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Plot twist: Calalied was an impromtpu name, Cala being a corruption of Chara (Possibly an L instead of an R because of the whole "Asian language L and R confusion due to no separate letters for the two" thing due to everyone being weebs(Mew mew kissie cutie season two was *obviously* beter)) and lied being. lied. Chara Lied. They were here this whole time. Is that why they needed us askers powers? To fuel their necromancy?

Yeah, that’s what the asker power was used for. ouo

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"Charisk is probably one of the more disgusting things in the world..." They are totally not saying this out of Spite for Charas and because Lemon can't be with anyone but them. That would just be unthinkable.

Well… I did that drawing a few days ago and didn’t intended to send it but since everyone seems doing so… Why not me? \(//∇//)\ Hope that makes you happy! ( And I’m sorry I failed the coloring ( ̄◇ ̄;) )





* How about a little deleted scene eh~?

What happened was that Papyrus accidentally absorbed the souls when trying to stop Flowey from doing so. Since he’s rejecting the souls, his body is constantly fluctuating. He’s trying to maintain his normal form while the souls are trying to change his body into something that can handle the excess power.

Flowey’s kinda in Papyrus’ death grip. Being so close to something so unstable pretty much caused him to melt into Papyrus as well. So they’re kind of an amalgamate in a way.

* Papyrus managed to pull himself together when he bumped into Asgore again. Asgore thought that Papyrus was sick so he offered him to recover in an empty room that he has in his house.

* Papyrus ran away.

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Why does everyone hate Evil Chara? If you play UnderTale, you should know that post-pacifist, Chara feeds off your Love. But post-genocide, Chara feeds off your L.O.Ve., and that can’t be reversed with a reset, which is why she’s evil.

I don’t recall ever saying Chara was straight up evil