chara: i like guns


A/N: I’m using a 9mm since It’s the easiest. I’m pretty sure they won’t have a .25 or an AR around lol

Reader: 9

Watching your brothers use guns wasn’t uncommon. You would help Dean clean them and he would never let you close to them after that. They wanted to keep you away from the hunting life for as long as possible. You begged your brothers to let you use a gun and teach you, Since you’ve always had a fancy for them.

“Sammy.. Where is De?” You played with your unicorn plushy. Unbeknownst to you, Dean was in trouble and needed Sam’s help.

“He’s alright.” He began fixing his clothes and checking all his gear. “Listen princess” He knelt in front of you, In his hand a 9mm. “I’m gonna have to teach you a few things. This is a 9mm. This is not a toy, This is a weapon that can kill someone if you’re in danger” You nod. “I’m going to teach you how to use it. Listen carefully okay?”

You throw your plushy aside, Paying close attention.

“This is the safety. See that red dot? If you can see it, Safety is off. If you can’t, Safety is on. See this little button? Press it down and the magazine falls off. There are 10 bullets.” He shows you the bullets. “Do NOT put your finger on the trigger unless you’re sure you’re going to shoot.” He babbles, Making sure you understand in this short amount of time.

“Okay. I think I got it” Your eyes sparkle, Finally happy you get to hold a gun by yourself.

“If you want to know if you have enough bullets, You cock it” He cocks the gun. “Stand up. I’m going to show you how to aim”

Quickly standing up, He guides you in front of him, Holding the gun in front of both of you and aims at the door. 

“See those three lines? If you want to shoot straight you need to align them. Do you see them?”

You nod, Taking the gun in your hands when he hands it to you.

“Shoot” He commands.

“Wha-!? But the door!”

“Shoot (Y/n) It’s okay”

You place your finger on the trigger and pull.


You’re perplexed. Why didn’t it shoot? Was it jammed?

“You didn’t have the magazine in. Did you think I would let you shoot a live gun in a motel?” He laughs, Taking the gun back and loading it up. “I have to go, But you understand now right? Explain it back to me”

“If red button is visible, Safety is off. Finger off the trigger if you’re not going to shoot. Cock the gun for any loaded bullets. Look through the lines to shoot accordingly.”


“It’s not a toy, It’s a weapon that can kill someone.”

“Good! You have it! I have to go now princess. Call me if you need anything. We’ll be back soon!” He kisses your forehead and literally leaps out of the motel room.

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Ok tumblr recommend me posts with guns, thats fine, but u have to understand. im only interested in ur fanciest, most complicated and showy of guns, i dont want this plain stuff, give me bullets bedazzled with diamonds and holsters made of bOne ok. get ur act together or get these recommended posts off my dash entirely.

Why do people want to get rid of the 2nd amendment?

last i checked, this is the real world…and bad shit does happen.

you ban guns… and the only people who will have guns will be criminals ( who obviously dont give a fuck about the law) and cops….

We’ve been killing each other for eons, banning guns aint gonna stop that.

That’s how you know that the country is going to shit… not cause people want to legalize weed, not cause the Terminator got elected governor, not cause Rich people make sure they stay rich by all means possible….. but people wanting to set themselves up to be fucked in the ass by preventing people from legally buying guns.

I do right by people, tip waiters/delivery, live and let live…. but i’m surgical with my Remington and will put holes in those who think they can take what’s mine.

Charlton Heston said it best tho….