standing and are completely valid. So, before you get on your high horse and try to accuse his detractors of being bitter fangirls, take a look at all the fucked up shit your problematic fav has said and done, and then we’ll talk.

If any of you haven’t already noticed...

I am going through a major crisis.


Because I had another reawakening on how much I fucking love Helga G. Pataki from Hey Arnold. Let me explain why.

She is one of the best developed and most complex child characters I’ve ever seen on television and no one can convince me otherwise. Helga’s behavior is definitely portrayed as a joke for the majority of the show, but we get so many glimpses of why she acts the way she does. Her abrasive, bullying, and angry attitude leads many viewers to believe that she is an antagonistic force almost for how terribly she can treat people. If you think about it, though, can you truly recall a time when she beat someone up who didn’t warrant it? This doesn’t say it’s right, but the only times she’s ever laid a hand on other students are the ones that said something mean; granted Brainy is the exception here since the only crime he committed against her was invasion of personal space and stalking, but the person she beats up the most is Harold. This is a fact and yet the only times she does hurt him is when he says something mean and taunting to her and she beats it down to show everyone who witnessed it that these are the consequences to treating her poorly. Has she ever laid a hand on anyone who didn’t provoke her though? No. 

For Helga fans, I think it’s safe to say the three of the most iconic episodes showing her true persona are “Helga on the Couch,” “Arnold’s Christmas” and “Arnold’s Thanksgiving.” This is a generally subjective selection as there are other episodes such as “Big Sis” and such that convey further into the point of why Helga is the target of a barragement of shit, but we’ll start with these.

“Helga on the Couch” came out after the Christmas special, but this episode dedicated purely to our home girl was our first blatant insight to why Helga is the way she is. For those who don’t know, the episode starts out with a child psychologist dropping in to survey the class and notices Helga right away. When she discovers that Helga has once again punched Brainy in the face, Helga actually gets pulled into the principal’s office for it.  Instead of suspension, Dr. Bliss suggests Helga be required to come in and talk to her in her office for a therapy session, thus getting the ball rolling for Helga to begin to open up about her life in a very straight-forward way. We see her flash back to her parents loving their eldest daughter, Olga, but then the moment Helga walks in to remind her mother of something she forgot to do it’s as if the pleasant family atmosphere has completely dissolved and her family is brushing her off again. The final and most important flash back she has was when she was three. She begs her parents to take her to preschool as they fawn over Olga playing the piano like the protege she is, fucking brushing off their toddler who is fighting for their attention. Helga then proceeds to repeatedly announce she’s leaving for school to get them to realize what she’s doing, but to no avail. Helga, a tiny three year old, sets out in the pouring rain by herself in a New York type city, and walks herself to school because she has no other choice. People on the streets stare at her, this small girl with no jacket or rain gear of any sort, is sopping wet and walking to school. The fact that she knows the way is an even deeper sting because if a toddler can remember where to go on complicated city streets, this suggests this isn’t the first time this has happened. The shrink is now appalled at the story, realizing that Helga has never had anyone truly notice her, to which she responds “there was one person…” So by the time she gets to the school, she’s freezing and covered in mud and miserable, but who steps up to her and offers his umbrella? ARNOLD DOES. He compliments her bow as Phil leads him inside, and instantly she’s enamoured with the first person to ever show her kindness. Flash forward to inside during snack time. Helga didn’t have a lunch or anything like the other kids did, so during snack time, she was getting ready to FEAST on her measly snack of two saltine crackers when fucking Harold eats her goddamn crackers and laughs in her face while he does so. Helga is on the verge of tears, no doubt that being the only food she’d get that day, when Arnold gives her his crackers with a big warm smile. Helga oggles after him in gratitude and admiration, earning her a barrage of teasing from Harold and causing the other kids to laugh at her too. This moment…this right here:

This was the turning point. This was the moment when Helga snapped.

Her scowl becomes enraged and violent as she beats the everloving shit out of Harold, stomping off and knocking over the other kids whom had teased her only moments ago, announcing this was “her school now.” The other kids are shocked at the change and now fear her wrath, thus beginning the era of Top Bitch Helga. For years, the viewers just thought it was a comedic relief thing to see such an angry, confrontational character, but after seeing this episode, it’s not funny anymore: it’s real. Helga is the girl who is terrified of showing any sort of emotion that isn’t anger because, that first moment she showed her vulnerability, she was taunted for doing so. She walls herself off from others because she fears being made small. For years, and even following her into elementary school, she had zero control over her life and her only outlet was to reject the world as it had rejected her. This mentality followed her for the rest of her life on the show, making it so painful to see others interact with her. She had Phoebe, but she even kept her at a distance, never showing the sensitive, emotional side of herself even to her best friend. Everyone else she treats coldly and with sarcasm or hostility, not giving them the opportunity to reject her before she makes it clear that she rejects them first. This look into her childhood shows why she’s so abrasive and mean: it’s her coping mechanism to being treated like absolute horse shit her entire life. 

Next is the Thanksgiving episode. Helga hates when Olga is home, so she slips out because she wants to get away. She and Arnold both sort of pout together, but eventually head to their respective homes. Arnold comes home to his loving grandparents and boarders waiting for him with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on the roof, whereas Helga comes home to her parents actually worried about her. Here’s the kicker though: Olga had panicked and made missing posters already, but here’s what they looked like:

Now it was brushed off and taken as a joke, but this is actually incredibly disgusting. Olga is worried that her little nine-year-old sister is missing, and what does she do? Make fliers, but fliers that don’t even say her sister’s name. The picture she uses is one that has the attention centered on her, posing like a model while her sister is in the background scowling at her. Then the caption: Award Winning Olga Pataki’s sister. Not one mention of her sister’s name, nope it simply highlights how highly she thinks of herself and the fact that she always has to be in the center of attention with the words Award Winning. Even when a family catastrophe strikes at the potential of their youngest going missing, that child is still placed on the back burner in comparison to her. I know Olga has had her moments of trying to have a nice relationship with her sister, but it doesn’t make up for this or anything else she’s done to her sister. Olga never hurt her, no, but she played into her little sister’s neglect by even doing it herself in the episode “Big Sis,” but I’ll touch on that later.

The last major episode that never ceases to make me cry nineteen years after airing is the Christmas special. According to the wiki synopsis for the episode, “When Arnold draws Mr. Hyunh’s name in the boarding house’s Secret Santa, he decides to make it the most special Christmas ever for the lonely boarder and tries to reunite Mr. Hyunh with his long-lost daughter. Meanwhile, Helga agonises over what would make the perfect present for Arnold.” Now, Helga follows Arnold and Gerald around all day, clamoring to figure out what Arnold wants, but catches wind of what he’s trying to do for Mr. Hyunh. Arnold and Gerald are one step away from being able to get the city archivist guy working for the offices who have the information on Mr. Hyunh’s daughter, whom been given up because Hyunh wanted to spare her from growing up in Vietnam with the war raging on and he had to wait 20 years to get out of Vietnam and come to America (YOU SEE ACTUAL WAR IN THE FLASH BACK I MIGHT ADD,) but the deal they made with the man is void because the boys couldn’t find the final item on the list: a pair of Nancy Spumoni snow boots. The entire city was sold out thus dooming Arnold and Gerald in their endeavors to disappointment. They head home, Helga feeling genuine sorrow for him and heads home herself. To cheer her up, her mom lets her open a present although it’s Christmas Eve and it’s the boots. Helga had wanted them so badly she burst outside to try them out but was met with instant conflict about what to do. She doesn’t toil long, though, as she rushes back to the archivist offices and throws the boots at Mr. Bailey, telling him they have work to do. At first, he says they’re closed and there’s nothing he could do now, but Helga gets real with him and says. “For pity’s sake, are you that cold? Look into your heart. We’ve got a choice here: either you and I work all night to find a certain lost daughter, or you can leave now. But if you leave now, that little football-headed kid will never believe in miracles again.” Before I continue on, let’s sit on that phrase for a moment. She is concerned with him believing in miracles, but why? Why did she say it like this? It’s because this is what she truly admires about Arnold that she feels she doesn’t have: his sense of wonder and innocence, not to mention his heart of gold and willingness to go out of his way for other people. When Helga sees him absolutely deflate from his failure at finding Mai, it hurts her, too, even though it doesn’t affect her. She feels so strongly for him that his sadness and the loss of his spark fuels her to finish what he started to bring it back. 

Now we’re at the boarding house and everyone is opening their secret santa gifts, but there’s nothing for Mr. Hyunh. He is still brooding in the corner, the holidays being a season that made him forlorn and distant, but says he doesn’t need a present when the boarders realize there is nothing under the tree for him. A knock on the door interrupts the conversation, but Grandpa returns with a young woman, who calls out to Mr. Hyunh in Vietnamese with “dad.” Suddenly he is filled with joy and they run to each other and talk in their native tongue. Arnold is confused, but wondering how such a miracle could happen. Gerald suggests he’s got a Christmas angel looking out for him, to which the shot pans to Helga silently standing outside with an adoring smile on her face as she whispers, “Merry Christmas, Arnold.” This is SOOOOOOOO important because it shows, despite her harsh exterior and foul treatment by her family and peers, she is such a caring and warm-hearted person despite what she and everyone else believes. She gives up these boots, boots that are expensive and rare and her mother had to wait eight hours in line to get, to held Arnold help someone else. Sure, it could be interpreted as her only doing it to make him like her, but where’s the proof? When she brought Mai to the boarding house, she stayed outside, silent and letting Arnold and his family have their moment without crediting herself. She cares so deeply about this boy that she gives up the only thing she wanted for Christmas to make his. This episode aside, this isn’t the first time she’s put herself aside for him. 

The episode where Lila rejects Arnold and he becomes sad and disappointed, who’s there to comfort him in her own weird way? HELGA. She knows he likes this other girl and, when she rejects him, rather than rub it in his face in victory she comforts him and even asks if he’s okay. She could be celebrating, but she worries about him and his hurt instead. 

Helga deals with her society as a whole, too, as she’s made to feel ugly for not being conventionally pretty. She buys magazines for preteens, even staring at them sadly as she feels she can’t compare to the models, and begins to hack away at herself, plucking the shit out of her eyebrow, plastering makeup on, putting a bra on and stuffing it to give the appearance of boobs, shaving her legs and putting on a skin tight dress to get into Rhonda’s party, her being the only girl in the class not invited. It’s so sad to see just how hard she tried to be accepted despite all of her plights at pushing everyone away and how as a damn fourth grader she clamors to look like a mature woman just to be liked. It’s the saddest thing to watch this girl who should only be worrying about being a kid have to worry about, not only her incredibly neglectful family and critical peers, but about beauty as well. At this point it’s safe to say that no one has ever called Helga pretty, and that’s the saddest part.

She is used as comedic relief so much, but as the series progresses and we see what Helga is truly like, it becomes less like satire and more heartbreaking to see someone have to be so strong for herself when no one else will be. She’s the one who is the bigger person in certain quarrels with her family members even though they are the adults, and she makes an honest effort to own up to mistakes that she’s made. She’s nine years old, is canonically proven to have the IQ of a genius, grew up and lives with a neglectful family, tries to shield herself from any negative shitstorms from her peers, all the while still being incredibly loving and caring and just wanting to be validated as a human being. The magician episode was enough to show how she even suffers from severe depression because of her upbringing although it’s incredibly suppressed, as she sees in her mind that she’s gone but everyone’s glad she’s gone. 

Neglectful family aside, I related to Helga so much as a child and even now because of her behavior. When I was a kid I acted the same exact way as her: abrasive and angry because I was terrified of rejection. It was my way of coping and faking it to show the world I didn’t actually care when I did. I related even more on her treatment of Arnold because when I like a boy that much, I would be mean, too. I don’t know why, but I was afraid of the thought that if I showed my interest or admiration, it would be a sign of weakness, so I walled myself off. 

Helga G. Pataki is such a wonderfully written character and, even as a child, I loved her so much because she had such a realistic growth arc due to her childhood, but despite the odds, still didn’t let the world that had been nothing but cold and cruel to her change who she truly was inside as she always remained true to her heart and her passions. She didn’t deserve the way people treated her, but I’m so proud of how strong she stayed despite it all.

I’m glad Helga was a part of my childhood and if I could give her a hug and tell her I love her I would.

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It’s All in the Details II

Here are more questions about your muse(s), this time more feeling orientated. Fill in or ask others to send them to you.

  1. How do they laugh?
  2. How do they cry?
  3. How willing are they to show their vulnerability?
  4. How does their anger show? How do they sound, do they shout, go quiet or something else?
  5. What’s the best way to calm them down?
  6. How do they try to calm down others?
  7. What things they can’t forgive?
  8. How easily do they admit they were wrong?
  9. How do they console their friends?
  10. How do they deal with their strong emotions, both positive and negative?
  11. What feelings they find easiest to control?
  12. What everyday things make them happy?
  13. What’s the saddest they’ve ever been?
  14. What’s the happiest they’ve ever been?
  15. What’s the angriest they’ve ever been?
  16. How easy is it for them to empathize with friends? How about strangers?

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do you think reiner will get the bert treatment? :(

Do you mean: will Reiner soon be Kruger Krunched™?

If I’m honest, I’m not sure. It really depends on what direction Isayama is taking the story over the next few chapters.

Chapter 91 was the opening chapter of a new volume. He’s decided to switch the point of view to the Warriors, and he’s decided to introduce several new characters. Logically, I feel like he should continue with this POV for the rest of the volume (at least); however, this could mean up to three more months without seeing the Survey Corps. Not showing the main cast for such a long time would be a risky move on Isayama’s part, and I think he knows it (just look at his comment in Bessatsu Shonen).

If he does stick with the Warriors’ POV for the next few chapters, I’m hoping he’ll give Reiner some more development; him and Zeke. It would be Isayama’s best opportunity to do this, and give them character arcs that feel a bit more fulfilling.

However, I still feel like what happened to Bertolt was unfair. It felt like his character development was really going somewhere during the Return to Shiganshina arc, only to be cut short when he was turned into titan fodder. With the manga now entering it’s final story arc, and Isayama having (perhaps) too many characters, I am worried there’s not enough time for everyone to get a satisfying ending.

TL;DR It’s impossible to say, I’m afraid. I really hope not; there’s so much more I want to learn about Reiner. However, it’s an unfortunate possibility that he’ll soon become titan fodder too.


If the reason you hate Iris West is because “she needs more development” or “she should be fleshed out more” or some variation of this, SURPRISE!! YOU MAY BE A RACIST!!

Does Iris need a more thorough backstory and further character evolution and more dimensionality? My personal answer is yes. BUT GUESS WHAT? So does Cisco! So does Wally! So does Caitlin! So does Joe! SO DOES ANY CHARACTER WHO IS OF COLOR AND/OR DOES NOT IDENTIFY AS A MALE.

If you are two seasons into The Flash and have not yet realized that the white male show runners are best at depicting their white male characters in the most complex, multi-faceted light, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The most intricately portrayed main characters with sufficient backstories are Barry Allen and any version of Harrison Wells. I wonder what these two have in common??? Hint: it’s not just their blue eyes.

You could argue that Barry’s status as the most compounded character is warranted, because after all, he is The Flash and this is his story. I’d buy that and I can accept that. But it’s not a coincidence that Wells has been allowed the second most elaborate storyline on the show, more so than Iris and Joe, the most important people in Barry’s life.

All I’m saying is that I have recognized this about the show and understand that as much as I love it and the characters, the writing is far from perfect and there needs to be shift in how the stories of female characters and characters color are told in an entertainment industry that reflects the society we live in, which values and humanizes white males over all other identities. And those of you holding only Iris to that standard, the sole WOMAN OF COLOR character in the main cast, could not be more transparent in your bias. We see you.

Okay, so can we talk about Ponyhead, Star and Marco friendship development?

Like, in episode “Party with Ponyhead”, when Ponyhead showed up to party with Star, she did everything to separate Marco and Star, because she wanted to be the one and only best friends of Star. Marco wasn’t suited to be another one, that wasn’t an option from Ponyhead perspective. 

Originally posted by mdbjc

This changes when Star get mad at her for leaving Marco behind, she realizes that it’s not up to her this, Star does have another best friend and she should accept it. At the end of episode then came to an acepting 

Then on St. Olga Reform School to Wayward Princesses episode, as sson as Star mention Ponyhead, Marco goes away. Marco just wanted to go there to have some action, but then after seeing and living the same thing as the princesses there, he changed his mind and wanted to help them. 

And then there’s a important thing here: Marco was the one who made the princesses stand up and rebel so they could be who they are. The one who begin the fight for the princesses reclaim their rights to be individuals was a normal boy

And back to when they were separated, Ponyhead get back to her senses, she realizes how Star is desperate to save him, but she knows it can’t be done alone and Ponyhead agrees almost immediately, there may be two reasons for that: 1) She knows exactly what they gonna do to him and doesn’t wish that to anyone, and 2) She does realizes that Marco didn’t need to go there with Star to rescue her, but he was. So she kinda needed to return the favor and rescue him. 

(I’ll not fangirlize about the fact of how mad Star got as soon as she saw what they’re doing with Marco… at least not on this post).

After rescuing him, he even says “I’m glad you’re back to normal by the way”. And let’s remember that in the beginning he even said “You know, I kinda like her better this way, she can actually do some good to the world”. After almost being brainwashed, he understand how horrible it is, and that never was the true Ponyhead.

Then when everyone was out and they were about to flee, Ponyhead decides to stay, Marco have that little chat with her as a friend and giving support to her decision, because they got a little closer after that experience. He even says “My wayward sister”, because now they really got each other.

This all shows how both Marco and Ponyhead matured enough to understand each other and have a bond. This is such a character/friendship development that I was only to notice all the rest when I re-watched the episode.

And you know what that means?

Originally posted by mewni-ni-yokoso

Yes, I made a whole thing just to explain that Star was right all along and use the gif. Thank you for your time.

Literally why dont more people watch bones??? All complaining about there being few female led shows, well emily deschanel does a pretty amazing job at being temperance brennan. Amazingly smart forensic anthropologist, knows she the best, can literally fist fight anyone she wants and is still really feminine?? You also have WOC with angela and cam who are also both incredibly smart. Like. 10 seasons of this show. The guys in it are honestly like background characters compared to the 3 lead women. And its not racist/sexist/homophobic in any way that I have seen. Lots of character development too. Please watch this show.

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What are your top 5 percy moments?

1. When he asks Annabeth for a good luck kiss because it’s tradition!! It’s such a small moment of confidence and letting his feelings for her show and I just melt because atta boy 

2. In TLO when interacts with the river gods. Another small moment he’s just so him lol idk if that makes sense but he’s sassy and patronizing and confident and I just love it 

3. In SOM when he talks about how whenever he’s near the water sea creatures are always asking him for help and the way he says it he’s kind of bothered but he still helps and that’s just, for me, a show of his great heart. Like even if he finds it kind of annoying cause it’s constant he still does it because it’s the right thing to do and he feels a bit of responsibility as a son of Poseidon. WHAT A KID HONESTLY 

4. His rallying speech in TLO. Hands down one of the best moments of character development in any series ever. We finally see Percy really step into his role as a leader, no matter how reluctant he is, and his understanding of the kids around them and what they need to hear to go on. He just seems so grown up in the moment and like even though they’re about to fight in a war and a lot of people are gonna die, he’s calm and confident and ready to do what needs to be done. 

5. Any moment with his mom. He is such a reflection of her and the love with which she raised him and he respects her so much. Such an important mother-son relationship in literature, and I think his love for Sally is the basis for the rest of him as a person so really if you wanna know anything about Percy just put him in front of his mom and he won’t be able to run from the truth cause it’s looking right back at him. Endlessly beautiful and important. 

Joss Whedon massacred a strong female character over a decade ago and I still haven’t forgotten.

Despite him being the creator of some of the best shows, I have issues with him because he IS a fucking menace at times. He often destroys character development and arcs because he can not handle things that are unexpected.


Despite all of this - he IS talented and MORE importantly he does NOT deserve death threats. No one deserves that type of behavior.

So every person that tweeted him death threats? Shame on you.

And learn from us Angel/Cordelia Chase fans. Believe me, he knows we haven’t forgotten what he did to Charisma on that show. But sending him threats? Never.

I don’t even know the whole story regarding age of ultron and Whedon, but I’m not surprised he did something or two to anger people.  THAT’S JOSS FOR YOU.


anyway i think scenarios where the kids and trolls grow up to be parents….. more specifically, good parents…. are quite important and cathartic to me

if vriska was around earth in the ending, then by now id have drawn so many vriska parenting comics. because due to the abuse she went through i think its more important than anything to show her not repeating that cycle and trying to make things right, no matter how hard it is. that would be a true demonstration of her character development. 
and vriska did get character development. maybe it wasnt in the alpha timeline, maybe it wasnt all great, but she does have the capacity to change. i dont care what some kid on reddit tells me. vriska getting hypothetically incinerated isnt a satisfying conclusion to her story.

so… vriska may not be around, but karkat? terezi? they may be messed up™ but by god theyre going to be the best parents they can be. 

Game of Thrones has so many brilliant actors playing in the show. I mean everyone is so stunning. But for me Alfie Allen is by far the best actor out of all of them. The character development he went through is unreal. How his character has suffered and how believable he made his ordeal are so fantastic that he should get an Emmy for it. It’s the little things he does, how his eyes are always shimmering ever since he became Reek, the inner struggle he had whether he should choose his old family or his new one. It all felt so incredibly real and sincere. Theon is perhaps not the most likable character to many people but god, Alfie is such a phenomenal actor. 

Guys, it really shouldn’t surprise us that Semi-formal is a Riley/Lucas episode. They’re canon now and the writers already have a reputation for cleverly choosing words that are in turn misleading. And anyway - everyone has said that we don’t want a Maya-Lucas relationship now or a love triangle because it is too soon and if Lucaya were to happen at some point, we want Riley and Lucas to have a healthy relationship and end it on good terms (as it should!).

Might I remind you that some of the best couples are touched on later in the show after a primary couple has dated and broken things off to allow character growth? Take a look at Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek, Sam and Freddie from iCarly, Dan and Blair from Gossip Girl (granted, they weren’t endgame, but their relationship was very well played out because they were mature and they had a strong friendship foundation - which Lucaya could very well develop within the years).

That being said, it does not mean we shouldn’t get excited for this episode. We could have major Lucaya friendship development! Which would be the start of a great foundation if a relationship were to occur in the future seasons! So let’s take a look at the big picture and look on the bright side.

Remember, comedy and qualify first, ships later.

"HTGAWM Fandom Problems"...really?

Some people on here are trying to start something. Yes, Connor is not the best person for Oliver because he used to sleep around A LOT. And he sort of cheated when they were together (because they never really DTR). And we don’t know if he’ll go back to doing that when and if they get back together. 

Yes, he’s lying about the drug use. But he said it after showing up all freaked out at Oliver’s apartment and said the one thing that was less severe than having helped cover a crime. It’s a terrible lie, and there could have been a better reason to show up like that, but he didn’t say it. I wish he could have said something like, “I was high, but this is only a one-time thing” and that it’s not a “drug problem." 

Yes, it’s wrong to continue to use this drug usage lie. But I’m not going to sit here and say that I don’t want Connor and Oliver to be together because, realistically speaking, Connor is the main character here and Oliver is not. 

Yes, you can say that Connor doesn’t deserve Oliver and that he should just resist him because Connor’s just going to break his heart again when he finds out the truth. But I also know that that would mean Oliver will be out of the picture and no longer be on the show…unless the writers decide to further his story by incorporating him into Annalise Keating’s circle and have him work for her firm. 

I’ll admit that I’m biased in supporting this relationship because I want Conrad Ricamora to remain on the show. I love his character, and I want to see more of his life and hopefully his interaction with the other characters. And can we all agree that a character can grow and develop and become a better person than when we first were introduced to them? Connor Walsh has a bad personality around people he doesn’t fancy romantically. He looks down on Wes and says he doesn’t deserve to be part of the Keating Five. He picks on Michaela. He calls Asher "meatloaf.” Yes, he’s not a people person. You’re not supposed to like his character. He’s a character that you should despise. But Jack Falahee’s portrayal of Connor gives him depth as you see the character grows from a person who only cares about getting to the top to someone who wants to be better and find love. 

I think that viewers root for Connor and Oliver because they, like me, see that Oliver brings out the best in Connor. Oliver allows him to feel real emotions because he learns to place his love and trust in another person. I know that he hasn’t confided in Oliver about the murder yet, so the “trust” I speak of is how he’s allowing himself to care about another person other than himself. Being with Oliver means he gets to talk with someone outside of that messed-up murder cover-up. Being with Oliver brings light to the darkness of his school/work life. 

You can continue to hate on Connor. I respect your opinions. I’ll just stand by my own, which is that Connor can grow to be a better person through his relationship with Oliver. Perhaps Oliver will stick by him if/when Connor decides to tell him about the murder or if Oliver finds out when all is revealed. And if he doesn’t, then I guess it is the end of the relationship. I’ll just keep my hopes up for the remaining of the season.

Thank you for reading. 

Regina Mills Appreciation Week - Day 7:  Favorite thing about Regina/characteristic, redemption proof or free day.

This is a great moment for Regina. I love it because it shows how she doesn’t go saying that she is a hero now, she knows what she’s done, and she tries to do good even though. And more importantly she does it for everyone, for her, for the simple idea of doing the right thing, and not to impress someone.

She’s got this battle inside her that I can relate to, and that many do too. Regina is of the best characters that Once has, and of the few that has developed amazingly. 

Regina is strong, vulnerable, sassy, a great mother, friend, and the best evil queen of them all (back in the day haha).

1. Brittany Pierce (portrayed by Heather Morris)

And there we have it, Brittany is our favourite Glee character of all time! Much like Mercedes Brittany is one of the show’s greatest developed characters. And although she has said a few problematic phrases in the past her newfound maturity and intelligence shows that she has overcome that part of her life. What started off as the show’s method of throwing digs at the unintelligent turned into a true fighter and example. Brittany was never the best at school yet was recruited by M.I.T. and her wife ended up relying on her intelligence for most of their general issues. Not only does Pierce turn into a greatly written character but Morris never failed to deliver with her. We never realised how much talent Morris had until the season two episode Britney/Brittany and I’m glad that we realised sooner than later. What Morris was hiding behind the small (but classic!) one liners was a fantastic dose of singing and acting. Brittany is a great television character and it will be a long time before we see somebody as fantastic as her on our screens again!