Imagine you wake up in middle of the night to the sound of soft playing violin music. You climb out of bed to see where the music is coming from, to find Loki playing violin on the balcony of your bed chambers. You watch him silently as he plays and close your eyes as you savour this moment. Suddenly the music ends and open your eyes to find him looking at you. “You never told me you could play” you say. He tells you he doesn’t play for anyone and it was something he used to do for Frigga. He then pulls you close and whispers, “But for you, my love I would gladly give a private performance”. So he takes you into the bedroom and plays for you, till the last thing you hear before sleep is the violin.


For this I have not prepared a title …help me!!
The idea, however, was as a less Marvel Loki, less comic-ish, less “green and gold armor and let’s go with the Tesseract”. In my head it stirred the image of a Loki more Viking, and less Marvel.
I do not know what came out, frankly, … I wanted to try the armor scales, my usual Celtic-Viking embroidery, and my inevitable Loki Green .
In the end what amazed me was the drapery of the sleeves, which is absolutely unexpected. And maybe unwanted because at first the focus should have been the armour…

Except that, in the end, resulted all pretty flat, Tom’s photo was in short sleeves, and I was not impressed. In the end a couple of photos of drapery have done their job, and it’s not been the nightmare I expected.
I’ve always been a duffer with draperies ..

The brightest part at left shoulder in that pic, is not about my pencil skills, but of the reflection of light upon graphite layers … it’s very metallic, so that’s great!