Late Soriel week prompt: #Family!

Okay, so I’ve had this idea knocking about in my head for awhile about how the kids’ would react to Soriel, and I thought it would fit perfectly well for this prompt B) So as you can see, even with the inevitable tensions and hesitations, I think they’d all be pretty accepting as long as Tori is happy Asriel takes it the hardest though, undoubtedly. They’d be VERY dysfunctional at first, but I think they’d be a super precious ragtag little family (Papyrus included too, of course)~ <3 Chara and Azzy would NEVER call Sans “dad”, though; eventually, Tori would forgive/accept Asgore in her life again (the fact that their first child and Chara is alive in this AU makes it easier to forgive him lmao), and he’d actually take up the father figure in their little group, because we all know Sans is more of a cool uncle kind of guy (and c'mon he’s lazy as heck PSSSH though for his own kids, who knows 8D).

Also honestly, the thought of kids being little butts to Sans for dating their mom is kinda hilarious c’mon B)

finally played through undertale recently! better late than never, although i did have a lot spoiled it was an enjoyable experience

i managed to accidentally play on hard mode the first time around and i was just so confused as to why i was finding the game so difficult…. but in the end i figured out my mistake and got through both the neutral and true pacifist endings