more pictures of the limited time undertale vinyl, which can be purchased HERE.

the cover art shows frisk and flowey on the top left, with the mostly pleasant monsters. the top right has chara and asriel above the weapons and gaster followers and such.

the sprite art contains a few interesting things.

notably, floweypot made an appearance in official merch.

i hate people demonizing chara with my entire being, but it bugs me seeing people have them holding knives forward-hand in situations that would call for the reverse position, personally, i find the reverse position more useful most of the time than forward, but its mostly up to preference and the type of knife, but in fan fictions and song parodies, people have them raise their arm high to stab down, this is impossible in the first position, and unnecessary in the second

in the first position, you can only stab forward, good for a low blow, around the stomach, but most of you have chara stabbing people in the side or something like that, which is difficult to do, at least for me, in the second position, stabbing down and sideways is easier to do because of how the knife is held in your hand, personally, it provides more of a range of movement

that is to say, the first position is more defensive i find, good if youre fighting someone else that has a knife, but i find that the second position is better for offense and, considering how people are depicting chara when they demonize them, more likely for chara to use


I enjoyed doing these. I missed drawing these children, I’m stuck at home so I might as well do it :000

I went on a random search for color palettes and tried to experiment with them.. I t was really fun ;w;


Typing the text of the second and third panel here because not even I can understand my handwriting:
“Alphys and Sans have began working on a new project recently.
They haven’t shared much yet, but people trust them.
And despite not being too fond of Mettaton, I have to admit that he has made the Underground much brighter.”

(remind me to never try drawing skeleton hands again pff)