Sophie Turner’s Screen Test for ‘X-Men Apocalypse’

Sitting quietly, reading Star Wars fanfiction, when suddenly distracted by the thought of how well lyrics in “Hurricane” describe different aspects of Luke, Leia, and Han’s lives. 

Don’t think too hard about it. 

i’ve reached the point in researching for this hogwarts professor obi-wan where i’ve decided that:

  • jk is a potato and her mythlogy is a trainwreck so i’m substituting it with my own
  • latin isn’t the only magical language around so fu
  • obi-wan knows loads of languages and spits out weird mixes of maori, zulu, swahili, gaelic and latin when in a fight

condolences to my brain i cannot language good enough for this shit jfc

Interestingly, the Soul colors in Undertale line up rather nicely with the chakras? Take from it what you will:

Crown = enlightenment/perseverance
Brow = intuition/integrity
Throat = perception/patience
Heart = empathy/kindness
Solar plexus = morality/justice
Sacral = self-affirmation/bravery
Root = survival/determination

I was gonna post this ages ago, but I was having doubts, but remembering this later I now feel confident that it may actually be something worth sharing?

anonymous asked:

Hi bb boo boo!! I know you're playing new games but do you think you'll ever upload your mass effect 3 mod masterlist recs?? Thank you!!

course anon! tbh it always slips my mind but i’ll see if i can sort that today for you.

"Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy" by George Boker

Thought I should let you know of this play/tragedy, it’s from 1850 and the online/e-book version is free to read:)

Link 1 (Google books)
Link 2 (the Internet Archive)

Here’s a review if you want it

I…I am honestly making the heart-eyes-emoji face right now. I had no idea this existed, thank you so much!!

Message To All My Followers/Readers (9/28/16)

I’m concerned that my recent fiction has begun to dip in quality. I have never been able to write as much as I have since August while churning out stories of the same quality. I just burn out creative stamina after writing a lot of fiction for long periods of time. This bugs me because I worry that I am not fulfilling any expectations others may have concerning new fiction that’s up-to-par with “Just Imagine” or “Glitches”.

I know that these recent stories are not as good as the ones from August. My apologies.