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Inktober / char design day 23! Was given the prompt ‘cursed gunslinger’ and ONE THING LEAD TO ANOOOOOTHER

It’s not a full transformation, it just gets more severe over time. First an arm, then a few months later a leg goes, etc. You’d think this is kind of a goofy curse, but all that cactus that grows under the full moon doesn’t quiiiiite die back completely come daylight, little more by little more every month…

I finally finished the face line up of my female OCs 👌 💕

From left to right:

Shailene Mia Malhotra, 17 y/o, my candy on sweet Amoris, BFF of Cheyce, gf of either Nath or Chaise depending on AU c:

Alazka, my guardian, the cute lil forxgirl, 16 y/o, total trouble maker, adoptive child of Chezzie, BFF of Isaac, student and affair of Reena, future wife of Lore and enemy of Scada who killed her mother without knowing the fox was part human xc

Evolet, egyptian servant who fell in love with a high classed gladiator and became the mother of his children 🚸 💕

Been super busy again this week.  But made sure to get my Fred and George Weasley submission in for the Harry Potter Character Design Challege! Weasley twin power combine

anonymous asked:

do you have any suggestions for designing outfits...?

Unless your gemsona is based on you, it’s a very similar though process to suggestions on designing your character’s room. You have to know your character, their preferences, how much clothing they wear, and all of that.  Like the last one, let’s look at the Crystal Gems as examples.

All of Pearl’s clothing design (even her hideous pilot design, has a sense of elegance. Pearl always had a strong ballerina aesthetic, having her ballet shoes to corsets. She even had a transparent tutu! You get a sense that she’s proper, orderly, and graceful. And because she’s a pearl, she has a nice range of pastel colors that fit into her theme.

Amethyst has always been the laid back, messy, wild character. From her cut pants to the loose strap from her tank tops, she’s someone who does what she wants. The only difference was her former regeneration from the episode “Reformed” where he clothes were nice and neat, visually showing Amethyst’s growth as a character. But then it goes right back to a jagged top after being defeated by Jasper. Not to mention, notice how, in her 80s/before Steven was born, her gem is fully exposed. But post-Steven’s birth, Amethyst’s gem is only partially shown, hidden by her tank tops. That’s a really nice way of showing she’s hiding her insecurities.

Garnet’s forms always make her look she’s in charge. While she has relatively soft shapes, she also has a few sharp ones to give her a sense of intimidation (from her star pattern to her visor. Obscuring her eyes (the most expressive part of the human body) can pass her off as stoic and in control (and giving off a rather cool vibe). In Garnet’s previous forms, she was more dominatly red, cold, and distant. Her colors, while still pleasing to the eye, are asymmetrical and a bit disorganized. The majority of her jump suit is pitch black, which feels a bit uninviting, even with the reds and pinks. As a fusion and new leader, she doesn’t really know how to handle her team after Rose’s death and decides making herself aloof. But her recent form, its balanced. Garnet seems a lot more expressive and relaxed with herself. Her colors feel warmer but also symbolizing the bond of Ruby and Sapphire. She still holds that leader-like appearance, but it’s a bit softer.

And this can be said with other character designs too. Sardonyx wears a tuxedo and bowtie because she’s a show off and loves the spotlight. Sugilite has a lot of tatters and jagged lines in her clothing because she’s unstable and dangerous. Opal’s clothing is more refined for her quiet, peaceful nature. Think how your gemsona expresses themselves. Do they like bright or dull colors? Do they show more skin and flexibility or put as many layers as possible. Do they like being fancy and keeping up with appearances or do they dress whatever they feel like? The clothing they wear should tell us something about your character

Uncanny Uncanon Weck-a-thon #4:
Porcelain Weck


Base Weck: Dark Weck
Element: Dark
Locale: Haunted Mansions


  • Dark Claw
  • Lullaby (attempts to confuse foe)
  • Seeking Needles (Fires dark needles that home on target)

Abilities & Quirks:

  • Wears a porcelain mask to conceal her true face.
  • Probably doesn’t have a face?
  • The eyes on her body wiggle, pulsate, and peer in random directions, but they can’t actually see.
  • Even other wecks are afraid of her.

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