character cd jacket designs


I’ve been going artbook crazy over the last couple of months, this is a 2 part post based on all the artbooks I’ve picked up. I’m going to split the posts up by timing in that I received these books first! 

Yusuke Nakamura’s BLUE is populated by clean lines wonderful composition and restrained chaos. A large body of work is displayed, with most notable being the tatami galaxy character designs and ASIAN KUNGFU GENERATION’s CD jackets. 

The Nichijou settei book is a treasure, I can’t read most of it of course but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the great background behind the show as well as various composition. Nichijou is one of my most favorite kyo ani productions and the deft hand in which it was held is evident with this book! 

Next is pokemons card art collection, this book is populated with tons of different pieces of art that showed up in booster packs over the generations. It’s great to see all the cute designs! It’s great for any pokemon fan as well as anyone who likes omnibuses of art. 

Continuing on is mebae’s miku book, this one is a mixed bag that comes with interviews, how tos, a poster and a cute keychain of the coverart simplified. Great if you love miku but as an art book its a little frenetic. 

Another settei book in tsuritama, I snagged this for 5 bucks on amazon and tsuritama is such a gem I wouldn’t have minded paying more. Big is the work put into the location studies and having the world feel lived in. 

Finally pozuka’s artbook, for a relative newbie on the scene having a published artbook and a hit manga in jump is good for him, the madman. I love his lighting moods and the fact that even his finished work has this messy energy. His favorite colors are this jewel like blue and these earth tones that create beautiful depth. 

Part two of this post will come in a few days when I get the last book in the mail!