chara is a giraffe

fun nicknames to call Bruins players

matt beleskey: matty b raps

brad marchand: bradley, pest, short stuff, nosey (both personality wise and in his actual nose), torey’s height twin

patrice bergeron: bergy, patty rice, God, Jesus Christ on skates (that’s sacrilegious but oh well)

jimmy hayes: jimmifer, a disappointment (HAHAHA im kidding please don’t sue)

ryan spooner: spoony, spoons, (if angry) piece of silverware

frank vatrano: frankie v, cinnamon bun (inside joke with @bostonbruinsfan)

adam mcquaid: quaider, darth quaider

zdeno chara: big z, 6’ 9" rabbit, (and my personal favorite) giraffe on skates

torey krug: kruggie, krugster, brad’s height twin, short stuff

tuukka rask: tuukka, tuuks, sassy Finnish goaltender, milk crate thrower

first-cat-on-the-moon  asked:

Which Gems are the favorites of each kid?

Chara idolized yellow Diamond just like peridot until they found out about the giraffe neck. What the heck is that.
Jasper, Peridot and Amethyst r their faves

Asriel really relates to Steven!!! He likes the music boy a lot!! And he thinks Stevonnie is so cool!!! He wishes he could fuse with Chara and/or Frisk to become a Cooler Goat!!!
He also likes Rose a lot. She reminds him of his mother.

Frisk!!!! Can’t choose!! They’re v passionate about these rocks!! Garnet is so good. Frisk loved her even more after jail break because!!! She’s love!!! She’s friendship!!! She’s everything they adore!!! They also like Rose a lot, she is nice and gentle… And they cried a lot for Lapis. A lot.