viridian-sun  asked:

who is isidore? inquiring minds need to know.

Isidore is the High Priest of the college of pontiffs, a sacred station of government that one holds for life. To kill him is a grave transgression, and no emperor or general would do so. He was elected by his fellow pontiffs early during the reign of Basilius. He wears the simple black robes of a priest, and prefers to wear his golden mantle of station as little as possible. Despite getting along peacefully with Basilius and Iustina for many years, Isidore supported Theodoros during the coup for reasons not yet revealed. 

Isidore is the most powerful necromancer in Among the Hollow, rivaling Sevila in raw ability. It is rumoured he traded his eyesight as well as his right hand in a contract with a god when he was young. Instead of his hand, he has a conjured replacement, and he never seems to be hindered by his blindness. 

Both Isidore and Theodoros are the primary antagonists of the story, and Isidore’s agents frequently clash with Sevila and Aurel during the course of their journey.