character design


Happy Halloween! Monster Party aired on TV yesterday! This ep was so much fun. These are all based on @ryannshannon and @stevieborbolla ‘s beautiful boards! @ianjq did a lot of work/drawovers with me on the 3 girls’ designs as well to get em perfect, & Ben Bates did the models for Tanis and Winnie! @kalidraws worked so hard on the colors for all these night scenes, & John Pham helped us really sell the HB sequences! We were actually able to get the original Ghoul School model sheets for those scenes. It came out so good!


A brand new short is out! Mortimer makes a return. Check it out. 

This character is from my book I’m currently working on. Her name is Priam. She is sassy and speaks her mind. She is the only friend my MC has. I enjoy writing about her ❤️ Priam is openly gay character. She is headstrong and good fighter and doesn’t really give a fuck about anything. I mean look at her. She is lioness 😁😁 hope you guys will like her xoxo