character appreciation meme


Characters of Color Appreciation Meme [1/∞]

Prince Zuko

“I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately… I’ve realized that I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark.”

  • Phil Coulson, on a date: So what do you think of Clint Barton?
  • Date: You mean Hawkeye? He's the worst avenger
  • Phil *shoving breadsticks in bag*: I'm sorry but I have to go now

Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Shinpachi Nagakura (Hakuouki)

“Unlike Kondou-san or Hijikata-san, it was never my dream to become a samurai in the first place. Devoting my life for some lord, not of my own choosing, just doesn’t sit well with me. No matter what, I never want to think ‘man I wish I would’ve done that’. I hope you can understand.”


Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Mikoto Suoh (K Project)

“I’m sorry Anna, but I won’t be able to show you that lovely red anymore.”


Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

“I’ll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love. And in turn they’ll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other.”


Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Tatara Totsuka (K Project)

“Hey, don’t sweat it. It’ll all work out in the end.”


Character Appreciation Meme: Gabriel Lightwood

Day 3: Interests and Quirks

→ Sassing Will

“Nice work in there, Herondale, setting the place on fire. Good thing we were there to clean up after you, or the whole plan would have gone down in flames, along with the shreds of your reputation.”

When I first watched Steven Universe, my favorite character was Pearl. I had this appreciation and respect for her. Until I came to Tumblr. I began seeing “MY WIFE” and “BIRD MOM” and all these other things that dumbed down her character. I know that this is Tumblr, and everyone is silly, but it was sort of disappointing to see all the jokes and memes about her.
- Anonymous