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Spirit Vine Meta-’Physics’ or: How Mako Nearly Destroyed Republic City (sort of)

Disclaimer:  I am by no means a scientist.  I’ve got a background in English and Theatre, but I have quite a few close friends who do have backgrounds in science.  A little while back, one of those close friends, thejmpr, who actually edited this post, approached me with the declaration that he’d figured out how spirit vines worked.  I tried to explain that they’re not really supposed to make sense, since they’re all spirit-y, but he proceeded to prove me hilariously wrong.  The following is an analysis that I was able to put together by extrapolating his logic.  In the end, it’s just conjecture, but I had fun writing it and thinking it all out, so I figure it might be a fun read, too.

Spirit Vines are crazy.  They’re crazy powerful, crazy big, and crazy plentiful. They’re the plutonium/uranium equivalent of the Avatar universe, but without all those pesky dangers of radiation!  And instead of radiation, they grow back! Like really fast.  And all the time.  


Pictured: Easily-Obtainium’.

Anyone familiar with Cold War politics, deterrence theory and nuclear proliferation most likely caught the parallel with Raiko stating “[Spirit weapons] are already being used!” as justification for the United Republic to have their own.  

But that’s a story for another time.

Today, I’d like to talk about how Mako, through no fault of his own, nearly destroyed all of Republic City…and probably the mountain range surrounding it.  Sort of.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well, so are spirit vines.  

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Illustration by Ian B. Graham (Director on The Legend of Korra & storyboarder on both AVATAR series)Τόσο… όμορφη…

“As some of you know I work on Korra, but as a Director I never get time to do paintings for myself. So a few weeks back I thought I would make a painting of Korra . So after dozens of starts and stops trying to finish just one painting, I did it. Now this painting is just for  by copunk">FUN and NOT production art. However I had so much fun making this one I am already working on my next Korra painting.”

Power couples in a Korra + Hogwarts AU 

(Kuvira and Korra as Quidditch rivals, Asami as a Ravenclaw prefect and the brightest witch of her age, and… I was tossing up between sorting Baatar Jr into Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but the coincidence of the metal clan’s colours being literally Slytherin colours was just too good to pass up)

Heavy Sleeper

One month in and Asami Sato learns that the Avatar likes to sleep. A lot. It’s fairly well-known that the average person functions optimally on eight to nine hours of sleep.  This is under ideal conditions, however, and most regularly employed people can do just fine on just six to seven hours. It’s around the five hour mark when things get dicey – she’s learned as much from studies on worker productivity.

Korra is not the average person, though, Asami knows that much. What she doesn’t expect, however, is just how not average she is. Apparently, the almighty Avatar needs at least ten (ten!) hours of sleep in order to feel … how does she put it? “Refreshed,” "well-rested,” “normal,” “not cranky as hell,” and most importantly, “sane.” Which is funny, really, because Asami thinks that’s just insane.

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Team I can’t draw for shit or  make quality fanfiction so I kinda just sit here not contributing to this fandom at all