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Character Meme: Ronald Bilius Weasley (1/?)

There was a pause, in which the subject of Ron’s departure seemed to rise like a wall between them. Yet he was here. He had returned. He had just saved Harry’s life.


Like so many, we were saddened by the announcement of Jennifer Morrison’s departure following the s6 finale, and all of us at fyesthesavior wanted to do something really special to honor one of the most amazing female characters in television history that Jennifer brought to life. Emma meant a great deal to many and we wanted to do an appreciation meme that would highlight the six wonderful years we got to spend with Emma Swan.

The meme will span two weeks and each day will have a theme, with a final day following the two weeks as a free choice day. Feel free to participate in as many days as you would like–there is no obligation to do them all. We have tried to include categories that encompass all aspects of Emma’s character and we hope this will be a fun way for us to remember all of our favorite Emma moments and for us to come together in our appreciation for this amazing character.  The Emma Swan Appreciation Meme will begin on Sunday, May 28th:

-Day 1 (May 28): favorite s1 episode
-Day 2 (May 29): favorite persona
-Day 3 (May 30): favorite happy moment(s)
-Day 4 (May 31): favorite s2 episode
-Day 5 (June 1): favorite quote(s)
-Day 6 (June 2): favorite s3 episode
-Day 7 (June 3): favorite outfit(s)
-Day 8 (June 4): favorite s4 episode
-Day 9 (June 5): favorite familial relationship
-Day 10 (June 6): favorite s5 episode
-Day 11 (June 7): favorite badass moment(s)
-Day 12 (June 8): favorite s6 episode
-Day 13 (June 9): favorite character growth moment
-Day 14 (June 10): favorite dynamic/relationship(s)
-Day 15 (June 11): free choice

We will be using the tag #ESAM, so be sure to tag your gifs, graphics, edits, etc. with that tag in the first five tags to be sure we all get to see them! We will also be reblogging sets here on fyesthesavior.

We wish Jennifer the best of luck in what is sure to be an amazing future and we are so thankful to her and to all those at Once Upon a Time that brought Emma into our lives these past six years. We can’t wait to see all of your Emma creations!



Characters of Color Appreciation Meme [1/∞]

Prince Zuko

“I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately… I’ve realized that I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark.”

  • Phil Coulson, on a date: So what do you think of Clint Barton?
  • Date: You mean Hawkeye? He's the worst avenger
  • Phil *shoving breadsticks in bag*: I'm sorry but I have to go now

Tagged by @maharieel to list 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms!! Thank you so much!  💜

Dragon Age - Loghain Mac Tir
Harry Potter - Tom Riddle
A Song of Ice and Fire - Petyr Baelish
The Witcher - Ciri
Dark Souls - Artorias the Abysswalker
Bloodborne - Queen Annalise
Mystic Messenger - Jumin Han
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Rei Ayanami
Les Miserables - Grantaire
Touhou - Flandre Scarlet

I’m tagging @queenofkadaara, @hndsmjack, @aariandel, @monoshikis, @huntressmaria , @bisexualhijabi and @maharielings!


Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Mikoto Suoh (K Project)

“I’m sorry Anna, but I won’t be able to show you that lovely red anymore.”

salt-bean  asked:


5-. His introduction:

Look at this flawless prince.

This introduction is something i love, it immediatly tell us he has a strong temper, that he really loves his sister and that he has this super cute rivalry thing with his cousin. It’s such a cute introduction for such a cute tsundere guy. <3

4-. Listening Herman and accepting his invitation.

Edward was really dissapointed of his senpai when all that shit went down, but he’s such an adorable and kind guy he tried his best to give a chance to Greenhill. It was all about nostalgia and maybe it wasn’t the best, but it was a very heartwarming moment.

3-. Discovering Seb&Ciel master plan.

He recognized Sebastian and Ciel were cheating with music and that is the best (Herman didn’t tell btw). He’s a perceptive guy and like ahfgakdhfgahfgah.

2-. His admiration for people running deep.

Bless him here. He tries so hard and he fucking rules because he works very hard for what he want. He has to try and try and work his hardest to keep up with all the talent surronding him (including in his own house) and if that isn’t the most relatable shit then… (also he looks up at one of his best friend and if that isn’t the cutest shit -and a reason to ship chesward- then idk what is it).

1-. Owning the stage like a fucking rock star.

He’s so fucking hot. I rest my case. 

(the second would be the first in any other case but… I’m weak).


Favorite Characters Appreciation - (In no particular order)

Shinpachi Nagakura (Hakuouki)

“Unlike Kondou-san or Hijikata-san, it was never my dream to become a samurai in the first place. Devoting my life for some lord, not of my own choosing, just doesn’t sit well with me. No matter what, I never want to think ‘man I wish I would’ve done that’. I hope you can understand.”