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“I have a heart that gets on everybody’s nerves
They don’t want the truth, they just want the words
Blah blah blah blah and I can sing until I’m dead
And none of you’ll remember a single thing I said”

quick sketchy thing based on this song

i know a lot of people have already drawn something like this, but this song’s been stuck in my head for about a week now and i was tempted to draw something based on it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


here’s my contribution to spoop-season; the most majestic OTP in the fandom

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papyrus/chara/frisk/alphys having a Bad Day and coming home probably close to breaking down and their friend seeing through their facade and giving them a hug/doing whatever they need to be comforted


Sometimes it’s really obvious when Papyrus is having a bad day. Sometimes not so much. Even when he’s trying his hardest to stay upbeat, somehow you always see through it–& honestly, he’s very grateful for that. He doesn’t like that you have to spend so much time looking after him though–he’s the Great Papyrus, he should be able to look after himself.


They don’t need your pity, though they do accept your affection. It’s a very stiff, blunt reception, as they usually prefer time to themself than being bombarded with attention. Of course, that’s what they say–when it’s the opposite that’s true. They appreciate your company, though it’s a silent thanks.


They’re much more open with their emotions, & very willing to let you know that they’re grateful for the time you’ve taken to spend with them. They’ll try to stay as upbeat as they possibly can, but allow themselves the luxury of winding down when you ask them to.


She’s definitely happy about it. Of course, she feels terrible that she’s disrupted your day with her problems, but if you’re willing to stick around, she’s willing to maybe put on some anime & you two can maybe watch it together.

-TideTale:102- Chapter 7: YourBestNightmare


This fanfiction will contain spoilers for UnderTale, TideTale and MechaTale. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Also, there’s violence, potentially disturbing content, explicit language and SPOILERS.

Yes, I know I’ve said that already, but seriously.

Undertale by ©Toby Fox
META, the SoulEater by ©IdaRiddle
Mecha!Sans by ©Wolfwrathknight

Chapter 7: Your Best Nightmare

Silently she stands there, staring at what’s left of that deactivated, horribly broken sidequest. Then, very slowly, she starts smiling.

“MK=1, MS=0,” she murmurs thoughtfully, and shakes her head in a disappointed way.

“I told you I didn’t need to harm you. You’re not fuckin’ part of the Genocide Run, after all. All you really would’ve needed to do is not interfere. Save yourself and live another day.”

Her eyes soften; the feverish glow subsides for the moment.

“And still you kept being a pest. You’ve always been a bloody pest, y’know, messing up my perfectly good Pacifist Run. But who am I to complain… at least it got a little less boring that way!”

She laughs.

“Oh, but what am I still doing here? Pretty sure I have a tea party to attend to. Well, m’dear, don’t worry too much, wherever you are at the moment. I’ll set it all right in the end. Promise!”

She means it. She really does.

If there ever was a reason why she didn’t play the Genocide Route, it was the fact that from a certain point onward, the player would lose all control they had over Frisk to the game, to Chara.

META prefers to have it her way.

She’s not Frisk, and Chara can kiss her ass if she thinks she’s gonna have anything to say in what follows next.

Flowey hates talking to Asgore. He’s always so nice. In fact, he’s pretty sure that if he wasn’t here to warn him, the King of Monsters would’ve struck up a friendly conversation with the uncontrollable little psychopath who’s currently making their way to this very room. And died for it.

“Listen, you need to stop them, Asgore! You need to kill them, or they’re going to kill you!!”

This is at least the seventh time he’s said that, and Asgore still hasn’t responded. He’s just sitting there among his flowers, looking very, very sad.

It’s despicable.

Flowey is running out of time. He saw the human fight Undyne, and the way they cheated themselves back to life using that strange little device they have. With that kind of tool at their disposal, beating Sans won’t even be a challenge anymore. For once, his description as “the easiest enemy” will actually be accurate.

It’s sickening.

“There’s no need to be scared,” Asgore tells him calmly, patting his petals softly, “I’m sure we’ll be able to work out a solution with them.”

“Talking to salad only makes you grow attached to it,” a voice says from somewhere out of Flowey’s field of vision, “And growing attached to food is the first step to not wanting to eat it anymore.”

The King gets up from where he was kneeling and slowly turns to face the speaker. Flowey peeks out from behind his legs.

It’s the human. Of course it is. But not the real one, not the one who had been resetting the timeline over and over, the one who always spared whatever creature attacked them.

This isn’t Frisk.

It’s not Chara, either.

She’s an unknown, scary new factor within the game.

The scary new factor is smiling.

Flowey freaks out.

“Kill them, Asgore, while you still can!” he screeches, but his words get stuck in his throat when he meets her gaze. He knows the look of that fever. And the feel of it, too.

“Now, now, there’s no need to fight,” Asgore grumbles while furrowing his enormous brows, “I am sorry, but… what kind of monster are you? I cannot tell.”

“Oh, I am the worst kind of monster there is!” she laughs, “I’m a bored human!”

There’s a moment of silence.

“KILL THEM!!!” Flowey yells, “OR THEY WILL KILL US!!”

“You’re a funny little weed, arentcha?” the human says while looking the flower up and down, “I never really liked you in Pacifist anyway…”

“There’s absolutely no reason for any of us to hurt each other!” Asgore interferes, obviously concerned for Flowey’s safety, “Why don’t we all just-!!”


The human’s way too fast.

That attack… was way too fast.

Blood colours the golden flowers bright red as Asgore collapses silently.

Flowey feels like his muscles have stopped working.

A low growling sound makes him turn his head.

Through the door treads an enourmous creature. It looks like one of the things in Alphys’ basement, but whatever combination it is, it’s not made from any monsters that Flowey has ever seen before.

The dog head sniffs at the flowers cautiously, then licks some blood off of them.

“Ain’t he a cutie?” the human says, and Flowey turns back to look at her. She’s smiling at him warmly.

He hears a ripping noise behind him, a sickening crack and the hissing sound of a monster turning into dust. The girl laughs at his horrified expression.

“I thought you were such a tough little pest… was I wrong?”

He can’t think of anything to say. She sighs disappointedly and rubs her temple.

“Well, no matter. You’re the last one left, so let’s get this over with and put an end to this farce, shall we?”

The little nudge they feel affirms them that it’s time.


They stretch their limbs to drive out the stiffness that has been festering there for oh-so many endless, tedious Pacifist Runs and turn to look at the human. It’s still weird to see this other human move through their world. Frisk always seemed to fit right in, but this one… this one doesn’t belong here. Chara feels it in their bones.

But, it doesn’t matter now.

Who- or whatever this new human is, they have started and completed a Genocide Run.

It’s time to reward them for their resolve.

A snip of their finger is all it takes, and the world around the human is swallowed by blackness. Chara grins hungrily, waiting for their shock, for them to turn and look around in confusion.

No reaction. They don’t even blink.

Unfazed, the human glances at Chara with a look that, while interested, isn’t particularly surprised or scared. They knew this would happen?

Chara clears their throat.

“Greetings! I am Chara.”

“Wazzup? The name’s META!” the human responds cheerfully and does a little wave.

Chara blinks in surprise. Why does the human still have dialogue?!

“Thank you. Your power awakened me from death. My ‘human soul’… My ‘determination’… They were not mine, but YOURS. At first, I was so confused. Our plan had failed, hadn’t it? Why was I brought back to life?”

“Because I decided to be an asshole to everyone and murdered my way through the entire game?” the human suggests.

Chara grits their teeth in annoyance. This is not how the scene should play out!

“You. With your guidance, I realized the purpose of my reincarnation. … Power. Together, we eradicated the enemy and became strong.”

“Oh, really? Did we? Because I don’t remember your sorry little ass do even a little bit of work while I was grinding my brains out and almost got killed by Undyne!”

“HP. ATK. DEF. GOLD. EXP. LV.,” Chara continues, trying to ignore the interruption, “Every time a number increases, that feeling… That’s me. ‘Chara’. Now. Now we have reached the absolute. There is nothing left for us here. Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.”

There’s a tense silence after Chara has finished speaking. The human stares at them intently. Are they trying to close the game? Reload their Save? Maybe even Reset?

Chara starts grinning.

Not while I’m here. Not while I’m in control. You’re not getting out of this one!

“Yes I will.”

Chara jumps violently, their eyes widening. How did they…?

The human laughs gleefully.

“Oh, please… Did you really think I was just gonna do what you tell me? Oh, and by the way… I’m female and would really appreciate it if you’d stop referring to me as ‘they’!”

Chara doesn’t know what to do. This isn’t supposed to happen!

“Yes it is. All of this is exactly what is supposed to happen. Actually, I thought I’d be able to upset you way earlier than this, but apparently, you don’t react to nudges the way the rest of the code does…”

“CHOOSE ONE OF THE OPTIONS!!!” Chara yells, exasperated.

“What, so you can take back ‘control’ and erase the world no matter which one I choose?” the human responds grinning, “Haha. Yeah. No. Fuck you.”

Out of their… her pocket she pulls something small and holds it up between her thumb and index finger for Chara to look at.

A USB stick…?

Chara lunges at her, reaching for the shiny little thing in her hand.

They know what it is.

They know what it does.


The human dodges out of the way, cackling like a madman.

“Cheerio, m’dear! Let’s not meet again!” she yells in a sing-song voice and waves at Chara.

The world goes white, then black, then collapses upon itself.

*Data erased.