Tom Hiddleston lifting Ladies not so gently with only one arm


EXCLUSIVE! Thor: Ragnarok Funko Reveal on THWIP! The Big Marvel Show!

We’re revealing the Funko Pop! vinyl inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok with a fun game of Intern Olympics! It’s time for THWIP! The Big Marvel Show!

30 Days Idol Challenge - Day 21

My sister in crime @noclevernamelbr has already posted a gazillion lethal gifs and pics, so I’m going with something else today: VIDEOS. Yeah, baby, buckle your seatbelt - this is going to be a ride you won’t forget! ;-)

What Car!Tom would you like?

Adorkable passenger?

Darkly seductive Jaguar!Tom?

Very real cutely confused TopGear! Tom?

Loki in a car?

Adam driving (starts at 1.45 mark)?

As usual, @hiddlesbumlustalot and @noclevernamelbr have more treats for you.

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Thor ragnarok Funko Pops

These are not promotional images from Funko Pops just screen shots I took from the video above

I’ll be honest - I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I did my best and I’m quite happy with how it ended but I feel like there’s more to Tony and the reader’s relationship that I should’ve explored. However, after the conversation with Loki it was just too long. You guys will let me know what you think. Thanks to @thefallenbibliophilequote for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: What’s the chance that you can do a second part to “The Beast” please?

‘The Beast’ (Part 2)

Part 1

It was the season of ice-cream and lemonade. All the windows in your apartment were wide open, as well as the doors to your balcony, on which you sat. After about twenty minutes of sun-soaking fun, you decided that you couldn’t tolerate the sunshine any more.

Despite the shorts and vest you were currently sporting, you could feel the beads of sweat on your forehead, which no amount of wiping away cleared up permanently. You opened your fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Just holding it helped you feel cooler, and placing it on the back of your neck, as you closed the fridge with your foot, provided small sweet relief from the heat.

You unscrewed the lid and poured a little water down your throat. Heaven.
“Fuck me, it’s hot…” you sighed to yourself as you ambled down the corridor. You’d already passed your front doorway before you realised someone had been stood in it. You froze.
“Perhaps I might be able to assist with that,” the figure said.

Moving onto your back foot, you leaned backwards and peered around the corner. You knew that face. Surely not…

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anonymous asked:

#7 and #45 with Loki please??

7. “We can’t have a crisis - my schedule is already full.”

45. “I am not human. I never was. So why do expect me to act like one?”

“Loki, how could you! I trusted you…”

“Yes darling, and that was your mistake.”

“You crossed a line! No decent human being would ever–”

“(Y/N), I am not human… I never was. So why do you expect me to act like one?”

“You absolute monster, we agreed: No blue shells!”

He simply chuckled. “My love, I am the god of lies…”

And that’s when she tackled him. God of lies or not, he had messed with a Mario Kart pact.

“What’s that commotion from the commons area?” Natasha asked, sauntering into the kitchen. “We can’t have a crisis, my schedule is already full.” She turned to grab a cup of coffee as she waited for a reply.

“Four words, my dear Widow…” Tony replied. “‘Loki’, ‘(Y/N)’, and ‘Mario Kart’.”


EXCLUSIVE! Thor: Ragnarok Funko Reveal on THWIP! The Big Marvel Show! | MARVEL Entertainment

Screenshots from Hiddlesfashion & Torrilla on twitter

the risk of oath

To people wonder how Odin could trust a giant such as Loki

Here’s a reminder odin mother Bæstla was a giant
and he was at some point a teen, so I am pretty sure he learn how to deal with an angry giant.

Actually being a (blood) brother was easier position than being the son..

Also if we take to the consideration that the father of all, the guy with all the knowledge and wisdom is not an idiot, then Loki is needed 
(and underappreciated but that’s for another day)