Thor Ragnarok & Taika Waititi: gives us Thor and Loki reconciling, Loki doing the Right Thing™️, the two of them side by side again

Me, looking at Infinity War & The Russos:

Get Help

Okay but can we talk about “Get Help”? like they both knew what was going on? they’d clearly done it before at some point? but when? when did Loki and Thor use “Get Help”??? how long has it been since they’ve used it??? was it just when they were kids??? or were they doing it when they were teens/adults??? like Thor just throwing Loki like Y E E T! like is that common at asgard? just occasionally walking through the halls and getting hit by Loki as the brothers were practicing??? please i need answers

Imagine Loki

Quick little Drabble for @buckybear97 because they have requested more! I did this right before going to bed. I hope this satiates your hunger for now bb ❤️

He sits by the bath and combs through her hair. The lovely scent of her skin makes his insides coil with anticipation. His eyes cannot leave her body, unable to tear themselves away from her. She is his salvation, his redemption. She has and always will be his weak point, and that is why she is locked away.

He doesn’t like vulnerability. That is what she is to him. She can turn the darkest of nights into a dream. She can turn tears into smiles and fear into hope. With a kiss or a lick or a little touch of her fingertips, she can make all the darkness in him turn to dust.

Yet he despises that. His darkness is his identity. The charcoal colour of his soul is his trademark and she has stripped him of it. So he locks his mouth to hers and keeps her words from turning him into a hopeful being. He thrusts into her painfully in hopes of turning her into his own muse. He pulls her hair and scratches her skin, tasting the sweetness of her arousal in hopes that she enjoys the pain. Because he does.

He is so taken by her, so caged in her love that his amour has turned into hatred. She has made him see clear again, and the things he cannot hide anymore, she can see. The things he used to keep behind the darkness of his soul, she can touch. Even when he is on top of her, making her scream until her voice is raw with pleasure, he can still feel himself abandoning his inky past.

With her, he wants to be good. With her, he is vulnerable. That is why he hates her.