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I told you there would be color.

So, here’s our first colored line up featuring the main elves we’ll be seeing from the Earth Tribe in Elemental Archer. I’ll probably do sketches of background elves but I wanted to focus on the main ones who have speaking roles and have major parts in the story. So we have these guys.

Their looks though are the common look of the Earth Tribe. Pretty much everyone wears tunics because everyone has work to do be it hunting, gardening, etc. Just a lot of heavy labor. Also, common genetic traits of Earth elves are their simple pointy ears, tanned skin, green or amber eyes and dark hair colors. There are some rare traits that sneak in like blue eyes and lighter hair but this is usually due to an Earth Elf having children with an elf of another tribe. Though it is rare to see a pale Earth Elf but not unheard of.

So yeah, meet our main cast of Earth Elves.

We’ll dive into cultures later but for now we’re focusing on appearances.

(And yes, I was inspired by Zelda. I like the tunics Link wore. They were always so cool.)


The Gang. One Year Later. 

“The movie is very meta & answers pretty much every fan question I could think of” - Craig 

“The fact that so many employees currently at Nick are 90s Nickelodeon kids was crucial in bringing Arnold back for the Jungle Movie” -Craig 

“It’s a long fulfilled dream of mine to finally bring you this movie.”
- Craig Bartlett, creator of Hey Arnold (1996-2004; 2017)

The Jungle Movie premieres Thanksgiving 2017 

(Photos taken by Nickelodeon, Mike Peterson, and weirdfastballs, all on Twitter) 

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oh no~ my hand slipped~ :)


Basically a post-series wip where paulina finds out her ancestor was la luna, a ghost battling sorceress; when wearing her charms, the wearer (of sanchez blood) takes on her persona and can awaken their supernatural abilities; paulina only agrees to take on the mantle to find out how her sister, Ysabel, disappeared, as she was the last La Luna. However, it’d be easier to keep things on the down-low and get the job done without a meddling Fenton and the stress of college on her back…

Backgrounds by: JackiePhantom13 and dannyandoxeld


Mc76 Week - Day 7: Alternate Universe

I’m a bit late, but hey! I got it done!

I was giving a lot of thought about AU day, particularly what AU I wanted to do. In the end I decided to combine my two favorite game/game franchises. Overwatch and Fallout.

Specifically I designed what I believe Soldier 76 and Jesse McCree would look if they were thrown in the Fallout universe. The poses are more or less traced from their original character sheets, though the overall design of their clothes and weapons are mine.

Also It’s worth mentioning that I am also working on a three part fan fiction to go along with this. And for AU day I decided to post part one now sooo… ENJOY!!