character based off your blog


Greetings, everyone! I am new to the suggestion blog world so please signal boost this:

I am currently writing a novel with the premise being a recent high school graduate takes to exploring the country before college. She meets tons of people, and I am not exactly creative enough to come up with characters for her to meet. 

Long story short, if you would like a character based off of your blog added to my story (which I will publish at a later date and tag all of those who contributed), reblog this with any specifics you would like me to include. You can also shoot me a message any time to tell me, all though I would love it if you would reblog and spread the word. 

Things to include in the comments or tags:

-pronouns/your name or a name suggestion




-alignment/astrological sign/meyers-briggs/spirit animal/ any analogy I could use to associate them with





So I got a new art program and decided to do a thing:

Everyone who reblogs this post this week will get a unique background based off your blog and (if you have a character) your rp character!
That means starting now and up till Saturday, ill be making backgrounds like the one above based on your blog and character!

I’m bored and my art teacher wants me to learn more about diversity so:

Reblog this if you would like me to do a little character/monster-person doodle based off of your blog! (Or both your blog and selfie/face tag, just tag the post with your tag name, if you’d like!)

I’ll be doing this 09/28- 10/12! It’ll be posted with rebloggers tagged in the post c:

Reblog and I will leave an optimistic message in your ask about the new year based off what a characters or person I see on your blog would say

I want to do something nice and I don’t know if this will get reblogs or not but I will do all

Ok, I wanna do lil’ doodles for awhile so um if you reblog this you’ll get a lil person or creature based off your blog. You can do whatever you want with the character you get since it based off your blog yep.

Example what to expect:

If your submit box aint open or easy to access there’s a possibility I cant give you the thing. Keep that in mind thankies.