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Another clue that Molly is John in the “I love you” scene: she wears the stripped jumper she was wearing in TEH as she played John during Sherlock’s case. “You’re not John, you’re you” was followed by Sherlock calling Molly John throughout the entire deduction scene.

The coffin was for John, the deductions apply to him -> short size, no close family, “I love you”.

The I love you scene is about John & Sherlock: it shows John’s worries about Sherlock’s potential love: “I am not an experiment”, “You’re my friend”.

It also prepares the actual scene of the confession/declaration of love : Sherlock will have to say it first, it will be in a seemingly life-threatening situation (actual Three-Garridebs?), John will answer right away and will pour his heart out, literally wearing his heart (=phone) on his sleeve.

Except that the actual I love you scene will feel right, not like this very awkward and forced scene. John & Sherlock’s declaration of love will not be destructive, it will save the life (and their hearts).

It will repair the wrongs and heal the wounds. For the characters, but also for the audience, particularly LGBTQ+ viewers. (Hopefully, Molly will have the I love you she deserves too, from a character who actually loves her -> Greg?)

All I fucking want is for someone to explain in what universe, after everything they’ve been through together, does Sherlock point a gun to himself

and John is like

instead of stopping him?!

And in what universe is John fucking drowning

And Sherlock’s like

And people are wondering why are so many fans upset, why they were rooting for this to be a fake episode? Yeah, among other shitload of things, you just basically killed these two characters and everything they used to stand for, for the sake of a soap opera/horror movie plot, no big deal. Why, why do this? If you love these characters you wouldn’t do this. I’m just so sad, this is not “Sherlock” anymore. I have the right to be upset, my favorite show has been mutilated beyond recognition. damn right I’m gonna rant about it.


Who You Really Are 

It’s not called the “Tinfoil Hat Club” for nothing.  

But where are the producers? Where are the writers? The actors? Why isn’t the BBC proud of that great groundbreaking, water-cooler moment of theirs? We know the scripts get approval before they’re given the budget – where are these people associated with this series and why aren’t they on their victory tour? This was their “shattering climax”, so where are they? 

Honestly, I don’t care if you all give up on this, I don’t blame you one bit, because after Sunday night/Monday morning I, too, will be giving up.  

“Dead in the car for a week” – “Cursed videotape, you die a week later” – “People always give up after three” - “The Lost Special” - “Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”

Look, we all have figured out a way that this series could be saved if this is how they’ve planned to do it all along. If we turn out to be better writers, marketing consultants, and storytellers than they are, so be it.  For me they’ve got a week from The Final Problem.  Why they’d wait longer than that, I have no idea. I said this four days ago and I’ll say it again: I’m in this conspiracy til Sunday. I don’t expect them to put the episode on TV – I was always hopeful, but as we said days ago, Apple Tree Yard IS a real show and it’s been in the works for over a year now.  A “leak” online of extra footage was one of our earlier theories for this Sunday, because it fits the theme of series 4. 

“The Lost Special” – which Moffat mentioned there not existing in Sherlock – does exist in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s canon and it’s thought to be about Sherlock Holmes. Read it if you think it’ll give you any insight. 

I’m still having an obscene amount of fun, even if some of our early predictions haven’t come true.  That’s why we’re in The Tinfoil Hat Club.  

They could have let Molly go. After the first episode, the first season…they could have had her marry Tom. They could have had her “move on.”

They could have done any number of things that would have crushed the potential, disappointed our hopes, changed the story.

She is their creation after all. 

Instead they gave us this:

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