things we really need…ocarina of time 3d, majoras mask 3d, and skyward sword running in 1080p in official releases (emulating these are pretty difficult)

at least get all the 3d zeldas running in hd. i know, wahh remakes, but i dunno these are good games and i want that good crisp resolution

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@meganegz said:

Johnny is also very passably human; I’d feel like he and his Shadow, which is shown to be quite powerful (if not always very cooperative), are connected, tho, so that could affect how he appears much of the time. Ember gains power from popularity; even if it isn’t canon, it’d be fun to headcanon ghosts this way, as well as strong ghosts being weakened turning more translucent. oh, and then there’s “ghosts” like Frostbite and Pandora, who seem less like ghosts and more like, idk, spiritual entities or smth. I know that a series called Paranatural (or smth like that?) makes this distinction between spirits and ghosts, where ghosts are dead things and spirits are… not (someone posted in the tag about this once before with a screencap; I’ve not actually read it but it’s been recommended in many circles so I might have to look into it sometime- this idea is kind of cool, tho).

Mhmm, Johnny and Ember were also ghosts I thought about when making this post. It’s definitely not canon, since ghosts just stop being semi-transparent altogether after like…episode 5, I think, but it’s an idea that I think is interesting.

Oh yeah, Frostbite and Pandora are definitely something different altogether. I have some headcanons regarding ghosts like them, and I wanna make a post about that at some point (different kinds of ghosts, I mean.) I’ll just have to wait to do that until I’m less swamped with things I wanna do (Prisoners of Love gave me a ton to say.)

And I’ve never heard of Paranatural, but maybe I’ll give it a look! It might give me some ideas.