chara: a heart made fullmetal

icebluecyanide  asked:

full metal alchemist :)

❤ Favorite Male: roy mustang aka perfect dorkface idealist of my heart
❤ Favorite Female: olivier mira armstrong pls (izumi curtis for 2003 anime)
Favorite Pairing: roy/riza
✖ Least Favorite Character: kimblee/pride/father, when you think about it they’re all the same person.

✔ who’s most like me: edward
❤ most attractive: roy, ed and lust!
❤ three more characters that I like: lust (FMA 2003 only), edward elric, greed/greed!ling (WOW THAT WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE FML)

I feel so bad for anyone who watches FMA: Brotherhood on Netflix and only gets one disc at a time. Disc 1 of Part 5 ends with Sacrifice, which is the worst place in the entire series. I have never been so emotionally traumatized by fiction in my life. I was shaking and my stomach didn’t stop hurting for like an hour. Whoever split it up like that was just being cruel.