chara: i'm a thief

I stole this from @gentleslave because I like the ten songs thing. Sorry!


  • Countries I Have Lived In: I’ve always lived in Italy.
Favorite Fandom: Bully, Reservoir Dogs and Quentin Tarantino in general, Christoph Waltz, Oz HBO.
  • Languages I speak: Italian, English and a little little little bit of German. 
Favorite Film Of 2016: The Hateful Eight and The Big Short (they are both of 2015 but in Italy they came out in 2016 so yeah. I haven’t watch a lot of new movies recently.)
  • Last Article You Read: I think it was an article about why HBO dropped Vinyl. 
Shuffle Your Library And Put The First Three Songs Here: 
    (I make this one with Spotify bc my actual library is a fucking mess)
    1. ROMANS - The Agony And The Ecstasy 
    2. The Silver Seas - What’s The Drawback?
    3. Jeff Russo - Wrench and Numbers
  • Last Thing You Bought Online: A guitar for my brother.
Any Phobias Or Fears: I’m afraid of moths (and insects).
How Would Your Friends Describe You: a geek, nerd tv shows-addicted, shy but I’m also the one who makes dirty jokes, a human juke-box (I love this last soooo much)
  • Who Would You Take A Bullet For: Family and some friends
If You Had Money To Spare, What You Would Buy: I would buy a lot more books, I would learn how to play some instruments, I would buy a record player and a lot of DVDs. I would also use it for university.


You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. On shuffle and then write down the first ten songs, then tag ten people. Rule : No skipping!

(Shame on me because there will be not-so-good songs too)
1. Dr. John - I Ate Up The Apple Tree
2. Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ and Rico Love - What About The Rest Of Us
3. Supertramp - Dreamer
4. Joe Egan - Back On The Road
5. The Black Keys - Aeroplane Blues
6. Fun. - Stars
7. Lukas Graham - Funeral
8. Half Moon Run - 21 Gun Salute
9. Caesars - Jerk It Out
10. J. Cole - Wet Dreamz

(okay I’m pretty satisfied for the songs - they’re not my best songs but they describe me pretty well)

I tag @averychole @quacquiapulia @melyeli @ohana @creamsicle-hans-landa @sallywesterley @itsnoriarty and whoever wants to steal this tag. Like I do. :D

Me, I'm A Thief
Sarah Slean
Me, I'm A Thief

Sarah Slean - Me, I’m A Thief

6:09 for June 9th

I really love this song. Sarah lost her way a bit after this album and she started releasing music that leaned too close to happy musical-theatre for my tastes, though I guess she might say she found her way after this album. But as for her first three albums? Beautiful and delicious.