The stream crashed painfully, so I didn’t get to do many things…. first, this drawing of my Magical Girl AU, which I love so much ;D

And someone requested Genocide, so I did this :P

Someone requested feels, so I did this right after!

And then the stream crashed. And so did my Internet. I hate my life ahahaha

Love you guys, thanks for coming~~ <3

Did it work?–))

Storyswap!Chara (or Sprinkles Chara) dressed as Undertale!Chara.

I made this because I was determined! And for… Roleplay purposes… o3o;; (I actually didn’t use it.)


((Waaaa omg thank you so much ;w; It’s sooo cute ;w;))

ultrajchapmanstuff  asked:

(Request/prompt) The kids dressed up on Halloween and trick-or-treating: Frisk ( HUGE striped bell-bottoms, a poofy plaid newsboy hat,crop top) complains that her pants are too big(they actually cover her feetXD). Chara( Elvis, complete with sequinned,wide collar jumpsuit with equally big bell-bottoms, fancy gold belt) vainly styles his slick, shiny pompadour wig. And lastly, poor Asriel (as a hot-pink bunny) is chased by Monster Kid(Elmer Fudd-like hunter), who holds a popgun in his teeth.

for future reference, Frisk, Chara, and yes, Monsterkid go by they/them only
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HEY GUYS I just entered into a halloween contest hosted by Miccostumes and i could use YOUR HELP!

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