Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much and sorry if I have missed art and fics and if you tagged me in something thank you and I’m sorry I haven’t responded yet!! I’ve been super busy this moth but hopefully things will slow down a bit after this weekend!

Also if you sent me a note or a coffee and are waiting for art I promise I have not forgotten you!!! I’m working on art when I can so thank you for your patience 😉

Also I may b taking a break for a while when it comes to posting my art. I have a couple of study programs I would like to try and I really want to focus on improving in every aspect of my art. Hopefully in the beginning of next year I’ll have some cool stuff to post 😏

I’ll still be on here and there as much as I can but I still have a lot going on the rest of this month and my December is going to be crazy! Hopefully I won’t fall into a coma from exhaustion come January….

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Quick heads up

I forgot to mention, but next week is Black Friday week. I am scheduled a full 40 hours.

So basically, I can’t guarantee the next part will be ready next week. In all likelihood, I’ll be too exhausted to do any significant work on it. But we’ll see.

Retail is hellish this time of year. x_x


OKAY so comico seems to have changed in that they no longer do free reading tickets for every chapter T___T it looks like they only let you unlock the first few chapters of a series with a ticket and from then on, you need coins;;;

so alright i’m gonna try and figure out a way for me to buy coins on comico (i’ll like ask my mom for her card or something LOL) but yeah sorry i won’t be able to upload tomorrow’s chapter of MMF on time ;~; i don’t want to fall too behind though so maybe i’ll figure this out after school tomorrow sorry againnn

the problem is TS/UM, since now not everyone will be able to access the chapters hhhHHH maybe i’ll do text translations like i do but add like 3~4 screenshots of key parts of the chapter so you can kinda see what’s going on??? akfdaklja

PATCH will still be uploaded on time tomorrow though!