“…and I’ll always love you.”

oh god im finally done!!! i started working on this pretty early on during book 2 but it just kept on getting more and more angsty with everything that happened to them.. either way this was incredibly fun to make

Hello hello hello all of my new followers! In the time I had to take a break from posting at this blog and coming back I have gained so many new people and I hope you will all be sticking around to enjoy my new post-major work art! Feel free to message me about whatever, I promise I don’t bite.

I apologise for such a long hiatus, I had to finish my major work and now that it is done I have just been trying to wind down and recover. I’ve actually done the typical thing and ended up really unwell so I’ve been hiding in my room while my family is watching Pacific Rim and so I’ve decided to do a quick study of a photo of Mako, who is the coolest.