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all your faves are ace part 1

I will never get tired of fandoms that refer to characters by their nicknames. It just brings this really comforting feeling of closeness and familiarity with the characters, that makes them feel a little bit less fictional.

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Natasha Romanoff with the questions?❤️


Who asked the other out first?
Natasha. It didn’t take too long for her to do so either. It was only a little while after you met when she asked you out

Who gets jealous easily?
Nat. You find it really hot so a lot of the time you’re purposely trying to get her jealous

Who blushes the most?
You for sure. Nat’s not much of a blusher

Who’s more romantic?
Hard one. You both are pretty romantic at times. You both plan nice dinners and get each other amazing gifts

Who hogs the blankets?
You for a bit. Eventually Natasha just started to sleep close to you so she didn’t have to fight for warmth

Who sleeps in the longest?
You but Natasha always seems to find creative ways to wake you up. Mornings aren’t too fun -_-

Who falls asleep during movies?
Neither of you. You two manage to stay up throughout the whole movie

Who’s more insecure?
Both of you but Natasha doesn’t show it as much. She’s good at hiding it so it’s usually her having to reassure you that you’re amazing in every way

Who’s more protective?
Nat. She’s your hero, your beautiful, sexy hero

Who makes the inappropriate joke/move in public?
You but Natasha puts you in your place ;)

Who’s the dominant one in bed?
Nat god it’s sexy as hell

Who’s the best in bed?
Natasha is. She likes to pleasure you and honestly how can you possibly complain. Your sex life is just awesome

Who runs the house?
You let Nat run things but she’s not too demanding

Who starts the fights?
It varies but the fights can get pretty intense. Don’t worry though after you both calm down you fix things

Who cleans up after the other?
Nat sometimes but most of time she forces you to clean up after yourself

How many times do you kiss a day?

Do they bring you flowers, chocolates, or jewelry?

Kisses or Cuddles?
Kisses. Natasha doesn’t cuddle that much

Restaurant, Movie, or Picnic date?
Restaurant and Natasha certainly dresses to impress

Okay, so I know CA:TWS isn’t exactly the newest now, but I just wanted to talk about one thing.

Near the end of the movie, Natasha purposefully electrocuted herself with that device, and Nick Fury’s reaction made it seem like it could have killed her.

She would have rather DIED than help the bad guys again. I mean, hasn’t her whole character arc being about wiping out the red in her ledger and working out who the good guys are? This is such an amazing character moment, that I rarely seen being talked about, but I think is really important to Nat’s character.

Update on Wanna Play A Game- Natasha Romanoff

I am determined to complete and post the second part of Natasha this weekend. I am having fun with the planning of it alone. Writing it out, oh boy! I plan to have it posted Sunday. 

I want to say Thank You for the response that part one received. It was beyond what I imagined. So really Thank you!

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Warnings for part 1: Public teasing, fingering, all around naughty fun time with the sexy Black Widow!

Wanna Play A Game (½) - Natasha Romanoff 

  • Natasha: *builds a telegraph out of fucking scrap metal to escape in a manner in which she wouldn't fucking die*
  • Fandom: wow it's so ooc of Natasha to not be able to escape smh
  • Bruce and Natasha: *have an entire segment dedicated to why they're appropriate for each other in terms of romance*
  • Fandom: idk it felt kinda rushed
  • Natasha: *falls in love with a male character*
  • Fandom: wow! How unfeminist! She's not a strong female character with no emotions so therefore she must not depend on any character in any way!
  • Me: please shut the fuck up immediately

           Steve and Bucky grew up hearing Yiddish as often as they did English, knowing that Mrs. Rogers made the best matzo ball soup and that Mrs. Branes would always stretch the money so they had a decent Shabbos meal and a tiny challah.  Power outages, or the power being turned off, meant searching for the old cheap candles and making sure not to use the ones specifically for Shabbos.  Everyone knew that they couldn’t take a full day of rest, or else they wouldn’t have enough money to make rent.  But Steve knew that Friday he got to go over to Bucky’s with his ma for dinner, that he got to watch Mrs. Barnes light the candles and hear the chanted prayer in words he didn’t quite understand.  Friday nights often meant that Steve would sleep over, and if they boys were good Rebecca would tell them a story,

           The Maccabees were always Steve’s favorite to hear about; the small family defeating the large Greek army and taking back their temple.  The little guy won it that story, though Steve quickly learned that it didn’t hurt to have a bigger friend there to help you out sometimes.


           They matured quickly, noticing how Shabbos meals got smaller and smaller.  First the depression came, and Bucky started working instead of studying or playing.  He was smart as anything, so grades were never something he worried about.  He had too much else to worry about.  His parents were getting their hours cut, Becca was in love, Steve was constantly sick, Steve’s ma was working way too much to try and afford the doctor visits he needed… No, Bucky didn’t have any time to worry about things that didn’t help those he loved.

           When Mrs. Rogers died, Bucky told his ma that Steve would be moving into his room, that they’d chair, that if she didn’t agree then he was moving out.  Mrs. Barnes just looked at Bucky and smiled fondly.  “There’s no way I could break you two apart,” she laughed quietly and walked away.  With that settled, Steve moved into Bucky’s room.  Bucky insisted that Steve sleep on the bed, and Steve insisted that Bucky not sleep on the floor.


           Officially, James Buchanan Barnes was drafted.  But if you asked him, he would tell you that he volunteered.  Saving the world, fighting for the right thing, helping his people, all those good reasons.  The pay didn’t look like it was half bad either and they wouldn’t have to feed him anymore…  Bucky rationalized and rationalized, fighting against his every instinct he had that screamed to him to stay and protect Steve.  But Bucky shoved it down and smoothed down his jacket; this was to help Steve, to help everyone.

           He knew, of course, that Steve had been trying to get in.  But he was reassured by the fact that no one would take him.  A small, sick, Jewish boy?  No, Steve would never be allowed to join up.  That thought comforted Bucky as he watched the skinny form move through the crowd and away from him.  Bucky didn’t know what would happen to him over there, but at least Stevie would be safe…


           “Your tags are being made,” Doctor Erskine told Steve.  “With your correct information, not what you put on that form.”  There was a slight pause, “is there anything you wish to be change?”

           “I’m Jewish,” Steve blurted.  He hadn’t put that on any of his forms recently, not since everyone laughed and said they had enough lazy Jews to meet the quota.  But this was different, he was in.  They wouldn’t send him back now, right?

           The doctor just nodded and smiled slightly.  “Never be ashamed of that.  We must fight, however we can.”


           The small “H” on Steve’s tags made him feel powerful and powerless at the same time.  He was like the Maccabees now, a small man against a large army.  But how could one person win the war, especially when all he was doing was performing on stage?  He felt like nothing more than a dancing monkey, not worthy of the title “Captain America”.

           Going overseas made Steve feel like he might actually make a difference, cheer up the men who were doing actual good.  Perhaps, perhaps he’d even get to see Bucky.  Wouldn’t that be something, he might even be the taller one!


Rescuing Bucky was never a question, Steve would do it.  With or without any help.  That was his same attitude when he Howling Commando’s and told them what he was going to do.  Bucky was the first to stand up.  “You aren’t going in there without me.”  There was understanding there, a knowledge that they could be related to the people they would save.  The rest of the Commando’s stood up with echoes of “We’re with you, Cap,” and “I wouldn’t expect anything else.”


           Pietro and Wanda growing up in a different world, though not one with less fighting and hatred.  They know they’re Jewish but not really what that means, except that they had latkes and their parents sometimes whispered about it not being safe. They remember their grandfather having numbers on his arm, but never knowing what it meant. He died before they learned about the war, understood their parents fear of hatred coming back.

They had mixed emotions about letting a German scientist experiment on them. It was hardly a week after their parents had died, not knowing why they needed to wait a week but knowing it.

“You know what Mamma and Papa would say.”

“They’re dead. Maybe he’s different.”

And so, they made a choice to save their people.


           Steve spent a lot of time at Jewish retirement homes, at first just listening to everyone and letting the familiar language and smell remind him of his childhood.  It felt so good to hear people conversing in Yiddish, to smell matzo ball soup again, to watch women lighting candles every Friday night.

           It took Steve a month, but eventually he started talking.  Once everyone got used to the fact that he was Captain America, they found that they liked Steve.  These people were about his age, and they understood growing up without in a way that Steve was immensely glad that his new friends knew nothing about.


           When Steve got Bucky back, the two of them started going together.  Steve was able to watch as Bucky slowly let down his guard and as his halting Yiddish came back.  It was part of their routine, to visit once every week.  They had found a place where it was alright for them to be openly affectionate.  One of the men there said that he had seen enough hate in his life to last a century, and that no one here had it in them to take away the happiness they had obviously found.


           One day, a woman in her mid-twenties walks up to them.  She stammers as she explains that “My Zadie… grandfather.  He saw you two, Captain Rogers, sir, and your friend.  He said that you saved him.  If you came over it would make him so happy…” She finally met their eyes.  “Please?”

           The two men shared a look, nodded, and were led over to a small group of people.  The old man in the middle started beaming, jabbering excitedly about “you saved me, I remember.  You and your friends, Baruch Hashem!”

           The young woman went to sit next to her grandfather, taking the place of her mother.  “You two are heroes,” she told Steve and Bucky.  Sensing the protest, she cut Bucky off with a look.  “I don’t care what the news says.  My father says you saved him, and even if you didn’t you’ve done other wonderful things.  So, you’re coming over to our house for Shabbat dinner.”

           Both men started to object at the same time, but a raised hand made them fall quiet.  “No.  You won’t be an imposition, you’re coming.  Tomorrow night, six o’clock.”  She rattled off an address and before they could question it, Steve and Bucky were pulled into a conversation with the family.


           At six the following night, Steve rang a doorbell and glanced nervously at Bucky.  They had both dressed up, though in clothes much more comfortable that what Tony would consider dressed up.  Their nerves left them as the door was opened and the smells that bombarded them said “home”.

           The rituals hadn’t changed from their last Shabbos dinner, candle lighting and the Hebrew, a good meal and even better company.  By the end of the night, the two had eaten the large meal and were instructed to return whenever they wanted.  It was like a part of their lives had been dug up and filled again, a part full of flickering candle light and laughter and the best food either had ever tasted.

           Going to the Schwartz’s for dinner became part of their routine, and other Avengers occasionally joined.  Natasha surprised them all by humming along to the blessing; Clint shocked everyone when he started talking about his bubbie.  Tony brought an amazing blintz, that he said was his mother’s recipe, and Bruce showed up wearing a kippah from his bar mitzvah.


           Steve and Bucky don’t show up one week due to a mission running late, and arrive back home to worried voicemails from their new family.  After assurances that everything was alright and that they’re “so sorry, it won’t happen again, I’m sorry ma’am,” they make sure to bring flowers to the next dinner.


           Wanda and Pietro, after the world calmed down, decided to take the opportunity to learn more about their family.  Their parents never talked about the past, and their grandparents were gone before either knew to ask questions.  One Thursday night, Wanda approached Steve.  “That family you go have dinner with, they’re Jewish.  Pietro and I… our grandfather was Jewish.  No one ever talked about it.  I want to know more.  Can you ask them if we can come next week?”

           “I’m sure Mrs. Schwartz would have no problem with another two coming, whenever you decide to.”


           Their lack of certainty only showed to the other, and anyone who noticed their tightly grasped hands.  If Bucky and Steve did, they didn’t say anything.  Mrs. Schwartz greeted them both with large hugs and acted like their mother.  She worked her magic with food and stories, getting the often closed up twins to talk.


           There was a Hanukkah party at Avenger’s Tower, just friends and family.  Mrs. Schwartz took over the kitchen and directed everyone like that’s what she was born to do, only stopping when dinner was ready (except when she was surprised by her father showing up, something that Tony had arranged).  Everyone brought their own traditions, from different menorahs to what toppings were appropriate to put on latkes, to the all-important question of if a matzo ball is better if it’s a floater or a sinker.  Just for one night, the world didn’t need saving; they could relax and be happy with the family they had found along the way.


Yesterday I found myself wondering who I’d add to the MCU if I was to make and all-female Avengers team. Then the answer came naturally. No one. The MCU has all it need already.

Pepper Potts as the Superior Rescue
Betty Ross as the Sensational Red She-Hulk
Jane Foster as Thor, Godess of Thunder
Sharon Carter as Agent 13, the Most Wanted Spy in the World
Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow, the Russian Avenger
Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch, Mistress of the Mystic Arts
Helen Cho as Mastermind Excello, Seventh Biggest Genius in the World
Hope Van Dyne as the Wondrous Wasp
Maria Hill as Director Hill, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The nameless Dora Milaje as Okoye

driving habits and the Avengers

Steve: always speeds at least 10-15 miles over the speed limit but sputters and denies it if called out

Natasha: most reckless driver in high speed chases but her casual driving doesn’t break 40. only ever uses one hand on the wheel

Clint: is always eating when driving and doesn’t recognize that he is only going 30 miles an hour in the fast lane. also takes turns super fast because he forgets he needs to turn until he’s practically halfway through an intersection

Sam: “he’ll have you know that he is a responsible adult who follows the speed limit unlike someone else he could mention.” on isolated roads he speeds with the windows down and the music turned way up

Tony: recklessness exceeds even Steve levels and absolutely none of the Avengers will ever let him drive them anywhere

Bruce: doesn’t like driving and takes public transportation or cycles

Thor: is enamored by the simplicity of Midgardian vehicles and when the rest of the Avengers are tired of him destroying the lawn everytime he flies away Jane starts driving him everywhere

Rhodey: honestly the best driver out of all the Avengers and has also perfected dance-driving

additional - Bucky: thinks it speeding when he drives a mile over the speed limit (he drove with Steve once and never again)