So here is the official character lineup/turnaround for my senior film. The story is about a former ship-captain, hellbent on hunting down the eldritch cosmic beast that took her crew and family from her. The last image is a lineup of her crew-members during a flashback scene. Probably won’t use most of them, but I’ll probably save them for some later project. 

Check out the progress here

so,,, Faust, but…..big..i lov her. 

individiual crops @lyingfawn on twitter! // @thearcanagame

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I was talking with a good friend the other day, and for some reason I can’t recall the conversation led to Fire Emblem. I never played it, so I started doing some research and I found out that the character art in this game is fantastic!

And I met Titania, with whom I experienced love at first sight.
So the rest of the night, my friend and I spend it talking about how fucking awesome Titania is, and he suggested I should draw her…

I almost died while coloring this, you FREAK!!