chara: korra

Comes Marching Home

   By  Writerleft


This expansive, and beautifully created universe expansion on the Legend of Korra is a must read for all members of the Korra Fandom, and features stories that go beyond just Korrasami, even if they are the main focus of the series. The main body of this is March of Progress which feels like a continuation of the show, a season 5 if you will allow, and it is a work of art created by a truly talented artist.

Of the smaller shorts you will find dozens of gems, and the ones I am listing here are my personal favorites and only a small dose of what is too be offered. If you have your own favorites feel free to add them when you reblog.  

Puppy Dog Eyes      

Dance of a Thousand Flowers

A Korra a Day Keeps the Pain Away

Meet the Parents

A slight warning must be offered though, because once you have concluded the last few chapters of March of Progress you may have to back away and find a nice quiet place to collect yourself. It is that good.