A Night In

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~2200 words, pure Valentine’s fluff

Belle makes plans for a quiet night in but they don’t go quite as she thought. Maybe that’s okay though.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time: an afternoon in, reading horror stories, classic and modern in ‘protest’ of a Valentine’s Day spent alone—rather than with her ex, who she refused to go crawling back to just because of the date on the calendar, or the creepy guy down at the Rabbit Hole who she refused to take up on his salacious offers because of the same, or even her two best single friends, Ruby and Mulan, who really needed a night without the fifth wheel to maybe finally catch on to what had become glaringly clear to everyone around them…and what better night than this one?

And all of that was well and good, except that she’d underestimated once again her own ability to be completely caught up in her books.

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