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My friend is 15 & straight. She says she likes captain swan but she also has very low self esteem. She admits this, in fact she was the one who brought it up, and when I asked if it was connected she thought about it for a while and said it might be. Do you think it is possible to like captain swan and not have low self esteem?


It is possible to enjoy the character of Hook and have a generally healthy perception of oneself, relationships, and the world. It is possible to enjoy his fictional villainy (not really seen since Once Upon a Time season 2). It is possible to find Colin O'Donoghue physically appealing; to be attracted to the Captain’s dashing look of black leather and dinky little earrings; to want to watch him on screen, appreciate gifs of him, read fanfic about whumping him, imagine him getting it on with Gold or Zelena or Cora or even Emma…

But it’s not possible to have a healthy perception of oneself, relationships, and the world yet find the show’s Captain Swan story appealing. If you like romantic fiction, it’s a shallow, inept example, and you don’t know that there’s better romantic fiction. If you like character relationships, it’s an exploitative one, and you don’t know that you deserve better writing. If you like your characters rounded and full, you get only thin ones. If you like female characters to be non-dependent on male ones, you lost that around season 3. If you want girls and boys to see positive media messages about their relationships, you’re cringing and/or angry.

It is possible to write a better version of Captain Swan in fan fiction. The show’s version is shameful. It’s misogynist, sexist and peurile. If you are a man who likes their Captain Swan, you like watching independent women demeaned, and that says something about your own insecurities (and about the men behind it). If you are a woman who likes their Captain Swan, your self-esteem lies bleeding under a rock, frankly.

Hook’s Lost Boys Reunite For 25th Anniversary


The young Lost Boys of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ have reunited to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary and now we feel very old.

22 Vision, a production firm that specialises in cast reunions, has assembled the young stars of Spielberg’s Peter Pan spin-off for a special photoshoot sharing a full gallery of images on Facebook here.

Watch ET Online go behind the scenes of the reunion in the video above.

The company has recently hosted cast reunions for ‘School of Rock’, ‘The Little Rascals’, and ‘Problem Child’ but this one for ‘Hook’ is their most audacious project yet.

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Dante Basco (Rufio), Raushan Hammond (Thud Butt), Isaiah Robinson (Pockets), Ryan Francis (Young Peter Pan), Bryan & Brett Willis (Sooner & Later), Bo Gheorghe (Noseminer), and Ahmad Stoner (No Nap) were all young boys when they starred alongside Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts in the 1991, but as you can see they’re all grown men now.

Ah, the soul-crushing inevitability of the passage of time…

Image credits: 22 Vision