character description exercise

Character Description Exercise

In 500 words, describe your character from the point of view of:

  • Themselves
  • Someone who loves them
  • Someone who hates them
  • Their best friend
  • Someone they look up to
  • Someone who looks up to them
  • A family member
  • A bystander

Think about what these different people will notice: appearance, action, body language. Think about how well they know this person, and what is important about them. Are they looking for flaws or strengths, are they trying to understand how the other is feeling, are they thinking about why they feel a certain way towards them? Are the physical traits of the person more notable, or are their actions more important? The priorities others notice helps to define the narrator as well as the person they’re describing.

Alternately, have your character describe these other people and think about what they pick up on in others.

Finding Unique Character Traits || FINAL

Exercise –
Take an old scene you wrote describing your character(s). Rewrite it.

Goal –
Okay, so, hopefully you’ve tried out each of the exercises on character description and now you’ve gained some new perspective. If not, go do them. Practicing your style is the best way to develop it. Without practice comes stagnation.

Once you’ve toyed with the exercises, go back to an older scene and show unique sides of your characters that weren’t there before.

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