Why isn’t Mary Jealous of Sherlock?

Mary knows that John has a strong feelings for Sherlock. They would be hard to miss! But she doesn’t feel at all threatened. In fact she encourages John to spend time with Sherlock, and vice versa. Why would she do that?

The not-mutually-exclusive options:

a) Mary is a proper psychopath who doesn’t experience emotions, including jealously.

b) Mary thinks John and Sherlock are bros. Nothing to be jealous of.

c) Mary thinks John has a crush on Sherlock, but that he’d never act on it. There’s a pretty big gap between what he says he wants (Mary’s disguise) and what Sherlock in fact is. A step too far for John? It’s an adorable little impossible crush, that’s all! It’s fun to tease him about it!

d) Mary thinks John has a crush on Sherlock, but that Sherlock would never go for it. He can’t do intimacy. No reason to worry! 

e) Mary thinks John is in love with Sherlock, and that Sherlock is in love with John, but neither of them are able to properly acknowledge that in any meaningful way. That ship has sailed. So funny! So sweet! So harmless!

f) No one, not even Sherlock Holmes, can compare to Mary, so why be jealous? Mary is the best thing that has ever happened to John. Mary is so self-confident that she feels no reason to feel jealous. Sherlock is no threat to her. Whoever could be?

Let’s talk about ASIB and weaponry, shall we?

Twirling things, in this episode, seems to be a way of highlighting them–a way the script tells us they’re important. This is set up with the first item flipped–a spray can of cleaner which Sherlock uses to temporarily disable the American who breaks into the apartment and threatens Mrs. Hudson:

This episode is also full of John’s insecurity, and his jealousy over Irene Adler. He wants to be reassured that Sherlock couldn’t possibly be attracted to Irene, as it seems he must be:

Mrs. Hudson responds that this is Sherlock, so how could they ever possibly know what goes on inside his mind?

The only one who has the key to Sherlock’s heart is John. And John’s greatest weapon is their closeness, his proximity to Sherlock. So he flips his house key:

Finally, at the very end of the episode, we see Sherlock with Irene’s phone. The cases involved in this episode are over, at least for now, but Sherlock’s complicated relationship with Irene is not. It’s a game of cat and mouse; lots of intrigue and mind games. And so he flips her phone:

I love this episode for many reasons: most notably for John’s jealousy.


Hilda: My favorite to be around?

Hilda: Weeeeell….. Lani is really smart, but she is kinda grumpy. Alex and Will are really cool, but Alex doesn’t want to play with me that much. Chi-chi is fun to be around, but all she wants to do is find food.

Hilda: As for all the older kids in the village, other than Lizzie, there is Nina who is best friends with Lizzie.Her brother Orion is really nice but is kinda wimpy. Hache is really cool and strong, but is also kinda grumpy, but his brother Zack is hilarious, he makes everyone laugh! 

Hilda: and the adults in the village are all like my parents! and the chief is everyones grandparent!