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OMG AAAAAHHHH LOOK AT THIS!!! No wonder @maxxdick​ kept prodding at me to do full turnarounds and vectored them so fast!!! QAQ He only went and got our favourite @megaceros to model them AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Everything about this is aMAziNG I can’t even…I love megaceros’ work so much and to see my weird but excessively beloved Kuma & Shika made by them is killing me, they’re so perfect and SO adorable, right down to the itty grass detail on the genius interlocking bases and the bitty bear pawpads aaaAAHH *SOB* Thank you SO MUCH for this incredible work!! ;A;

Maxx told me he’d intended to get it printed for my birthday, but the local 3D printing companies were all like “for this quality pls print it at Shapeways instead here’s a 5% discount voucher good luck,” so he’s…uh…working on that. <_>

callmeenahfishmael  asked:

Would it be possible to swap Phoenix Wright with his original concept art with the green hair? If not understandable keep up the good work.

I also did the full thing for fun. 

This is the concept art for those who are curious. From left to right: Phoenix, Miles, Maya, Mentor Figure, Detective. 

Sorry for the watermark overkill I worked way too hard on this for someone to just claim it as their own. Regardless, I’m near the end of my Undertale fan project and I figured it was time for a progress report since I need a break from staring at this for hours on end. I’m aiming to have the whole video up within a month or so.


Sun festival costuming and Kender as a human.  

Kender was once given the option to have the demonic influence removed from him.  It would have made his life so much easier.  No cultists would have been trying to use him, no humans would treat him like the enemy everywhere he went.  But he couldn’t accept the offer.  He can’t believe that being a Tiefling is wrong.  He never once felt bad for being one until others started telling him he should, and for him to become human just feels like he would be agreeing with all those people who hate him over nothing.  The one thing that made him hesitate was that for the first time in his life, he could actually see his mother in himself.