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Hooray, the characters are finally finished. :) Their descriptions in order:


An old golem, protector of the city. This golem has stood at the gates of the city from its very beginnings. He shows great respect in his task by adding the skull of his fallen bird brethren to his ever-growing crown, so that they will always be by his side.


A midwife. Midwives are specially trained in treating pregnancies, child birth, and postpartum situations. These midwives collect the umbilical cords of healthy newborn to feed to their bird kin. Abstaining from doing so, or keeping umbilical cords from a midwife is an act of heresy.


Every young augur that sets out on their personal quest to master their trade may still want to stay in touch with their friends and relatives when far away. This old mailman carries a sacred stump, with mail boxes made from it. He knows by heart which key will open every mailbox. Seeing him walking into the city will bring smiles and cheers to its inhabitants, for it means he brings word of the loved ones who are far away.


A weather reader. Ancient augury is the roman practice of interpreting omens by observing birds and their patterns. Their predictions allowed to predict weather patterns and such. This young augur is equipped with wind chimes, sun dial, and hiking shoes to read the time of day and predict wind currents.

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Hey a idea? I think that blue witch girl you drew for your coloring tutorial and your other witchsona should date maybe…

I’ve been thinking about this all the time since I read it

I don’t draw my OCs enough so I drew all my OCs

(Not actually all my OCs but a lot of them)


Commission Status: Closed

Available slots:

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The Rules:

  • I accept payments via Paypal in USD, and I will send you an invoice.
  • You may use or post finished commissions however you please, but must give credit to me for it.
  • Finished commissions are for non-commercial use only. I own rights to the artwork, but I obviously do not own the characters depicted in it, and I will not use the artwork for any reason.
  • You must provide visual references (if it’s not a character design commission), and it helps to include a little bit on personality. You can also tell me what kind of pose you want, otherwise, I will make one up.
  • For anything that’s not a sketch commission, I will send work-in-progress pictures, to make sure you’re happy with how it looks.

I will draw nearly anything, but I will NOT draw explicit themes (no porn), any offensive material, or backgrounds.

Prices may be increased depending on the complexity of the character/drawing! Adding additional characters does not include flat colors, that must be added to the price.

Feel free to ask about other options beyond what’s listed here!

If you’re interested, send me an email at

I should reply within a day or two at the most. Please do not message me on Tumblr asking for a commission, but do feel free to ask any questions!